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Friday, August 20, 2010

My Gal(s) Friday

MomKat Trish here.
I'm dying to tell a few fun stories about my girls so I decided to hijack the blog today!

The Baby
The Baby. What a character! Her raison d'etre is escape. She lives to run in the great Outdoors. She's the only one of the Horde with any interest in the world beyond the house and Catio.
Every morning (oh heck, ALL DAY) she "prows" at the back door, asking to Go Out. Drives my Hubby crazy...
She gets a supervised outing every morning...we would LOVE to be able to just let her sleep and explore all she wants, but that dang cat is Not to Be Trusted. The back wall and the World Beyond calls her. So, supervised it is.
May Ling
Miss May Ling is a screamer! Talk talk talk all day. Did you leave the room and come back after two minutes? She's got ALL kinds of things to tell you about!
She's totally in love with her Daddy...nothing makes her happier than when he's paying attention to her, she purrs like a motorboat. She's also quite the BusinessCat--here she's helping with Daddy's eBay inventory.
May Ling and Sweet Pea have a running vendetta towards each other. Mister Squirt Bottle is their mutual enemy and the fevver onna stick is a hotly disputed toy.

Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea must be part Turkish Van. She LOVES water and every morning when I rinse out the cat bowls and feed the troops she's right there (in the way) in front of me, pacing and watching the water in the sink. I have to leave the faucet dribbling for her to play in the stream and get her face and paws totally soaked.
She's very athletic and agile, and her long plumey tail arches when she gets all worked up. I think she looks like "My Little Pony" during the 10 PM crazies, prancing around, teasing her housemates to play.

Miss KonaKitty, my quiet old gal. She's always ready for a snuggle at night and she's not afraid to swat anyone out of the way for the primo spot ander my arm--or under the covers, whichever area takes her fancy that night.
Her tummy is bald...she's always over-groomed it. When she lays belly up it's comical to see a bald spot on the otherwise enormously floofy cat. And she lays belly up a lot!
Kona's favorite game is "Chase". She lays on the rug by the front door (belly up!) and acts all lovey and appealing. Then either Me or Hubby says "I'm gonna get you!" and chases her down the hall to the bedroom. Simple, yet fun.

Miss Gracye...what a changed Cat! She had bladder stone surgery in March, and we switched the Gang over from kibble to canned food. Grayce lost two pounds and gained a whole new Cattitude. She runs, plays with toys, and engages with her sifurs in wild games of "Tag-You're-It".
Grayce is a Lap Lizard. She is happy to sit on ANY horizontal surface you might have...convenience (to you) be damned! She's also a biter, so it's wise to pay attention when she's on your lap.
Grayce also loves company! She's very social, and especially likes investigating strange shoes.

My Tiny Tuxedo. Salem is the latest addition to the tribe and it's like she was fated to be here. She plays with everybody (save Felix the Curmudgeon) and has a great sense of humor. She knows when she's being silly, and she enjoys it!
She's got an extra thumb on her left front visible pad or claw but if I play with her foot (NOT appreciated) I can feel it.
Salem's favorite position is upside down underneath the furniture. She tows herself around on her back using her claws and bats at unsuspecting victims. I don't like to think about what the bed mattress bottoms like like...probably ribbons. *sigh*
So that's my pretty Girls...
Happy Friday!
MomKat Trish


  1. Six VERY different girls! And they are all very different from me and my two roomies!

  2. WOW! They are all beautiful gerls and we loved reading more abowt them.

    Have a great weekend gerls!

  3. It's lovely to hear about the Girlcats and all their playtimes. Makes me think girlcats maybe are OK!

  4. Thanks for telling us about them, it was nice to learn what they are like and what they love to do to have fun!

  5. Awww what lovely Gals Friday!! Yay!! Charlie is particularly happy with this post - lol!!!

    Awww The Baby!! You are a free spirit! :-)
    Beautiful May Ling - you are the brains of the outfit and a chatty one at that! :-) We hope you will soon be bestest friends with Sweet Pea!! Cos she's so funny!! She likes watery BAFFS!

    Oh Miss KonaKitty you are the grande dame of the katnip lounge! Of course you take priority under your mama's arm!

    Lovely Grayce!We are so pleased that you are a changed kitty! We hope you have lots and lots and lots of laps to lay on!!

    Awww amazing Salem!! Best to keep out of curmudgeonly Felix's way. He's in LURRRVE!!

    Thank you momkat Trish for introducing us to your lovely kittygirls. They all ROCK!

    Take care

  6. Girlcats are the greatest! I liked learning more about you all. I had bladder stone surgery a few years ago. It was No Fun. Our holistic vet says the very best thing is to eat wet food only, too!

    We have an old fitted sheet placed upside-down on the box springs so when we run around under the bed, we only get furs on the sheet!

  7. We loved hearing about all the girls! Mai Ling reminds us of our Sweet Pea - always chatting! So cute!

  8. We just loved reading about all the beautiful kitties!!! Hi Mommy Trish!

  9. Oh it's lovely to hear about the girls from another source!

  10. We're so happy to learn more about all the beautiful girls! Like May Ling, Tasha is crazy about her dad - we used to think it was just her, but we've found out that lots of torties feel that way.

    P.S. our mom wants to know how Baby stays so clean!

  11. For KonaKitty: I overgroom my belly too!!! It's all pink and feels like a hot water bottle to mom. But I have to get a steroid shot about every 12 weeks because I'll get my belly sore and then I'll start on my thighs. *sigh*

    You and your sisfurs are beautiful. May Ling looks like a Tortie/Siamese. And if she talks a lot we are pretty sure about the Siamese part. Are we right?

    Clarissa (the over-groomer) & CO.

