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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Easy on Sunday, Saturday Evening Edition

Felix here.
Monsoon has begun here in the Desert. That means the humidity is up, but temperatures are down. If we're lucky, we'll get some rain! Four inches of rain a year is average for Las Vegas...and our house is actually outside the valley, so we get even less.
But the clouds during the day gives us some "shade" and it's not so gol-danged HOT on the Catio.
So after our supper we like to go outside, digest, and relax up for the 10 o'clock crazies.
Daddy took some verreh nice photos of some of us with his new camera...
Here I am, contemplating how to woo a Special LadyCat.

CC is enjoying his tingly furz...Mommy just zoom groomed a whole cat's worth of fur offa him.
Maybe a cat and a half!

Scouty is digesting his chicken jerky treats...

...and The Baby is begging to go Outside.
No lizard today, but she got one yesterday!

Johnny is thinking Deep Thoughts.

And inside, Salem's in the garden window, checking out the succulents and cacti.
We hope all of you Kitties are having a wonderful Sunday!
XX Felix & The Lounge Kats


  1. Awwww me and Charlie love these pics from your daddy's new camera!

    Beautiful Felix - who is your lucky Lady Cat? You do look like a kitty in luuuurrrve!

    Awww CC - where's all your furrz gone?? LOL!! But you have plenty of floofy furrz left, not to worry!

    Adorable Scouty - it is always a good idea to digest noms - to make room for more!

    Goodness the Baby!! Them lizards better scurry off from your mighty hunting prowess!!

    Sweet Johnny! Me and Charlie know you are contemplating the enigma that is wrapped in a conundrum of a total mystery! Oh yes you are!

    Gorgeous Salem! We hope the succulents and cacti passed your quality control!

    Take care all at katnip lounge!! We hope you have a cool and calm Sunday!


  2. Aren't new cameras great! Loved the photos!

    Annie intrigued, but not yet convinced, of your sincerity, Felix. You'll have to be creative. No doubt it's akin to "the taming of the shrew." ;-P

    P.S. Our human is sighing over Johnny....Happy Sunday, everyone!

  3. aww beautiful photos :)
    well, you're all such beautiful kitties though!
    hope you get some rain :)

  4. What a wonderful camera. We can just about feel your soft furs it is so detailed! :)

  5. Happy Sunday everycat! I spent most of today sleeping because it was cold and raining here today.

  6. You all look very relaxed! Now tht your Daddy has a new camera we expect extra special photos of you!!

  7. Your new camera takes good pictures! We have to wait until about October until it starts to cool off here.

  8. The new camera works great but when the models are that good is helps!

  9. We're glad that you've got some cooler weather now.

    We have the 10 o'clock crazies here too.

    Have a great Sunday!

  10. We hope you get some rain! We're glad it's cooled off a bit but that humidity is no fun.

  11. Bet that humidity is making it very sticky there and we hope you get some rain to cool it down a little and damp down the dust.
    The pictures taken with the new camera are amazing - so detailed.

  12. Lovely photos of beautiful babies!...Have a fun, relaxing Sunday, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Oh, such great photos of all of you - pawsome new camera. We really like the shot of you, Felix :swoon: you are very handsome and hsve such a sweet face.

    Looks like you all are having a relaxing weekend. Enjoy you cools and we hope the extra hoomidities doesn't make things too unbearable.

    -Pip, Smidgie, Minnie

  14. Great shots!

    Felix, I can't help but wonder if you'll be able to woo Annie. Word is she's a bit crabby.

    CC, I love when I get combed. It's the best!

    Scouty, I'm very intrigued by your chicken jerky treats.

    I hope the rest of you are having a great Sunday. It's a day of naps for me.

  15. Hi there, all you cuties!!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and wishing me a happy gotcha day!!
    ♥ Saylor

  16. That Catio is fabulous ... Giving our Mom some ideas!! Happy Sunday & soon some rain!!

  17. Well!! You sure look like happy cats!! I hope you get some rain (=relief from the heat) you really get monsoons??? Ohhh! We get thunder and lightning, but sometimes there is no rain. That's ok, we've had too much rain lately and finally today it was warm and sunny...just the way we like it, but then again, we don't live in Las Vegas so maybe we would want rain if we did. Love your Dad's pictures!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  18. Your dad's new camera takes pawesome photos of you all! We're glad your temps are coming down so you can enjoy your Catio more.

  19. Happy Sunday to our favorite dozen.....
    looks like you all are enjoying a nice relaxing day in the Catico.....
    We've had two very nice days here in Raleigh with temps below 80 and actually RAIN too which we needed,
    Madi and Mom

  20. Dem is nice pikshers yoor daddy took. We'z planning games fur today, in between naps and noms dat is. Who's da lucky ladycat Felix?

  21. Those are some great pictures. It's still hot here!

  22. All of you look so pretty (yes, even you man cats are Pretty!) I'm a pretty girl so I know what pretty is...right mommy? Oh, mommy isn't here. She's opening up my stinky goodness.

    Who is the lady cat you wants to court, Felix? Could it be me? ♥ ??

  23. That new camera does a great job. We are really hot here but it is a tiny bit better today. But going up again next week. Glad to see all of you enjoying your Sunday. Great pictures of you guys and gals.
    Have a great evening. Crossing our paws for rain for you. We need some too.

  24. Is it the camera or the subjects? I think it would be hard to take a bad photo of all of you!

  25. That's great your Daddy got a new camera to take even more pictures of all of you. We just love seeing what's new out in the Desert! You guys have such interesting lives.



  26. You all are looking good!! Your dad got some great pictures!! Glad to hear the temps are a little cooler....

  27. So you are desert kitties. Does it get cold in the winter too?

  28. That new camera takes pawsome pictures! Of course, when you have such beautiful and handsome subjects, how can he not?

  29. All you guys are inspiring The Big Thing ta make us a enclosed space outside jus for us. Tell him ta actally DO IT!.

  30. Yer dad did an awesome job wiv the noo camera ~ but then he had awesome subject matter!

  31. Such cute pictures. You tell your Mommy you're lazing around because of the humidity - not because you're lazy cats or anything!

  32. You all look great! Hope you got some rain and are keeping cool.


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