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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Theriously Thirsty Thursday

It's HotHotHot Outside!
It's Summer, and Monsoon season, which means, believe it or not, it's Humid here in the Desert.

This is Daddy's remote thermometer. Daddy enjoys the Lady taking her clothes off as it gets Hotter. Mommy says if she were truly a Vegas girl (the Lady, not Mommy), she'd go down to Pasties and a G-string, whatever THOSE are.'s pretty darn hot.
So we drink a lot of water to stay cool. We have several places we like to sip...
The first is the Drinkwell fountain in the Great room. It's pretty convenient for Maui to refill his "Front Door Sprayer" (patent pending) after he gets upset watching the intruder kitty out the window to the left.

The next sippin' spot is the PetWell Crock in the Yellow bedroom. The PetWell suffered a small accident a while back, but Daddy fixed it with some 2-part epoxy. Thanks, Daddy! KonaKitty likes to lean up against the crock and trail her mane in the water. When she does this we call her a "Catalo", kinda a mix between a Cat & Water Buffalo. She's a real good sport and doesn't mind it when we call her that...

This is the PRIMO watering hole. Mommy gets all excited and shouts when she sees us, bums in the air, sipping away!

Here is our last place for a drink...the outside Catio DrinkWell fountain. We have a little house over it to keep out the worst of the dust and debris that blows on the Catio. Mommy puts ice in the bowl part to cool the water down when it gets really hot like it is now.
Note the Evil Dyson on it's anti-whizzing stand.
And there's KonaKitty, squashed up against the cool foundation. She likes the heat!
Kitties, please make sure you stay hydrated if it's hot where you are, and stay cozy warm if it's cold.
Have a Great Thursday!
XX Lounge Kats


  1. You guys have little oasis's all over, very clever!!

  2. Were very familiar wiv those 2-part epoxy repairs here ~ stuff is always getting "mysteriously" broked. MOL! Still it keeps dad busy and owt of trubble ~ and gives mom sumat to do clearing up the mess. We wouldn't want our beans getting bored now, would we?
    We like all yoor watering stations ~ and ice cubes sound fun. Is yoor mom "truly a Vegas girl"? Just asking!

  3. It's been pretty hot here, but we have our fountain and fresh toilets around here to keep hydrated! We are glad you're all staying hydrated!

  4. It is very hot and humids here, too! We only have one drinking station though. I think I want another drinking station!

  5. We love our Drinkwell too! Except for the other day when Lishy (of course it was Lishy!) managed to somehow fill up the bowl so that it leaked everywhere as it came out of the fountain.

  6. Morning thirsty dozen!!!
    I have a fountain just like your first one. I love it too. I like to drop the rings off the milk carton in it to watch them float...then I take a swat at them slinging water water everywhere.MOL

    Stay cool sweet friends...I cannot imagine 115 degrees and 41% humidity too. It must feel like 120 or 125!!! Geez louise I'll take 96 any day.
    Madi and Mom

  7. Yup you just made our 96 seem really cold. We also love the thermometer. That is too cute. Looks like you have lots of watering holes. We do too. They are all over the place. Buckets, dishes, all kinds of thing. The only thing we don't do is the toilet. I bet that is hysterical to see. Has anyone fallen in???

  8. We think you have great watering stations! 115.5 F is stinkin' hot. Sweltering hot. Lie-around-the-house-and-do-nothing hot. Whew.

  9. That really is such a great bunch of watering holes!

  10. Hi! Wow it is uber hot in Vegas. That is my bean's most favorite place ever. They hope to get back next year when the stinky boy is a little older and can be away for more than a night. Hogs and Heifers is the best! My daddy likes when it is hot here too cause mommy wears less and less
    You guys have great drinking spots. I only have one bowl (I was scared of the fountain mommy bought) but mommy puts fresh cool water in twice a day. It is hot and muggy here too. 93 degrees with a squillion % humidity. Well that is how it feels anyway...
    Stay cool!
    PS mommy loooooooooooves your curio cabinet!

  11. It's important to have many places to get a cool drink of water. Stay cool.

    That's a cool thermometer.

  12. Oh my goodness that is hot hot hot!! Me and Charlie are wondering if your mum has the man equivalent of that lady in the bikini - LOL!

    We also love the places you all can have a drink - especially the one in the bathroom!!

    Please stay cool and hydrated!! And have a great Thursday!

    take care

  13. With those temperatures you need your all water stations - we can't imagine 41 degrees hot and don't think we want to try it.

