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Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Mealtime!

Felix here, relaxing under the Stairs to Nowhere.
I think I hear Mommy opening cans of stinky goodness!

I think I SMELL stinky goodness!

It's stinky goodness time!
Kitties, Mommy is our feeder-person. She feeds us in the morning when she gets up, even before she has her coffee. This is good, cuz sometimes she's a wee bit discombobulated pre-caffeine and we con extra foods out of her.
And she feeds us in the afternoon, usually around the time we get up from our mid-late-second-go-round of afternoon nap(s).
We get Friskies Pate. Mommy buys it by the pallet (edit: I wish!). The flavors we like are purple, blue, brown and pink. We also get Fancy Feast Trout flavor (green can) but Mommy needs to go shopping, soon.
We get fed eight cans in the morning, and four to eight cans for supper, depending how much of our breakfast we've eaten. So we do our best to be porcine felines and clean our bowls before second chow.

Sweet Pea is doing a Quality Control spot inspection here.
Feeding us is an assembly-line chore.
We get two cans per bowl, and Mommy rinses the cans with a little bit of hot water for some gravy. Then she mashes up our food *just right*.

We have four feeding stations. The first one is in the laundry room. I NEVER go in there. As you all know, there is an Evil Clown lurking in the laundry room that wants to eat Me. The Baby, Grayce and Salem eat in here a lot. Obviously the Evil Clown finds them distasteful.

The second feeding station is in the Great Room. You'll notice that our stations are different colors; Daddy made these for us and painted them all different colors. We are terrible messy eaters and the stations contain our tongue-flung food bits.

The third station is in the Yellow Bedroom. This is where I like to eat.
Mommy puts any flavor at any station so we travel around to see what's where. Since there's 12 of us here, we are NOT picky eaters! We eat what there is, because it's all there is, and someone else could eat it first!

The fourth and final station is in the Big Bedroom. I eat here too.
Hi Maui!

Something else we like is *gulp* dog treats.
They are SOOOO tasty!
We get two or three every day and we like to gnaw on 'em and clean our fangs.

And we eat dehydrated chicken strips, too.

Mommy rips them into small pieces and we help ourselves. (Edit: consumption is supervised!)
We know dog treats and chicken strips made in China are probably not the best things for us to eat, but we mainly eat Cat food and like Mommy says, we lick our bottoms and eat each other's yak so a few beetles and rodent hairs in foreign-made food is the LEAST of her worries.
So Kitties, that's the chow situation here at the Katnip Lounge.

Bon Appetit!
XX Felix, reporting from the Catio.


  1. Oh my, we are very hungry now. All that food sounds delishus.

    MOM? MOMMMMMM? Can we have a snack? MOMMMMMMMM?

  2. Oh what fun stinky goodness and feeding stations you all have!!! LOL!! Your poor mum!! Me and Charlie love all your colour coordinated feeding stations! We also are glad to see Sweat Pea doing a grand job of being quality control officer! Poor Felix - we hope you stay away from that scary clown in the laundry room!!!! Much nicer to stay in the Big Bedroom with floofy Maui!

    Enjoy your treats all at katnip lounge!

    take care

  3. WOW!!!! Thanks for sharing photos of your "feeding" session!
    We really love the look of the stations!

    Gosh, you boys / gals are really lucky to have such a sweet, sweet mom - OUR mom makes us wait! :) hehehe just sometimes, we prefer she brushes her teeth first, muahahahaha ...

  4. wow, yummy stinky goodness!

  5. MOL about licking your bottoms.

    Breakfast and dinner at your house sounds ace. when can we come over?

  6. 11 brother and sister kitties?
    thats lots!

  7. That sounds fun to go roaming around to each feeding station to find the best flavor!

  8. Excellent write up about the foods stations. Our the Mom was very impressed by all the attention to details.

  9. Felix, we were wondering how all of you ate without killing one another like we'd do here. MOL! Just kidding, well, sort of.... Great feeding stations, what a wonderful idea!

    Our Ferris is like a bottomless pit and we could imagine him zooming from station to station eating everyone's foods. We eat in separate rooms. Ferris and Maizy eat in the downstairs bathroom, Rambler eats in his room, Maya and Chevelle get wet food and eat in the kitchen and Maggie May and Saylor eat in the big bedroom.

  10. We think it's a full-time job for your mom to feed you. LOL. We hope she has an automatic dishwasher (we don't), because washing dishes enough for 12 kitties would be never-ending!!!!

  11. We like your feeding stations. We think our mum should give us lots of different places so we can get different flavours. She said because there are only two of us we can go whistle. We get our food the other way around. We get 2 sachets in the morning and 3-4 at night. We always eat out of one dish first then go on to the second one.

  12. What an organized Mom you have. She is just wonderful and Dad too to make all those wonderful stations. It must be fun at feeding time to see who goes where. Our eating is very spread out and wild. But everyone seems to get something to eat.
    Have a great week.

  13. Stinky goodness gracious! Y'all sure have quite the buffet!

  14. Morning Hungry Dozen,
    OMC....I think I've died and gone to CAT HEAVEN.
    In my wildest dreams I've never imagine that much food. But I'm sure I could hold me own in the eating department. MOL
    My mom feeds me first too and guess what she also adds a little warm water for gravy too. We have wonderful Moms right? My food of choice is Fancy feast Classic. I don't like flaked or grilled FF. My favs are tender beef, cod, sole, shrimp, turkey, chicken and beef. I'm a full figured girl trying to maintain so I get ~1/4 can in the morning with 1/3 cup of Purina 1 kibble and a repeat of that at supper. And I love greenies too.

