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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Felix has Lentigo!


I have some news.

Come a little closer...that's good.

Now listen closely:

Felix has LENTIGO!

Lentigo? What in the world is that?

It's a fancy term for FRECKLES!


Trust Mommy to find a high-falutin' name for freckles.

Do you see his brown whiskers?

When he was a kitten tot they were all white. Now he has brown ones and his whisker holes for those ones are brown, too!

And check out his snootstrils! Felix's nose used to be a rosy pink inside and out. That's not a shadow in there...that's a FRECKLE!

He's got freckles in his nose seam, too.

They're even on his foot pads!

They were all pink at once upon a time.

And check out his gums!

He has a big freckle on his upper palate; but Mommy values her fingers so no picture of that.

One of Felix's nicknames is "Mister Freck".

Can you see why?

We've noticed some other Kitties in the CB have freckles, too. Now you have a scientific name for them. Use it freely in conversation to impress other Cats.

Kitties, have a Fabulous Tuesday!

It's our Mommy's Friday and we're looking forward to extra time with her for the next two days.

Tomorrow is our book review. Stay tuned!

XX Lounge Kats


  1. That's so cool! Some of us kitties have one large freckle on the roofs of our mouthies! Mom calls them roof spots (she's odd I know), and only some of us have them and she thinks this means that we are all secretly related somehow.

  2. My actual FUR has freckles! Each strand has different colors on it. But when it happens on fur, it's called "agouti" or ticked. But I think it's kind of cool to called it freckled fur.

  3. hehehe, I love that. We have lentigo too. It's cute.

  4. My goodness--look at all those freckles--err lentigo.

  5. Scarlett has freckles in her mouth - I had no idea there was a name for that! Cool.

  6. I have lentigo too! Äiti said I was a spotty teenager but now I can give it a noble name. And your photos are excellent

  7. Wow, Felix has lots of lentigo, even in his mouth!...When we were kittens, Mommy loved the freckles on our whiskers, but we outgrew that; we don't think we really have lentigo, but she's going to look us over real good for lentigos now!!...Have a fun day, friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. Felix, Sorry ! you can't hind Lentigo from your mom, even inside your mouth ! She knew everything about you and others : )
    By the way, It's really good hid your Lentigo. I never ever think it is inside your mouth.You all got a really cool mom.

    Puddy & Boom

  9. Awwwww Beautiful Felix!! You may be all freckly but you are forever ferociously fantastic and fabulous if ever so cranky Felix!! (Me and Charlie think the cranky bit is cuz you're so IN LURRRVVE!!). Look at those magnificent fangs!!

    Anyway we love that word: Lentigo!!! Yay!! Well done mum!! What a clever mum!

    Take care

  10. I didn't know that! Wow! I guess I am a Lentigo Lady! It makes us special Felix!

    Purrs Banshee

  11. Alfie: I fort LENTIGO was summat yoo eated!

    Milo: No silly, that's LENTILS, wot vegetarians eat! I've got LENTIGO in my mouth!

    Alfie: Does it taste nice?

    Milo: :sigh:

  12. Who knew lentigo was so cool!?!

    ps: The term "whisker holes" makes us laugh. Especially crazypants Harley.

  13. Wow, Felix, some of your mouth freckles are really big! I think the ones in your nose seam and pawpads are cute.

  14. Wow! Look at that lentigo! Suey and I have a little bit, but Lishy has none at all.

  15. Dobby has lentigo too - mostly in his mouth, but he has a tiny spot on his nose like Felix. It's cute!

    P.S. Thank you so much for your purrs for Blackie - very much appreciated!

