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Starring: The Baby *Tiny Johnson * Felix * Rupert * Scouty * CC * Sweet Pea * Maui * May Ling * Salem

and...*Angels Grayce, KonaKitty, and Sylvester* always loved, never forgotten

Friday, July 16, 2010

Femme Friday KittyKat KheeseKake

It's Femme Friday, so may we present:
The Lounge LadyKats!

Here's HoverCat Sweet Pea. Mommy took this picture with her cell phone and sorta cut off her head. Way to go, Mommy!
We like how her toe hawks squish up and cover her pads.

May Ling, caught mid wash. You guys know how it is...never a moment's privacy with that dang flashy box.

The Baby. Mommy took this early in the morning, before we got fed! You can see that The Baby is *just* waking up.
Mommy petted her tummy and of course got the bitey! heh heh.

Salem, posing for the camera here, showing off her plump, juicy thighs.
Hubba Hubba!

Our Gorgeous GrannyCat, KonaKitty. She's warmed up to CC and they've been doing some mutual face washing on the big bed in the morning, waiting for Mommy to get up.

Last but not least, the "New" Grayce, in all her slimmed down glory. She is a whole different kitty now that she's firm & trim, running around like a MadCat and playing.
She still bites, though...
Kitties, y'all have a Happy Friday!
XX The Lounge LadyKats
::kiss kiss::


  1. It's nice to know other kitty households also have their private moments caught on camera - and it's not just us! Those especially soppy moments when we are just waking up seem to make Äiti go gooey - we just want to be left in peace to carry on snoozing. The hover cat picture is very cool though. Have a fabulous Friday!

  2. Oh such gorgeous feline furries!!! Gorgeous!
    Me and Charlie love Sweat Pea's squished toe hawks!
    Awww poor May Ling - Charlie so understands about the no privacy when the flashy box is in the hands of mum!
    And Baby is so cute!!! Even if she's all bitey! LOL!
    Awww! Salem!! Hubba hubba indeed!
    KonaKitty - you are just a great big gorgeous floofy ladycat!!
    New Grayce!!! Look at you all super modelling away! Lovely!

    Take care you gorgeous femme kitties of katnip lounge!!

  3. Giving the Bitey is good no matter what your size!

    ps: Harley is happy you like his guyliner.

  4. Oh my. I am a girly girl so I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful babelicious furry girls showing their stuff.
    Mommy wants to take a picture of my curly chest and tummy but so far, when she goes to get the flashy box, I get up and move. She even kept that infernal thing in the same room and I always know what she's thinking so when she reaches for it..I get up. I even have curly toe feathers around my claws and pads. I would love to show them off to the mancats here in your household. Of course, I have flirted with Spitty too.

    We lady cats have to show how beautiful we are and you girls really are beautiful.

    As you all say "pee ess" I put the bitey on mommy when she dares to keep swooping down and kissing the fur off my face. I just hold her finger..I don't hardly dent. Usually.

  5. What gorgeous ladies! We love the super toe hawks. And we agree....the bitey is good, always.

  6. Wow, the Lady Lounge!!! Love it fur sure, such pretty pictures!

  7. Oh my all the mancats are drooling over all those gorgeous femmes. Goodness what a bunch of prettiness. Down boys. Those really are such pretty ladies.
    Send Scouty right over. We will fix him. Or he may fix us.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Heeheehee!!! Oh Hovercat is too cute, you all are!! *smoochies*

  9. We just love the squishie toehawks! Ok, we just love seeing all of you!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. All you ladycats are bootiful! MY mom cuts my toe hawks off, so I can move easier (I limp so its hard to get a grip on things if I slide.). Thank you for coming to my party, it was so much fun!


  11. What a wonderful bevy of beauties!!!!!!!


  12. You have quite a harem of beautiful lady cats - we imagine quite a few mancats and boycats will be wishing they could come over and visit.

  13. Hello lovelies! Have a great weekend!

  14. The ladykat lounge pics were terrific! We especially like the underneath view of Sweet Pea--great look at her paws and toe hawks!

    Our human says she can relate to Baby...even now, half-way through her work day. :-D

    Happy weekend to all!

  15. Top of the morning to you 12!!
    All good here except hot as heck. Mom is off today. She and dad started off the day with breakfast out, a power walk in the nice air conditioned shopping they are waiting for Daddy's car breaks to be repaired...100% new complete job and it sounds like we might be eating beanie weenies for the next month. MOL

    What darling pictures of you all today. I love the one from under the glass table.

  16. All of you ladycats look furry loverly!
    We just adored the first picture of Sweet Pea and seeing how her paws were all squished into her beautiful furrs. OH Salem you knew we would have to comment on your come hither look, didnt you? Mom is sap for tuxie girls!

    All of you ladies are purrfection!

  17. So many beautiful ladycats in your house!

  18. Boy, Mom doesn't give you gals much privacy does she???? All look very pretty in any pose!

  19. I love the first picture. Such a funny perspective.

    Now, Now, not TOO much bitey, girls.

  20. Great diva photos. HAve a great weekend.

  21. The Lounge Ladies are all so beautiful, its too difficult to pick out a favourite photo!!! I really like the one of Sweet Pea because I have just bought a glass coffee table and I'm dying to get one of those "underneath" shots :-)

  22. All the Lounge's Ladycats are beautiful of course, but I just might give one of my nine lives to come rest my furry head on The Baby's alluring tummy.

  23. P.S. Your comments on my blog make my Human spit coffee (or even other liquids!) outta her nose!

  24. What a marvelous bouquet of feline femininity you have in your lounge! Each ladycat is certainly unique in looks and purrsonality. You are blessed indeed.

  25. So many beautiful ladycats; they are all lovely and unique!...Cool photo of Sweet Pea and we love The Baby and Salem's tummy shots...We're sure they are driving all the internet mancats crazy!..Happy weekend sweet friends...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  26. Oh man, moms do seem to take a lot of "candid" pikshers...usually when we is doing our most intimate things. It's a good thing yoor all such lovely ladycats, yoo look good doing it whether yoo are cawt mid wash, waking up or just alaxing.

  27. MOL!!!!!!!
    Thanks for participating!

  28. Our day has just improved big time after seeing all you lovely ladies.

  29. That's a house full of femme fatales!!

  30. Ooooh girls girls girls
    All of you are so pretty
    bonks for a breezy week-end with some cool spots to relax

  31. That tummy thing is just sooooo catly!

  32. You all look very beautiful and super femme!

  33. Lots of wonderful ladycats to see - gorgeous all of you!


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