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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuxie Tuesday

Salem here!
Have you ever noticed how one set of my eyebrows is white and the other set is black?
It takes a lot of work and concetration to grow 'em that way!

Here I am resting up from all the effort.
I like to sleep at the head of the Big Bed, in the dent between the pillows.
(When Mommy doesn't make the bed, I tend to get a little Hissed Off.)

I like to hang out with May Ling. She's a TON of fun! We play The Chase Game, and we take turns skidding and diving all over the Catio and the house.

How many Tuxedo Cats do you see in this picture?
Mommy's Mommy made the stuffie Cat...his name is Spooky. "Da Shpooks" is named after KonaKitty's Papa, who was a pampered Barn Cat when Mommy & Daddy lived back in Illinois.

When Mommy comes home from work (or whenever I'm feeling a bit peckish) I lay on the Great Room rug and look skeletal.
Can you see my ribs poking out? No? Well just imagine it then...

...and open up the Treat Jar! I'm quite happy to self-serve the chicken jerky treats.
It says on the bag that they're (gasp) d*o*g treats but as soon as Mommy puts them in the jar they magically become (voila!) Cat Treats!
Please note that I am eating on a placemat. I am a Civilized Cat.

To maintain my figure, I like to play with the feather toy in the evening.
I'm a fierce feather toy fighter.

And then I have a snooze in Daddy's chair.
Gotta rest up for tomorrow!

Kitties, I hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!
And now it's time for a nap...
XX Salem


  1. Hi Salem, Wow, I didn't know you could grow different coloured whiskers just by concentrating! I'm going to think PINK!


  2. Salem, would it be okay if I came over and played with you? You have the BEST days!

  3. You're a gorgeous Tuxie, Salem! We think Tuxies were made to hang out with Torties!

  4. You've had a busy cat day Salem. We think we do see your ribs pokin out in that picsher...We gets dog treats too cause Pip has allergies an only eats duck...they're always dog treats tho...we don't have a magic treat jar...

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  5. Morning Darling Dozen!!
    What cute pictures today. Tuxies everywhere.
    Have a great day,
    Madi and Mom

  6. Salem, you must be totally exhausted at night after all that work during the day. We love the other tuxie in the tub. He is very handsome. Great shots of you Salem. Take care and have a super day.

  7. Sale, it is great to learn lots about you and your quirks and special features. I love the eyebrows!

  8. MOL! What a great post. we have to say that we have been known to suck our cheeks and bellies in to look half straved when we want extra food.

  9. Salem, we think you have the best days (and home), too! And of course we see that you are skeletal and wasting away...obviously you need more chicken jerky and stinky goodness. ;-)

  10. We wonder if we could get multi-coloured whiskers too by concentrating really hard - Hannah would really love some pink ones ha ha!!
    You have very busy days Salem keeping your eyes on everything no wonder you need to sleep on the pillows.

  11. Goodness me adorable Salem! You have such a full and fun packed day! Me and Charlie think you are a Distiguished Cat with your gorgeous two tone eyebrows! They certainly give you Character!


    Being a fierce fevver hunter is such a tough job to do so we hope you have plenty of naps and snoozes!

    Take care

  12. Salem, you are a gorgeous kitty! We love all the photos, but the last one is our favorite - either you can get really small or that chair is really big!

  13. What a hard day you have Salem - and your poor ribs! They need much more padding. And what are you doing in the BATH!?!?!?! I wouldn't bother with a place mat for my chicken jerky after all that stress. What's 'jerky' by the way ?

  14. Very impressive eyebrows Salem, that took lots of concentration fur sure!

  15. Salem, what great pictures!!! Ummm....until you visited uSSSSS, Mommy hadn't noticed that the "basement cat" was watching. The weird thing....those aren't any of the Taylor CatSSSSS eyes in the dark. Mommy has to go and see what the heck those were!!! AHHHHHHHH......scary indeed!