  12. Well it is obvious that you are doing something right...all your kitties in one house, beautiful, playful, glowing coats and full of fun!!
    Well DONE... what great stories.
    Madi and Mom

  13. So lovely to learn more about your beautiful girlcats. All with their own distinctive personalities and quirks.

  14. It was lovely to hear all the little whims of your ladies. It is just so good to learn more about our friends at Katnip Lounge. You are all such fun.

  15. It was wonderful to learn more about the girls. Ladycats really are a special breed :) I've often thought that Sweet Pea and Lishy could be related, and it's even more so after learning about her love of water!

    I must confess to being smitten with May Ling. She is so beautiful :)

    -From the Forever Foster mum.

  16. They are all so beautiful!!!!!!!! We loved learning more about each of them.

    Mama has them on the calendar to be "hatted" and she can't wait....although it is going to be several weeks.

    We love ALL of you!!!!!!!!!

  17. long long time ago, way before I was born, Caesar and Princess used to tear up the boxsprings underneath. Princess liked to eat that stringy cheap plasticky fabric. well, mom bought fitted bedsheets for each boxspring and puts them on under there. seems sturdier. She gets them to color co-ordinate the room and when they are on sale.

    Hey girls! All of you are pretty and have lovely furs and personalities!


  18. What a lovely bunch of gals!!!! It is very nice to learn more about each of you!

  19. What a lot of fun to learn all about the girls in that Lounge. What a bunch of great gals that live there. Isn't it fun that everyone has such different personalities. It is the same around here. Thanks for all these wonderful facts about the girls.
    Have a great day.

  20. It was so fun to learn more about all you beautiful ladycats! Like May Ling, Isabella is a Daddy's Girl too! Angel is our vocal one but usually trying to tell us what she wants like to get up on the mantel or up on the high shelf in the closet or to have some closet door opened. Kitties are so special because they all have such unique, special purrsonalities!

  21. Hi Trish,
    Your girls are great. I love that picture of Baby. I bet the sun on that stone feels great. Poor little thing. Sounds like she has the wanderlust.

    I love that picture of May Ling, Daddy's girl. She looks like she's smiling for the camera.

    When we lived in Southern California, Lucy's belly was always bald too.

    All your girls are just wonderful. It was fun to learn about their individual personalities.

  22. Each one is so darling and individual!
    We LOVE our daily visit to the Katnip Lounge!

  23. Thanks for telling us more about the girls, MomKat! And you should see under the beds in this house...they are shredded!!! In fact, the bed in Zoey's room, our mom has it all blocked off so Zoey can't get under there (otherwise she'd probably live under there...that's Zoey who would live under there, not mom...hehehe), but Zoey still manages to get in there sometimes and she's shredded underneath the boxspring and she actually crawls up into the boxspring. Good thing noboby sleeps in that bed on a regular basis!

  24. Oops...that's nobody...not noboby!! Hehehe!

  25. Thanks fur telling us all about your girls! Purrfect Femme Friday post! You all have a great weekend.

  26. Thanks for all the info on the ladycats! They are all gorgeous! And Salem makes me think of Barney - he used to do that same thing under the bed (luckily he is too big now - because he can't fit between the bottom and the bed boxes like he used to).

    We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

  27. OK, well now Toy is totally attracted to baby! He also is the only one who wants to desperately get out. When he does manage to get by someone he is always caught because he stops to roll all over the concrete patio! Toy is smilin' at Baby on the rock....
    Your girls are so pretty, I miss the only 2 girls I had, Jaime a torby and Sugar, all white. The Boyz are buggin' for a sister.............maybe, someday=^Y^=

  28. We really enjoyed learning more about each of your gorgeous girls; they are all so precious, we're sure mancats everywhere were swooning over their photos!...Happy weekend, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  29. It's been lovely to find out more about the girls - I've always had little boy kittens but am always outnumbered in our house with two sons as well as a husband - we did hope we could bring Archie's sister home with him but she was spoken for! xx

  30. Those were lovely stories of the girls! We hope the boys get a turn next! We learned a lot about each one of you.



  31. Mom did something similar to what Daisy's mom did only wif an old canvas boat cover. Punkin liked to drag herself around unner der and now Speedy will do it wif when Zippy is unner da bed! GIRL CATS ROOL!

  32. I loved hearing about your girls! They are all so pretty and it sounds like life with them is never dull :)

  33. :-) Great hijack! So nice to learn more about the girls. I've had to staple sheets to the underside of most of my furniture to protect it from Smidgen's claws!

  34. Oh my, what purrsonalities!! Little Miss Alice liked to play under the bed...and then she tore a hole in the box springs and climbed up in them...and then furnished it with toys (including a jingly ball) so I had to put a fitted sheet upside down on the bottom of the box springs to keep her out!

  35. What a great post!! We loved learning so much about the girls and their special little quirks!
    They are so lovely and loved!! That makes us happy :)

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  36. What lovely ladies they are. Mum calls me her chatterbox because I am always talking or yowling.

  37. We applaud all the bootiful girls in their times inside and outside. The pictures were SO great.

  38. Wot beeyooteefull girlz! Mom typist thot it wuz furry funny abowt da "I'm gonna git you" game. She plays dat wif Tigger!
    It waz fun to read all abowt effurryone, and git to know der personalities a bit! Fanks fur sharing!

    Also, we wants to fank you fur stoppin by our blog pawty today. And a speshul big fanks fur da nip bookays and tins of sardines! It took mom qwite a while to open dem all..wot wif kittehs stiking der noses in da way of da can opener! MOL But om, nom nom!! Wuz delishus! Fanks you!

  39. Definitely a great assortment of pretty girls!


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