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Monday, August 30, 2010

ManCat Monday: Chillin' on the Catio

Saturday a GINORMOUS wind came through town.
From the North.

And now it's nice and cool out on the Catio!
It's 20 degrees cooler than it was this time last week. Phew!
Today it was only 90 degrees on the Catio so we went out and PLAYED.
I will catch this feather toy. And destroy it!

Lasers on STUN!

I am Mister Regal. You may pet me.
For a looong time!

Daddy, you are so lucky your camera has a good zoom.
Because it will be a cold day with Basement Cat when you get this close in reality.

dum de dum dum da dum...
Just thinking Catly thoughts, waiting for a nice chin scritch.
(Or a spanking!)

I scorn you. You and everybody else.
Except Annie.
I think I might actually have tender feelings for Annie.
Yup, I do!

Hey! This thing must be EATEN!
Do you see my multicolored bottom lip?

Chat Noir, Baby.
At your service.


I'm dreaming of the most beautiful and floofy Miss Admiral.
"Sweet dreams are made of these..."

Is it chicken jerky time yet?
I'll come in and act cute if it is.
Otherwise, forget it.

I'm still tired.
Being crazypants takes a lot outta a ManCat.
But I'll perk up around 3 AM!
heh heh.
Kitties, have a Great Monday!
Time to start a new week.
XX The Lounge ManCats


  1. You guys look so noble and extremely manly, and that catio looks wonderful. Our catio temperature is nearly at freezing overnight now, so it's getting very chilly: we prefer to be snuggling inside, within scratching and tickling distance of Äiti when we choose to wake her for some attention.

    Have a great Monday - we've just had breakfast so are going to sleep it off after all that effort.

  2. Looks like things were pretty busy on the catio!

  3. The cooler temps sure brought a lot of activity on the catio! All that lounging in the nice weather is hard work!

  4. Looks like a fun time on the catio!

  5. What a great time you are all having on the catio! I still think my whole family should teleport over...can you imagine 21 of us on the catio together!!!!

  6. It's great when you haven't been able to use something to get out to it! Enjoy!

  7. Make dat an even two dozen! We'll come over too.

  8. We love all the photos and fun captions; you guys have such an awesome catio!...Happy week, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Ok me and Charlie are trying to put your names to the pics - so if we get it wrong, it's all Charlie's fault! LOL!

    Awww pic 2 and 5 is beautiful CC with the amazing laser eyes and the penchant for spankings! :-)

    Mr Regal Johnson is pic 3 and 7 - awww we hope you had lots and lots of petting time with mum and dad after a dose of fevver playing! Look at that multicoloured lip!!

    Wonderful Felix in lurrrve with beautiful Annie is pic 1 and 6!

    Is adorable Scouty pic 4 in league with Basement Cat?!?! LOL!

    Salem has got to be sexy chat noir!!

    Awww sweet tired Maui!!

    And beautiful Rupert is dreaming of Miss Admiral! My!!

    Now the most adorable floofy oranj kitty - is that Scouty?!!? You're lovely!!

    We are so glad you catio is now cooler!! Enjoy your Monday all at Katnip Lounge!!

    take care

  10. Oh, you man cats are having a great time. I think I want to come over!

  11. Cool cat gang ! Thanks for sharing your wonderful time with us. Puddy and me really enjoy your photos

    Everyday Cat Visitor

  12. You guys had a little patio party didn't you? Those cooler temps are Funtastic! Just think. . . soon it will be autumn. . . . . .

  13. Yep, the cooler temps are making us frisky too. Unfortunately the rain has us trapped inside.

  14. It looks like a wonderful Monday out on the catio today!

  15. That catio looks awesome and you are all enjoying it the way it should be enjoyed!

  16. Your catio looks like serious fun times! We soooo need a catio!

    Cannot get over how much Maui looks like our Gretchen!

  17. Wow! The temperature difference must be a big relief. It's always much more fun when you're not sweating your tocks off.

  18. Ohhhh, Rupert....♥♥♥♥ Ooohhhhhhh. *meeOWWW!*

  19. Wow, "only" 90 degrees? It was 14C here this morning, 57F. Warming up to the high 80s, though!

    What a fabulous post today, we love it. We want to come and join you. Except Annie, who would prefer to be with just one certain kitty--with a suitable distance between, of course, because she's not into the huggy, snuggly stuff. Though you never know, she could surprise us all, with the right kitty!

