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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordy Wednesday by a SLP


Miss Danielle here. Mommy (and everyone else) thinks I can't talk yet...

But the Kitties here know what I'm saying!

These Lounge Kats are pretty nice kitties. I've met a few kitties before so I know what I'm talking about.

Grandma had a special headband for me so I'd fit right in...

...and I went exploring right away to check out the local hangouts.

I met this nice guy, Maui, on the Big Bed. We hung out for a while.

Johnny was on the Cat Tree. He hissed at Me! Johnny is a big Scairty Cat.

Grandpa helped Me give the Cats temptations!

I have to admit, I can see why the Cats like them...I ate one and it was VERY TASTY.

Notice something the same about Me & grandpa? We are both tie-dye hippy-dippy dudes. Whatever they are.

Now here is a really excellent Cat--Salem.

Salem was the first Cat I petted at the Lounge. Actually, I admit I did a little more than pet her...I sorta latched onto the end of her tail!

I did not know that Cats can move REALLY FAST. Salem took off with Me in tow and I nearly got whiplash until I remembered to let go of her tail!

Both Me & Salem think it was pretty unkind how the incredibly Old Beans laughed at us...comparing us to waterskiers and jet boats.

But we got to be good buddies after that.

I learned to use the Cat Flap...

over and over and over and over and over and over...

you get the idea.

So Kitties, I'm here to tell you that all Sticky Little People aren't all bad. At least I'M not! I had a great time visiting the Katnip Lounge Kats (the ones I saw; Grandma claims there's more) and they even taught me a new word. I learned to say "Kee-ey"! Which of course means "Kitty".

I hope I get to visit again!

xoxoxoxo Danielle


XX Lounge Kats


  1. Danielle you are a real cutie-pie and any sticky little person who hands out temptations is A-OK by me!

  2. It was wonderful to meet you, Danielle! We have a new view of little sticky people now!

  3. Awwwww Danielle!! You are a supreme SLP!!! You are adorable and your grandma and grandpa must be so proud of you. You are a kitty soul-mate and are very brave and adventurous - just like the kitties at katnip lounge!

    Me and Charlie are so pleased to meet you! We love your outfit - you blend in with your granddaddy!! LOL!

    We hope you enjoy your time there and we hope to see you back very soon! The kitties adore you!

    Take care

  4. What a wonderful post. We're glad you got to visit and play with all the kitties.

  5. Danielle - you are so adorable !! You and Grandpa sure look 'cool' in your tie-dyed shirts ! Sounds like you enjoyed the cat flap - aren't new things fun !

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  6. I can't believe you ate a Temptation, Danielle. Well, actually, I can believe it. Glad you had fun with all those cats.

  7. Hi Danielle! You are the cutest hippy dippy tie die person we have ever met :) We hope you are having fun meeting all the kitties :)

  8. Danielle, you are the cutest SLP we have ever seen, and you make a pretty good cat.

  9. Meows Danielle! We're glad you had a good time with the kittehs.

  10. Hi Danielle you are definitely the most beautiful Cat girl I've ever seen. We are so glad you met the kitties and learned to communicate with them.

    So did you try to climb up on the cat tree? You are about the right age to try that.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  11. What a cutie you are, Danielle!!!! And what a fun adventure you had with the Katnip Lounge kitties!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  12. Looks like Danielle enjoyed the Katnip Lounge!

  13. Kits that young using a cat door--how very smart she is. And they say beauty and brains don't mix (of course I prove that wrong all the time... I am sure this poor child will have that commentary all the time too...)

  14. You really are a cutie...but don't be climbing the cat tree!

  15. Oh, we are soooo envious at all the fun you had at the Katnip Lounge. You are a very good storyteller yourself, little sticky one, and we enjoyed toddling round with you!

  16. Danielle
    YOU are one cutie patootie!

    We are sure you liven up the catio a lot while you visited!


  17. Danielle we are in agreement with everyone - you are such a cutie! And it is great that you got to make some really cool kitty friends - and we are glad you didn't try to climb up that cat tree! It is nice to meet a sticky person who is nice to kitties!

  18. Nice to meet you Danielle. We don't get many SLP's here in our home. We are glad you got along with most of the kittes there at the lounge.

  19. Woohoo, another future crazy cat lady! We like any SLP who will hand out temptations and give some good pets and scritches.

  20. Hi Danielle aka SLP!!

    Very pleased to meet you! You are so very cute!

    Obviously, the kitties love ya!

  21. Hi Danielle. We are scared of SLP but you are the cutest, and you give out treats.

  22. Nice to meet you Danielle! Glad you had so much fun with the kitties and we enjoyed hearing about your visit!

  23. Oh Danielle, you are THE prettiest SLP I have ever seen with my green eyes! Why, I would probably let you hold my tail for at least a second.

    Those incredibly old beans don't know how to be discrete do they?

  24. You are adorable, Danielle. Another future cat-lady, me thinks.

  25. Ok, Danielle, I'll have to admit that for a SLP, you're pretty cool.

    Betcha didn't meet Scouty though, MOL!

  26. Danielle, you fit in really well with those kitties! Guess little sticky people aren't so bad after all!


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