  16. Salem you have impeccable cat manners eating off that those tuxy eyebrows!

    Da Sphooks looks like a cutie :-)

  17. Wow, it's morning here and I already feel as if I had had a full day watching you...

  18. -rolls around on floor-

    Thank you for mentioning me in your blog. =D

  19. Great post, Salem! By the way, we LOVE the Hello Kitty blankie!

    The Chans

  20. Yoo get to help yoorself to treats? Wow, yoor mommy really is nice! We haf a feeling if we let Speedy do dat he'd weigh 40 pounds in a real short time. Sadie sez she's gonna hafta try dat concentrating thing and try to grow two difrint colored eyebrows, she likes da look.

  21. Hi Salem! What a day you had - it sounds like a good one! And you are such a cutie - and brave to sit in the tub like that!

  22. Salem is just adorable and he has such a busy day!...Love the photos of him hanging out in the tub and breaking into the treat jar!!...Happy day, handsome, sweet dreams...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  23. Salem, you are THE most adorable Tuxie I know..and so manly and strong and ferocious. Fighting that dangerous feather toy...oh, be still my sweet heart.

    Um...could you tell Rupert meow for me, pweases?

  24. Salem, you are a very handsome Tuxie! We like that even your eyebrows are Tuxie too! We're glad that your mom gives you treats so you don't waste away from starvation. MOL!

  25. Salem you are so beautiful, I just love black-nosed cats and those are incredible eyebrows you have! xx

  26. What a handsome kitty you are! Melly's eyebrows seem to be switching so that one is black and one is white - you match!

  27. Salem
    You're my kinda tuxie!
    You have a fabulous daily schedule.
    So much fun and great food!
    OH and great toys too.



  28. Pleased to meet you, Salem and on a Tuxy Tuesday, too! No, I can't see your ribs, but I like my kitties with a little meat on them. There's more to cuddle that way.

    By the way, I'd love to do some LOLs of you kitties at the Katnip Lounge sometime, but so far I haven't been able to figure out how many of you there are, and all of your names. If you would like to be on the LOLSpot just let me know, and maybe your mama could send me a list of your names, ages, colours and breeds, so I can get you all straight. You can write to: if you want.

    Thanks for coming to see us regularly!

  29. What a handsome tuxie you are Salem! We really enjoyed all the wonderful pictures of you.

  30. Wow, Salem!! What a mighty eventful day you have!! Every night (& morning), if our Mom doesn't feed us AS SOON as she gets up/home - we follow her around, screaming & flop in front of her feets so that she sees how we're wasting away & we show her our ribs, too!! How dare these humans ration us!!!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    ps. Our Mom loved your comment yesterday - it was really funny!

  31. Wow Salem! You stay very busy!!! Looks like tons of fun to us!!! And growing your eyebrows two different colors!!!!!! You are amazing!

  32. Hi Salem! Thanks for the look inside your day!

  33. Salem, we're still trying to figure out how dog treats magically become cat treats!! You guys must live in a magic house!

  34. You sure look like you have fun Salem. We does love those eyebrows! I thinks you has the bestest house to lives in... well sept mine, of course. OK, maybe yours is a little better...
    Have a great day!

  35. O hi Salem, You are looking verrrry fetching today; perhaps not fetching enough to make be be disloyal to The Baby, but close.

    I was especially interested in that placemat you have there to eat your treats on. As you know, I have only a plain white tray. The Human has not yet seen fit to acquire some tasteful table linens for me.

    I'm also intrigued with the doggy-turned-kitty treat. I have never, but never, eaten a single treat the Human has spent her hard-earned cash for (ha ha ha) and yet these sound starngely appealing.

    I will have to discuss it with her.

  36. Such a cool look into your life, Salem. You've got the skeletal look mastered!

  37. Salem, yoo are AWESOME! I have one ear wiv black tufts and one wiv white ~ so I KNOW just how hard it is to grow 'em that way.
    The jerky bits sound yummy ~ we wish we had sum. And did yoo hafta hold yoor breff for the skeletol pic?

    Milo xx


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