  15. Hi, Felix!!!! Do you ever invite dinner guests???? If so, please remember us!!!!

    Thanks for a most interesting tour. Have a fun day, y'all. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. We love how your feeding stations are different colours - out mum had thought of a row of dishes and by the time the last one was down the first one would be empty!! You are so organised but we suppose you need to be !!

  17. Oh, this was fun. A tour of all your feeding stations...what could be better? You all have great lives there. Sweet Pea looks so cute doing quality control. Thanks for sharing about your food stations and all the details!

  18. First of all, your house looks really tidy and there are no hair balls on the floor!!! We're impressed.

    Secondly, it looks like you guys operate like a well oiled machine.

    Well done.

  19. Most incredible post every!! Such a great education for me. You should write a book ... Make big bucks & expand ... More kitties! Ha ha ... Just kidding, but not about the book!!

  20. I so enjoyed making the rounds of stinky goodness, looking at all of the flavors and seeing all of the feeding stations. Me..I have one place cause there's just me. I only eat Fancy feast canned food that is sliced..I never got good at getting the pate into my mouth real well and I waste a lot. If it isn't sliced, mommy doesn't get it for me.

    I love Fancy Feast sliced chicken livers and hearts and sliced chicken, and I love salmon and chicken sliced. Mommy gives me some Science Diet dry yummies too. I would love to visit you for supper and try something new.

    But I bet my little toe pads would be awfully worn out if I tried walking to your house and the scorpions wouldn't be dedded and that would scare me. I'm a girl!

  21. Hey, all you Lounge-Lizards! Good Golly, Miss Molly-have you got the life or what? Man, I'm droolin' on the keyboard (so glad you can't see me) just readin' and lookin' at the pretty pictures of your food stations...So, who goes 'round last to check each station to make sure the plates are nice n' clean? Nobody? Well, here I come! Oh, no worries, I'll do it gratis!

  22. MOL! my mommeh says she did not mark Kitty Domain on the new diagram because ALL of it will be Kitty Domain! since we have so much more room to spread out and play she is going to let us take full advantage of that. whereas, in our current apartment, we has all our stuff in the middle of the floor and she wasn't sure how else to express that. there really is nowhere else to put it. but in the new place we will be all over!

  23. Holy Cow it is a lot of work to get the lounge crew fed each day! My guys seem a little deprived in comparison. They just get one kind of food plonked in their bowl in the kitchen and they have to share it there.

  24. Forget the Bellagio, you all have the best buffet in Vegas!

  25. The chow situation at your place is very interesting. Before I came to live here Siena was a bit of a picky eater: She wouldn't touch paté wet food, only the one with gravy and wouldn't finish her plate. When I turned up after six month this changed. Ha! I still get most of the wet food, because Siena prefers kibble and I'm definitely fine with that. Our mom is always on the lookout for good food, but as a student she has to watch the green papers too.
    Purrs, Chilli

  26. oh myyyyy gosh *droooools*
    You kitties really have a very well stocked assortment of delicious food. Wowwww
    I love the colors in your house. Your daddy painted a happy house, I like the tree in the big bedroom! I want one.
    I think Miles and I will pack our kittie sootcases and come over to your house right now!


  27. So many feeding stations and so little time! We would be twice our size!!!

  28. We love your colorful food stations and your Daddy is so handy. We like that you have different food zones. That would be fun. Momma has a production line to feed the 5 of us every day too. But first and foremost she must feed me. I am the diva so I get fed first.


  29. Your Mommy has got a great system worked out with your food; you guys are very lucky cats to have so many food stations to choose from...Happy week sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  30. Oh wow, we're hungry now! Momma says we're picky because all we'll eat is kibbles and Party Mix or cheese crumbs for snacks. We don't even like tunas! (yuk) But jane ate a tiny piece of ham the other day so Momma says there's hope yet.....

  31. That is too cool :) We like those feeding stations and the colours!! We also love your play room and the stairs to nowhere ;)
    Mom feeds us before her coffee too.It's good to be spoiled!!!!!
    Thanks for the b'day & gotcha wishes!!!

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  32. Man, you guys are making us hungry!! That's some mighty tasty looking food there!! And you got that mom of yours trained well...feeding you before her coffee and mashing your food up and adding water for gravy. You guys eat like kings and queens!!

  33. You guys are so organized! Your poor mommy must be dying for her coffee by the time she has you all fed. We always enjoy your house tours.
    Tell your mom that we like her idea about pre-filling a few syringes. Our mommy is going to do that now.
    Love Squashies

  34. That was such an interesting tour. Of course, I would join The Baby in the laundry room (hey--ain't no stinkin' clown stoppin' ME!) but I wonder where Scouty eats?

    Does everykitty get enough food? Is anykitty really a little piglet?

    That's what *I* would like to know in Chapter Two of the Food Saga!

  35. We love your blog! The Whippy Curly tails told us about you! What a job your mom has feeding you! Black cat Tiger likes to eat Sammy the dog's crunchies sometimes, but we've never thought of the chicken or duck tenders for the kitties -- good idea!

  36. Wow, 12 of you? Even more than us? Whoa. I want to know your technique for getting your mom to feed you before her coffee. Nothing and I mean nothing happens around here before mom gets her coffee. Nothing.


  37. Yup, yoo haf yoor mom well traned. Ours feeds us first too! Den she does something in da peepul litter and gets dressed and by dat time we is done eating and we is ready fur our brushings. We like to haf mom brush us while haffing her coffee so we can leave fur in it, she needs da fiber. Oh man, we is down to our last 3 cans of Friskies...hope to see dat 48 pack in dis house by tomaro.

  38. Isn't Vegas the smorgasbord capital of the world? You have a great smorgasbord going on there in your house too! It all looks so yummy!

  39. We do believe you all have it made there!!!!!
    That pic of Maui stretching his front legs looks just like Chester when he does that.


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