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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Smashed on Saturday

Hi Kitties!
Johnny here!
Did the title of today's post fool you?
It's really about me and not Mommy's nefarious afternoon Rum Cocktail habit.
heh heh.
I have a TON of nicknames, one of which is "Mister Smash".
I like fitting into stuff that is WAY too small for me!
The Cat Food Box that Mommy gave us on Wednesday...almost a little too big.
As a kitten tot I loved this fruit box.

Look at how small I was! I don't have a ruff or anything here.
I was playing with a Peacock feather! Or what was left of it.

I've always been happy to smash with another kitty.
Me and Kitten Felix are cuddling here...back in the days when Felix acknowledged that OtherCats existed.

Don't panic! This is NOT a full sized laundry basket!
It fits me purrfectly.
Kitties, if you need to know how to cram eighteen pounds of Cat into a container, come talk to me.
Have a great Saturday!
XX Tiny Johnson
pee ess: Many kitties commented on the clean uncluttered kitchen counters in yesterday's post...for your information, Mommy is a clean freak. Yes, Salem likes to launch stuff off the counters. And the squirt bottle in the background--I don't want to talk about that. It's Evil.


  1. Hi Johnny. You're what our human calls a "Chumley" cat, and you remind her very much of her beloved "angel". :-)

    Send your mom to us....Our human is not a slob by far, but she's sure not a clean-freak either. She could use some help getting ready for her dad's visit! LOL!

  2. What nice boxes! I love boxes too!

    Yaay, good to read your posts after ages! Mommy has been so bad!

  3. Awww Johnny!! My haven't you grown!! Me and Charlie are so amazed how different you are from when you were itty bitty to now that you are a big floofy mancat! Awwww

    We love your nickname! Very apt!! Look at you being all smashed in the box and next to adorable Felix!

    Have a lovely day fitting into boxes! :-)

    Take care

  4. You must be related to jane! She wedges herself into the smallest spaces and LOVES crawling into bags!!! I call her my 'cave cat'.

  5. Pawsome boxes! Never have enough of those.

    The squirt bottle... First rule of kittehdom: never talk about the squirt bottle.

  6. Gandalf's brother BooBoo (who lives with out Uncle Daddy a few miles away) also weighs about 18 pounds - or 20!! He also finds way to squish himself into tight spots!

    We do not enjoy the squirt bottle either, but luckily we have not seen that in many months now.

  7. Johnny, we loved seeing pictures of you as a little kitten. Like all kittens, you were really cute and now you are very handsome. We like to stuff ourselves into boxes to small. We have Friskie boxes too so our assistant needs to let us try them. We will inform her to put them on the floor.
    Have a cool week end.

  8. Johnny, I am very glad you clarified that the red basket is not a full-size laundry basket! It is SO much fun to get into boxes and stuff, isn't it?

  9. Yep, any box is great and it doesn't matter what size it is fur sure!

  10. We love the challenge a too small box provides - it doesn't beat us very often! We haven't got a squirty bottle here - we hope mum doesn't read this post!!

  11. Hey, Johnny!!!!!!!!! We love the spots you find to squeeze into!!!!

    Happy Caturday to all of you. xxxxxxxxxxx

  12. We figured you were gonna be talkin about the aftermaths of a nip-fest, mol! Boxes are best when they fit snuggly.

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

    p.s. about the counters, our mom says your mom can come over here any time...we clean the counters, but then the floor is a mess...

  13. Oh boxesez!!! Lotsez of boxesez!!!!! My favorite ting.
    We iz so pleezed to meets you. I yam apollygizin fur momee. We iz nots reel good at keepin' ups our bloggy or da comminy=tsez, but you waz so kind to stop in & tell us about da knee surgery.
    Delilah wantsez to tank you fur your advice.
    Sendin' love to you all,
    Dr Tweety

  14. We think the smaller boxes are better since they feel so snuggly! We have a purple basket like your red one and it's much better than a laundry basket because we can rest our chins on the side!

  15. Hi guys, thanks for coming by to visit! We all hustled over here and had fun reading all about you. We all love boxes...Meowmy has posted pictures of us in different boxes at various times on our bloggy...but she really needs to take a picture of Louie in his night nest, which is an amazon box that looks way too small to hold a kitty his size. He just squshes himself in and kinda spreads out over the sides :). We don't have any squishy boxes like you have...we might need Meowmy to bring us some!

  16. You are a beautiful boy, Tiny Johnson=we adore your sweet face, floofy furs and awesome tail!...You are adorable making yourself fit into all those small spaces; love the photo of you with baby Felix!...Happy Saturday friends...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  17. Hi Johnny you were a very adorable kitty who turned into a very handsome mancat!!
    Happy Saturday to you. I'll be posting about my vet visit on Monday...
    Madi and Mom

  18. I love kitties that do this. Neither Simba nor Lucy are much into smashing. I had forgtten all about this cat habit. Johnny, I think you look so cute smashed into all these small boxes and baskets.

  19. Yoor good at mashing yoorself into little spaces Johnny. And smashing wif another kitty is always fun. We don't wanna make yoo upset about da spray bottle, we gots one too and dey is furry evil.

  20. Mister Smash - I've forgotten that spray bottles actually work on some cats. I've got pictures of my kittens licking the spray bottles and making friends with them. (If you do this, you can trick your human into completely giving them up as a waste of time...)

    And go tell your Mommy that I really enjoy your Blog and if you stop by mine, she can pick up a Versatile Blogger Award I want to pass on to her! Since I know she's typing for you...she deserves some love and appreciation!

  21. You got to love boxes. Who said you can't fit into really small boxes.

  22. Hey, Mr. Smash, you can come over here and smash up with us anytime! Love the kitten picture!!!

  23. Johnny, we wanna party with you!! And smash a few things along the way!!

  24. Maybe your neat freak mom can come help out my pack rat mom!

  25. Johnny you are a contortionist cat to fit in all those boxes!

    Btw, tell your mum I'm also a neat freak :-)

  26. Mum says she wants to come over for rum cocktails!

  27. A box is a beautiful thing ... Any kind! Doesn't one of your kitties shred them? LOL

  28. Meowllo! I have just found you and love to smash too!!! Although honestly, my brofur Snoopy is the champ - purrhaps I should have "her" take some pictures....humans would be amazed at our feline grace, would they not?!?! Thanks for the new smash ideas - can't wait to go try some!!!!

    Have a great week!!

    Romeo and "her"

  29. Boxes are best when filled with a fluffy cat. You look very sweet, Smash!

  30. Afta looking at yoo in the laundry basket we fink yoo should be called BIG Johnson, not Tiny! MOL!


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