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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Silly Saturday

Hello Kitties!

Do you remember us telling you about our Daddy's fashion forward dressing? Well, we had some fun comments we want to address! Let's see...

Mommy does go out with Daddy in public, after he passes muster. Sometimes he gets a "You're not wearing THAT, are you?", but for the most part he's trained pretty well. It's at home that we're forced to suffer his sallies into sartorial silliness. Out of fairness, at home, Mommy is NO better. It's a good thing she wears a uniform to work...

The Crocs. Yes, the dreaded Red Crocs. Daddy wears socks indoors all day and to (sort of) avoid getting Mommy crabilated over filthy socks from trips to the garage, in the back yard, and Cod-only-knows-where he puts on his Crocs. We know, Mommy should just break down and buy him black socks but that would only ADD to the visual busyness that is our Daddy.

Tiny Johnson loveLOVELOVES shoes. Even bum-ugly ones. Size 13 is perfect.

Mommy chose the wallpaper for the blog...yes, she loves color too! Our kitchen and dining room are "Simpson-esque" in color scheme. The brighter the better. Our guest bedroom is a blinding sunny yellow, we spend a lot of time sleeping in there, soaking up the morning sun.

Grayce, CC & Rupert fur tanning in the heated cat boxes in the Yellow Guest (cat) bedroom.

So that's all for this Sunny Saturday in Vegas! We hope you're all having a good weekend, and getting ready to be-fur your Mommy's laps for Mother's day.

XX Lounge Kats


  1. Ok, maybe the crocs don't look so bad but only because the gorgeous Tiny Johnson is there to catch the eye and distract from the erm... loveliness of these shoes.


    Me and Charlie think your mum's choice of wallpaper for your blog is fabulous!! It's bright and cheerful and swirly and we like swirly!

    We also like the sweet heatead cat boxes especially with Graycie, CC and Rupert in them!


    Take care

  2. My house is all boring and white. That's why I'm here, to provide some contrast.

  3. Hi Kitties!
    I was here last night on my ipod and read your birdie postie. I forgot my password and I was upstairs cuddling with mom so I could not make my comment, haha

    You daddy has some cool shoes. My dad would not wear those. Mom likes red though. My dad wears stuff until it falls apart or mom throws them away.
    Dad also wears only socks around the house, so he always needs new socks. He works at home.
    It is good to know that other mommies have the same problems mine does.
    bonks for a snappy week-end

  4. Hey y'all, Saturdays and silly just seem made for each other!

  5. We love the pics today! And the wallpaper is FUN hoo ever chosed it!

  6. Your wardrobe mathces your house and blog colors...what's wrong with that? Mom thinks it is way cool! Please come by to party with us this weekend and join in the give away!

  7. Wow! Your own heated cat beds?! How lucky is that?

  8. We asked Mum why we didn't have heated beds like yours and she told us we do cos we sleep so close to her she can't move!! mol. We like the wallpaper on your blog and want our Mum to get something bright.
    Happy Mothers Day xx

  9. Color is good and we love your background.

    Heated kitty beds in Las Vegas?????? Although I guess it probably does get cool there at night?

    Be sure to give your mama lotza love and purrs tomorrow and tell her Happy Mother's Day from us. xxxxxx

  10. Our mom has an old pair of orange clogs she keeps by the door that she uses when she runs out to get the mail or take out the trash. They're probably 15 years old!
    Thanks for your well wishes for Scout. He's feeling better today. We think he ate a bad bug in the basement.

  11. Colorful is cheerful and happy; love your blog background...And we dig that your Daddy is so unique and marches to his own beat=more people should do that!!...Happy Saturday...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Mom loves vibrant colors too. Red is her favorite. We love your wallpaper.
    What a funny reminded mom of when my human sis was a wee preteen lass. I'm told Dad was about to go out to cut the grass when she said Daddy you aren't wearing those clothes outside my friends will see you. Dad asked her what was wrong with them she said 'you look like a clown'!!! Thanks for the smiles.
    Mom here: Thank you for you kind wishes for my Mom too.
    Madi and Mom

  13. I say, the more colors, the better! My Mommeh has a pair of purple and a pair of bright green Crocs!

  14. We like your wallpaper too! But our Momma goes bear-footed almost all the time. . . just like us. As for fashion.....there ain't NONE going on in THIS house!!

  15. Hi Kitties. Admiral here.

    I love laying in shoes. Mom doesn't wear them and everyone takes them off when they come to visit me. So they're all MINE! I love to lay in them, sniff them, roll on them..embarrass guests by doing that.

    I wanted to ask Mama for a heated bed till, like Hannah and Lucy I realized I am plastered up against her all of the time. I wear her jammies too when she takes them off.

    A Simpsonesque room?? Bright yellow! ROCK ON!!!! Mama LOVES that. (um..are your hairs blue too?"

  16. We love how colorful your blog and house is and your daddy too.

    Hey, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?

  17. We love your colorful blog background. Your dad's crocs look very comfy for him and for kitties to nap in.

  18. Mom complained about da dirty sock thing too, so now dad goes also helps if she washes da floors and vacuums once in awhile-LOL
    Yoor lucky, our dad spends most of his day in his unner pants and nuffing else. Really, if da doorbell rings and it's someone who mom will let in he hasta run to da bedroom and put on some clothes! Dey all know it so dey yell "put yoor pants on" afore dey come in. Beans is really weerd.

  19. The wallpaper is cool, and we sure wish we had heated cat boxes!


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