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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday...Salem's Revenge!

Salem here.
Well, the Strangers are gone, Thank Cod.
Even though I did warm up to the big Beans and The Sticky Little Person, things were a little rough at the beginning.
Here's what happened: Daddy was helping the SLP learn to pet Me. He was stroking Me from head to tail-tip, which I love...I was next to the ottoman and I started to go around it, when ALL OF A SUDDEN the SLP decided to pet Me! So far so good, right, kitties?
The SLP didn't let go when she got to the end of my tail!
I took off like a rocket when I realized that the SLP wanted My Tail for her own...and I towed that SLP all the way around the ottoman and beyond!
Well, she did let go (My Tail is still attatched) and we were both a little embarrased. So we decided to become Friends...and I got some nice pets after that.
Here's a picture of Me and My Tail:

Oh, and here's another view:

Now Kitties, I may be a Nice Cat but I'm NOT a Good Cat.
I knew that even though I got pettins and lovins, I'd be getting revenge-ins, too.
And since I'm a Bad Cat but not a Stupid Cat, I decided that some household paper products must Die. I started with the kitchen paper toweling. It fought bravely, but it was no match for Me.
As a bonus, some OtherKitty came by after Me and peed on it!

Next, I anihilated the toilet tissue.
MWAH hahahahahahaha!

And Kitties, don't EVEN think I'm finished yet. Mommy insists on leaving the paper towels out on the kitchen counter and I noticed some fun papers on her desk...

heh heh.

Have a Great Thursday Kitties!
I think tomorrow some of the gang is going show off the things they've dedded recently...
XX Salem,
Killer Tuxie Lounge Kat


  1. Hello!
    Lexy LOVES to kill paper towels too, and boxes and paper bags. She rips them up and bunny kicks them to shred them with her back toenails. She gets real happy when Mommy leaves her a paper bag, or 2 paper towels left on the end of a roll.

    Also, THANKS so much for the award you gave us a little while ago! We took a break from the blog, but we are back now! We just did a giant post and it includes a new foster cat! Go check it out! We will post the award you gave us in one of our next posts! Have fun on the catio!

  2. Excellent shredding and ripping and peeing ... erm ... sorry it wasn't yoo hoo did the peeing was it? MOL!

  3. WOW!!!!! You must have made your mom feel really challenged!!

    Love your precious tail!

  4. Awww sweet and adorable Salem!! Me and Charlie love that your tail is still attached to you! LOL!!! And what an amazing stretchified kitty you are!

    We are in AWE at your paper killing prowess - those paper thingies stand no chance against the mighty Salem!!!


    Take care

  5. The PM just loves the *flying kitty* pose!!

  6. What a time you have been having Salem ! Loved your last picture it made me laugh ! It sounds very entertaining at your house !!

    P.S. Glad you still have your tail !

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  7. We're glad to see your tail survived. The SLP certainly seemed better than most but she's still a SLP! PS: Great work with the paper products!

  8. Salem boy did you show them who was boss Cat.
    Mom told me their first cat Milky-Way loved to unroll toilet paper too and eat it. He especially liked to eat patterns when Mom was cutting out things to make clothes.
    I love the picture of you looking at your tail to be sure it was still there...My word losing our tail would be like a ship losing its rudder!!!
    Holy Smokes. Madi

  9. Hahahaha! Great work on the paper towel and toilet paper! We are glad that the SLP let you keep your tail!!

  10. Great shreading action and I love that last pic!!!

  11. Wow, Salem, that was quite the revenge you enacted! We're so impressed!!!! Those photos of you are priceless! :-D

  12. We hope your tail isn't loose after all that action Salem. By the way you ought to enter the doing the Q competition with a little practice we're sure you'd be in with a chance of winning.
    Details are on the CB.

  13. Inappropriate peeing is the best revenge! (hope our Mom isn't reading this)

  14. You are a hoot, Salem!!!!!!!!!! We're really happy to see that your tail is still attached!!!!!

  15. Love those 'stretchin' out' photos. Hilarious!

  16. Did yoo enkuraje somecat to pee on da paper towels or was da other cat just being helpful...heehee

  17. We're laughing and laughing reading this post - way to go, Salem! (Not to mention whoever peed on the paper towels!)

  18. Salem

    our hero!
    (love the final picture!)


  19. Great job creating chaos in the paper products world! And we're glad your tail is still attached!!

  20. Phew! We are glad you still have your tail intact. Good work with the paper shredding. Excellent job with the TP.

  21. We're glad you still have that cute tail! Great job on the shredding!

  22. You should be posting on the Naughty Kitty club! But you've had so much fun, I think it was worth it, no?

  23. Haha!! We're glad we're not a roll of toilet paper in your house!! Good job!!!

  24. You know, Salem, your tail looks a little...short? Has it always been that way or did the SLP manage to pull off an inch or two?

  25. Jus thinkin mebbe there is a pill that could help ya calm down?

  26. I am totally awestricken at the derring do demonstrated her where the revenge factor comes in. I am totally IMpressed!!! Tuxie's rool..especially Tuxies with a still attached tail!


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