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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Freestyling Felix


Felix here.

I'm hiding in this upside-down Washington Apple box.
Can you guess why?
 Mommy will never see me in here.

 I was forced into the Dreaded Chicken Hat.
Notice the verb: "forced".

I was uncooperative and Mommy got a little crabilated with me.
I think she *might* have put on MY crankypants!

She said to me, "Felix, you can just make your OWN costume."

Well, that sounded good to me...and I started working on it right away.

 Grocery Store Receipt Cat.
(Don't worry, Daddy helped me with the stapler.)

 Llama Cat!

 Cat of WalMart
(Mommy did the looping, but I created the design)

Wait!  What's this?
 This will be Great!
It's an old 45 rpm record sleeve.

 DeeJay Cat!
Flippin' those fresh stacks of hot wax for all you Cool Cats...

Hmmmmm, maybe not.
Maybe I'll just wear my Birthday Suit and call it Good.

What do you think, Kitties?


XX  Felix


  1. I don't wear any costumes, so I think I'll just be a beautiful ladycat for Halloween!

  2. Bare is best. And the Bottom of Disrespect is even better :)

  3. Cats need no adornment to look their best. The Humans seem to think we are innately as unattractive as they are and thus project their need for decoration onto us.

    I think your bare bottom says everything there is to say on the topic.

    (Daisy does look kind of cute in her outfits, but she's the exception that proves the rule.)

  4. Llama cat was our favorite! Water cat was great too. Costumes are brutal!

  5. Hmmm...we are torn between DeeJay Cat and you in your birthday suit, Felix. We also liked the mischief you were making as llama cat tho. :)

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  6. A plain old tocktober post works for me!

  7. I think you should be an orange kitty for Halloween, Felix! That is what I am going to be... if I can make my human keep any crazy ideas to herself.

  8. We like the Watercat costume! But have ya tried the TP Mummy costume? The Beins just LOVE that one...

  9. I say go for the birthday suit. You're already orange, which is a very Halloweeny color!

  10. MOL...Felix, you are so creative ! but birthday suit is the best : )

  11. Oh, Felix....Annie is embarrassed for you. How could you let this happen? How could your humans do this to you? At least you showed them your disrespect at the end!

  12. Felix, we like the 45 sleeve the best but they are all good. Someone around there as a wonderful imagination. Mom tries to dress us up too but we hate it. Have a terrific Tues.

  13. Felix, I love your DeeJay costume! You are very creative!

  14. OMC - those are all great. What a creative bunch of kitties. You guys ROCK!

  15. We thought your grocery store receipt cat was the best costume! At least it's not the dreaded chicken cat!

  16. I sometimes accidently dress up as "shop till you drop cat" when mom forgets and leaves a handled shopping bag out...and I stick my head in and zoom around the house!

    I like naked cat best of all Felix!

  17. We would get cranky pants to if we had to wear a chicken hat. We think Tock-Tober cat at the end tells them exactly what you think.

  18. I think you all look ready for the treats now...tricks can come later!

  19. Hmmmm ... we're not sure wot costume is best BUT we sure like the tocks pic!

  20. Our favorite is llama cat! Our mom gets cranky a lot, too, so we feel for you, buddy!

  21. The crabilated 'tocks picture says "October" best!

  22. Go with the Birthday suit...NICE TOCKS!!!

  23. Those are all excellent costumes...we like Dee Jay cat the best, followed by Water Cat!! Very creative!

  24. Hmmm...those are all very good costumes, but we think we are with you on the last choice because in the end (ha! no pun intended!!), all those other things are just too encumbering...naked is best!!! (And you look wonderful in your birthday suit!) Purrs, Tiny and Lautrec

  25. You are very patient while you gget dressed up - we liked the DJ one best. We think Annie might prefer you "au natural" best

  26. Oh, we really like the grocery store reciept cat. Plus, when you're tired of the costume, pull it off and you have a great toy to bat around.

  27. Well, you certainly tried quite a number of different possible costumes, Felix. I am going to go butt-naked myself.

  28. Oh Felix! Me and mommy LOVE that statement you made in the last picture.

    PEE ESS Rupert, darling, what are YOU going to wear? Mommy said she is trying to get me into something but not having a lot of luck.)


    Sweet Admiral

  29. Awwwww Gorgeous and ever so adorable and beautiful Felix!!! Me and Charlie vote for....

    The Birthday Suit!!

    You are so dazzling no costume will do you justice! LOL!!

    p.s. we don't think that your mum could ever be crabilitated!!! She wears pink socks and polka dot trousers!! :-)

    Take care

  30. We vote for the Purrthday naturel is best.

  31. LOL! Dude... a chicken hat? srsly?

  32. Felix we sympathize - our mom is trying to get us into Halloween costumes too - well, some of us at least! But we think your ideas for a costume are much better! We especially like water cat because it looks like a fun one to play with too!

  33. Poor Felix -- forced against you will! I think you have a great imagination and that came up with so many more viable alternatives. I especially liked your DJ outfit.

    That last shot of you is very appropriate -- it's still Tocktober after all. You have very lean and shapely 'tocks, butt I think you suffur from ofurexposure!

  34. Felix
    Wow you can go to any Halloween parties in any of those costumes. I was furry impressed! Especially with DJ Cat.


  35. I love the one where you are a loaf of arrowhead!

  36. I think you could totally be a costume designer!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  37. LOL, this is sooo funny! I love all your costumes, but honestly, I love you in chicken hat the best. It's too bad that you hate it!

  38. Nekkid! We is all going as cats dis Holloween, we went as cats last year too...and da year before dat, and da year before dat...well, yoo get da piksher.

  39. We liked Water Cat!! But Nekked Cat is pretty good too...specially since we can see your Spot 13!!

  40. The Dee Jay kitty is a very cute costume but we agree that the Nekked kitty is the best!

  41. MAWHAWHAW that was hilarious! Mummy loves to experiment with us wearing stuff, too. She recently bought a book explaining how to make little bowties and bandanas for kitties. Yes, written specially for kitties.
    I'm sure we'll have to model them pretty soon...


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