  14. That's HOT!!!!! Äiti has told us what 115F means in European language: we have had about 86F which is really hot for northern Finland. It has also been very humid so Stran-veli has been lying on his back on the catio letting his tummy furs breathe. I have been keeping cool inside. We have water pots around the house - I used to play with a fountain but Äiti changed it to a bowl - boohoo! Anyway, thank you for the advice on keeping hydrated - we think more fresh wet fish will help with that so let's all demand our humans go fishing!

  15. We're glad to see that, however hot it may get, you have such a rich array of refreshing water available!

  16. It doesn't seem fair to have that heat and humidity too. You all have great drinking stations. Mama has been thinking forever about getting us a fountain. Your thermometer is too cute!

  17. Glad you are all staying cool there in Vegas! We don't drink much water, but we like to lick ice cubes when it gets too hot.

  18. Oh it is so hot there - we thought it was bad here but that is much worse! We think it is great that you have so many drinking options - we have quite a few also. We hope things get a bit cooler there soon!

  19. Oh Boy! Another tour. We loves these, we sais this afore. We just loves how your house is all set-up for you. Your mommy and daddy sure are speshul.
    We hopes you gots to pee on the evil cleaner when it was down.

  20. Wow, dat is HOT! It was 83 degrees yesserday and da dew point was sed it felt like she was swimming in da air. Oh man, dat 2 part epoxy is one of mom's favorite things. Dat and super glue. Oh, and duct tape, she sez if it weren't fur duct tape our house would fall down-hahahaha

  21. We love our drinkwell fountain, especially with ice and Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat get ice water as well...Of course we have a/c and MC/DC have a big industrial size fan as well as smaller fans in their garage=the heat here is 100 a lot and very humid...Stay cool sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  22. Love that Front Door Sprayer refill Unit (Patent Pend) there that Maui has. I have a beautiful Torie boy cat that comes by and dares walk up to MY front door and LOOK at me while I am watching TV. The birds and even the squirrels leave! The nerve of him. However handsome he is, I still hiss and lots of it with more to come.
    He is a bad boy and his mommy needs to keep him in the house safe!!

  23. Yow! You guys have quite the set up. We are also having a heat wave but it's ONLY 102 and no humidity. We have a fountain but we are skeered of it...

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  24. MOL - our Mom thinks the thermometer is hilarious!!

    Wow, look at all of those great places to rehydrate!! Jay especially likes the potty "shot" as that is his favorite watering hole as well (but you already knew that!!) We just got a new watering fountain where we can drink from the falling water - it's great!! (I like the shot of the falling water fountain!)

    Have a great day!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  25. Our mommy was complaining about it being 88 here until our Grandma called from Vegas and we heard that it was a furnace there. We're glad you have as many water stations as there are Station Casinos to keep you hydrated and cool!

  26. Hope all the Katnip Lounge kitties are able to stay cool in that crazy heat!

    My guys have the Drinkwell fountain in our kitchen but only Casper is a fan, he constantly plays with the water and his head is always wet! Archie likes the water-cooler style that we have downstairs, and Molly also has one in her bedroom. Ben is a purist and likes the plain old bowl of still water that is in the upstairs hall!

  27. Drink, drink and then drink some more.
    Those are great watering holes!
    Mom has several for us all over the house.
    The best spot is straight out of the water spigot.


  28. Wow, our humidity is routinely higher here (about 70% today) but it only gets up to 100 at worst (92 today).

    We like all yer waterin spots. We gots 2 fountains indoors an a shady pond outside.

  29. Oh my Cats! Our GRAMPA has a thermometer like that! He likes his too.......
    We're glad you have plenty of watering stations to choose from. We get ice cubes too but honestly, we prefer the warm, slimy fish pool water!

  30. We don't have monsoon season anymore; we have rain almost every day of the year now.

  31. Nothing like a cool drink of water to cool a cat down! We like your assorted holes and the image of the Catalo that came into our minds!
    Thank you for the suggestion the pain meds might be affection Scooby"s appetite. Also they make him glaze-eyed and sleepy. He is off them today, and has emerged from hiding.

  32. It's hot here too...but not as hot as it is in Vegas we can see!!! We're kinda jealous of all your cool drinking places. We live in the dark ages and hafta drink from a bowl...can you imagine that???

  33. Holy Cod, we are like slugs here. Mom is useless, I can barely get her to make my dinner!

  34. Holy carp! It's hotter than the hinges of h-e-double-hockey-sticks there! It must be a full time job just keeping the water flowing, food bowls filled and litter scooped at your house!

  35. Yur furgotted da sink in da bafroom! We luf to drink der. Wul, I do. Bonnie would wait in da sink fur sumone to turn it on! Then Mom gotted her our fountain an she LOVED it. Bonnie efun guarded it, like it mite go away again. Nina an I like it plenty, but not like Bonnie did.
    Stay cool! I suggest lyin on yur back wif yur feets stretched out.


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