  20. I love all of the pictures today! We had a bit of cool, but I think it is leaving us again!

  21. Enjoy your cooler time on the catio and play, play, play.

  22. Awww! What a great group of kittehs you are.

  23. So glad to hear it has cooled off there! Our non-blog Mom had to make an unexpected trip to Carson City on Friday night and she said it was very windy there. It must have blown in your direction. Everycat looks happy on the catio!

  24. Wow, what fun you mancats have on your catio. I'm glad it cooled off enough for you to enjoy it. You have such wonderful lives there. Your catio looks like a little piece of kitty heaven.

  25. We love your catio! It sure looks like a fun place to hang out!
    ...Cosmo and Ling

  26. What handsome mancats you are!!!!!!!!
    Happy Mancat Monday, and we're happy you can be on your catio.


  27. OH MY GOODNESS....such great pictures and captions!!! Mommy really enjoyed your post!

  28. Only 90 degrees. How nice, but it is a dry heat, right?
    here it is 98 and sorta humid.
    all of you guys look quite happy to play and relax on the Catio!!
    I hope the wind keeps blowing cooler temps to you

  29. Looks like a lovely day for all on the catio!!!

  30. All of you seem to have had a good time. I love this: "Being crazypants takes a lot outta a ManCat"!

  31. Ahchooo that feather at your nose made us sneeze...MOL. We are so glad you can enjoy the catico with the cooler temperatures.

    Hot as heck here today 96 now and possibly 98 tomorrow....we're so ready for summer to say bye bye,
    Madi and Mom

  32. We are worn out just watching you all play! Love that close-up!

  33. We like those big winds that bring cooler weather! And these are really great photos - we particularly like the orange guy close-up (we're embarassed because we're not exactly sure who it is, but it's a great photo!) And Rupert looks just like Franklin - as usual.

    P.S. Do any of you act crazy when it gets windy? Franklin goes nuts!

  34. 90!? Now that is a serious cold front there!

  35. Sounds like a good day for all of you. I will join you for a spanking CC.
    It is warmer today and the sun shone so dad cut our long grass for hay, then a big wind came and spun some of it around and dumped it 2 fields away. We were a bit scared and dad said bad words.

  36. Lots of great pictures today.. LOve them Hugs GJ xx

  37. seems like yer patio is the place to hang out!! xingxing is furry shy an' doesn't like us boycats at all, but she's sneaking looks at yer post, prolly thinkin' what lovely hunks of mancat cheesecake you all are. guess that's the difference between brofurs an' mancats!

  38. We are so glad that the weather has gotten cooler for you and that it is nice on the catio again - hots are not good at all! Have a great mancat monday!

  39. Good news that it has cooled off there. It was cool here for a couple of days but getting hot again. What great pictures today. Everyone seems very happy or asleep. Good job to the assistant who does the pictures.
    Have a wonderful evening.

  40. So much mancatly man-ness all in one me the vapours :-)

  41. Yes, that was quite a lot of hunky mancats on display today. They show the full range of mancat behaviours. It's good that it's a little cooler (90 deg. is still pretty darn hot, though) so they can all enjoy the full range of activities on the Catio.

  42. Why it's positively winter! 20 degrees cooler! MOL!!!
    Tell your Dad he did great with the close up of Scouty!


  43. I'm SO agreein' with you regardin' the temp change. I like to singe mah furs off just LOOKIN' outside at the HEAT!

    You guys have an awfully nice pad there...I should hire your builders! :)

  44. Yow! Looks like you all enjoyed you catio time and crammed alot of fun into the day. Enjoy your nappies...see you at;-/

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  45. Yeah, we love it when it's 90 degrees too although it is pretty hot to efurryone else. We love all yur pictures! Um, somebeans around here needs to get buying some more kitty condo play fur-nishure fur us. We did not know dat dare wuz so much stuff like dat owt dare!

  46. Very mancatly mancat pictures!! We're glad the weather has cooled (90? Really??) some so that you all could enjoy the catio!!

    Simon: No offense guys, but I'd rather be gazing at May Ling's pics!! *purrrr* xoxo

    Have a happy Monday!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  47. But...but...but...Where's Salem? Where's May Ling? Where's THE BABY!?

    I mean, you Mancats are okay and all, and I might be living with you soon and everything, but a post wifout the ladycats? No good, man, no good.

    But, Yo, hey, Scouty! Good to see ya!

  48. Wow! A lot of action on the catio today!! But we still think 90 degrees is pretty hot!! Guess you guys are used to all that heat!!

  49. Nice. I wanna come roll all round the patio with you!

  50. We are SOOOOOOO jealous of yoor catio. We want one!


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