  16. Oh my gosh I have those on the roof of my mouth too!

  17. Oooo! And I thought Tiny was the only one with a big freckle on the top of her mouth. Hmm!! I guess I am the oddball here because I don't have one!! Actually, I don't think I have ANY freckles!! Oh how boring could I be? Maybe I will sneak one of Mom's black felt tip pens and make me a freckle somewhere...then I could be called "Lentigo Lolo". haha! Purrs, Lautrec

  18. Mommy laughed and laughed. She calls mine whisker holes too! And she said my whiskers were always black till I reached 10 years of age and then I sprouted 2 white ones! My nose and nose seam are all the same fine leather they always were. Car makers look at me and my nose enviously. I think they want to make a car seat out of it. It'd be awful small though.
    I have lentigo on my toe pads. I showed them off a week or so ago. Mommy loves my pads and gives them kissies all the time.
    Tell Rupert I hope he got home alright afterward...
    BONKS-- with nose taps to Rupert whose furs looked magnificent.

  19. Freckles and red "hair" just seem to go together. We love your freckles, Felix, especially the ones on your paw pads.

    BTW, Annie is impressed by your dental display. Maybe you could hiss for her some day; we know she'd *love* that. ;-)

  20. I think Felix's freckles are FANTASTIC!!!

    My Molly has a couple of black spots on her nose and the roof of her mouth and a huge black spot on one of her pads. Archie has a couple of very faint brown spots on his beautiful peach nose and I wonder if they will get darker as he gets older. He also has all white whiskers and just one brown one has appeared. Casper and Ben are freckle-free...and me the mum has had freckles my entire life - LOL!

  21. We've checked each other over real good and we can't manage a freckle between us. Oh woe is us!

  22. We don't have any freckles here, but we think yours are cute!

  23. I did not know there was another word for freckles, but they look pretty darn good!

  24. We thought "Lentigo" was a game Mom played when she was a kid, but she told us that's "Stratego".

  25. Those are very attractive lentigo (lentigos)!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

  26. We don't think we have any lentigo but we think yours is cute! It makes you even more special Felix!

  27. Oh my Freckles do really and truly have a fine supply of lentigo.
    Mom told me each freckle is where you have been kissed by an must have lots of angels in your life,
    Hugs Madi

  28. I have Lentigo!!! I even have Lentigo around my eyes!

  29. Oh, that was me, Orion, I have Lentigo!

  30. We love your freckles, Felix!!!!!!!!!

    Love to all of you from all of us.

  31. We have some lentigo at our house to varying degrees - we even have one kitty with it on their upper pallate too - well, he did at least - mom hasn't really seen in there in a while! We think your freckles are cute Felix!

  32. I have lentigo too on my nose and lips.

  33. Oh Felix yoor lentigo-rific! Mom forgot about dat word, da vet once used it to describe da coloring in Zippy's eye. Yup, she haf freckles in her eye dat keep growing. Purrty soon she will haf one green eye and one brown eye.

  34. WE think that each and every freckle is quite beautiful!!!

  35. Mama loves kitties with lentigo. Our cat Bucky (can't remember if we were friends when we had Bucky) had lots of freckles. It's what makes you special, Felix. Well, that and your grouchiness. :)

  36. we LOVE your mouth freckles! HOW CUTE IS THAT?! i mean big and manly.

  37. Oh guess what?
    Our orange brother Ping has freckles!
    Wow now I can impress him with my new knowledge.

    Felix you have some adorable freckles!


  38. Interestin! Felix, we must say your freckly (lentigo-y, lentigo-ed?) teddy paw is WAY cute!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  39. I can see why Annie swoons, sweet Felix.

  40. Hmmm, I hope Felix approved this human intrusion upon his person.

    Not that his lentigo isn't just 'dorable, sez teh Human.

  41. Wonderful pictures of Felix's lentigo! Meowmy giggled at "snootstrils" 'cause she thought she and her sister made that word up! Felix, sorry, we have to tell you, Meowmy wanted to kiss you on your snoot, too. We think that lentigo is quite common on orange cats...Gingy has freckles on her lower lip and a few spots on her nose...while Fuzzy is more just 2-tone all over, so we're not sure if that's really lentigo or not...he has a big black spot on his tongue and another on the roof of his mouth, and then in amongst the white furs on his feet he has a few small spots of black fur in addition to his bigger black and white patches.


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