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Saturday, November 20, 2010



Sweet Pea here.

Welcome to the Katnip Lounge!
The password is "pbthbbbt".
 Today is my THIRD Gotcha Day!

You can read my Gotcha Story HERE.

This is the very first picture of me, I was living in the backyard behind our house.
I was playing with a stone, using it as a toy, batting it around.

Here I am, licking my chops after TWO whole cans of Cat food AND a helping of kibble. 
I had the Hungrumblies something terrible;  I'd burp and poot like crazy after I ate cuz my tummy was so empty.

Look at how tiny I was...Scouty was much bigger than me.  Now we are about the same size. 
I'm such a lucky kitty to live here at the Lounge, and I want to share my Special Day with y' let's


There's nine kinds of food, plus TUNA!
Daddy has his can-popping thumb limbered up and ready to go.


Blue Buffalo Wilderness kibble,

cat grass,

and in the refrigerator there's a ham, chicken breasts, sour cream, half-n-half, and extra sharp cheddar cheese!  Oh, and there's peanut butter and REAL butter to lick, too.

To drink we have water, milk, soy milk, Meowgaritas, Niptinis, Meow Tails, and Mommy will make Rum Cocktails for any Peoples that show up!

We have Fresh Catnip and Valerian Root Nubbins...and there's entertainment to work off all the food. 
We have boxes and toys,

crinkly paper and toys,

and the CATIO! 
Play out here all you want! 
 THoE is so much fun on the skyways...we're all excited to playplayplay with all of you!

There are cozy beds and big beds if you need a nap.

And Mommy will be doing Lap Duty, she gives a PRIMO armpit rub.
Hey!  That's the same quilt!

We all hope you have a fantastic time!
So let's get to it and have a wonderful time together...and celebrate!

Love, Sweet Pea


  1. Yay Sweet Pea
    this is TOTALLY PAWSOME!
    what a great pawtee!!!!

    Happy 3rd Gotcha Day!
    We are all so glad that you came to the Katnip Kats!


  2. ::okay, all together now::HAPPY THIRD GOTCHA DAY, SWEET PEA! We is so happy dat we get to celebrate wif yoo in yoor beyootiful furever home.

  3. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, Sweet Pea!

    I'm all excited because I've been jealous of your wicked cool catio digs, so the chance to play there...AWESOME!

  4. Happy 3rd Gotcha Day, Sweet Pea! We are lovin bein at yer party late...

    Can we go out on yer Catio? We been admiring it fer months...

  5. Great!! we're on our way Sweet Pea and we'll bring some Finnish treats-salmon, elk and reindeer. Purrs and birthday biffs x

  6. Happiest of Gotcha Days Sweet Pea!! What a great party!! Woot!

  7. Happy gotcha day, Sweet Pea! Melly and Scarlett are very excited about your party!

  8. Treats, toys, boxes, the Catio, even a lap for those who are lapcats! You really have everyone covered, Sweet Pea! Happy gotcha day!

  9. Happy 3rd Gotcha Day Sweet Pea. That's one awesome pawty!

  10. Oh Sweet Pea! The Human will be gone for most of the day tomorrow, but I will be teleporting over as soon as she gets home. I will probably bring her along, because I think that valerian root and a Niptini are JUST what she needs. See you later, Sweetie!

    Until then....Happy Gotcha Day!

  11. Happy Happy gotcha day Sweet Pea! We are going to go read your gotcha story. But before we go, we'd like your brother to teach us the sideways crab walk! We are so happy you got gotcha'd by such a great family!

  12. Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Pea! You throw a pawsome pawty! Der is really 15ish cats here in da west country, but only us bigger kittys is comin over, da crazy lady says the lil kittys have to stay home.....more foods and drinks fur us!

    Lets playplayplay and dance like no one is watchin!

    Da Kittys

  13. I'm slipping over to play while the Woman is away! Have a great birthday!!!

  14. Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Pea! I don't think you could have found a better place to live!

  15. Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Pea! We are so happy for you that you have a furrever home. We will come over and enjoy some of those yummy treats and run and climb in the lounge.

  16. Happy Gotcha Day! Love those Friskies Party mix and I will definitely stay over in one of your's to a great PAWTY!!!

  17. Happy 3rd Gotcha Day. Me and Simba would love to party with you prrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  18. Happy Gotcha Day lovely Sweet Peas!
    The Friskies Party Mix looks super-delicious!

    We are coming over!!!
    Yipeee ....

    Quick Onion, quick - stop grooming yourself!
    Your belly already look deliciously sexy!

    Love, Lucky & Co

  19. Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Pea!
    What an awesome pawty you've put on. Yum Yum Yum, Friskies Party Mix is delicious.
    We love the catio so much, and we wish we had one of those at home!

    Maya and Harley xxx

  20. Alright, party time! Happy gotcha day Sweet Pea.

  21. Happy Gotcha Day! May it be a wonderful one for you.

  22. Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Pea! You throw the best parties ever! We're coming over and bringing extra nip and a whole slew of fuzzy pipe cleaners. :-D

  23. Happy GOTCHA DAY, Sweet Pea! You look ll set for a fabulous day!

  24. Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Pea, and have a fabulous party! Everything looks great. I especially like all those towers of wet-food! Can I run along the skyways?

  25. Awwww beautiful and lovely Sweet Pea!!! Me and Charlie adore your gotcha day story!! We love how you were so determined to be a Katnip Lounge Kitty!! We are so happy that your super mum and dad are such wonderful and pawsome pawrents to adopt you!!! You've grown to be a most stunning kitty with the most gorgeous floof!!! Yay!!


    Thank you for throwing such a great pawty too!! We are having a fabulous time mingling and meeting everyone!!! Party on!!!! :-) Take care

  26. Oh The Baby! Happy GOTCHA day!! I know me and mom were laying in the plants while waiting for you all to wake up but you got up early and let us in. Mom went to talk to all the other moms and dads and I went straight to the fridge to lick the butter. A tall Niptini and a meowgarita (or two)later had me feeling finer than frogs hair.

    You are a gorgeous grown up lady cat now and beautiful enough to be on a Fancy Feast can!

    Your mom and dad and all of you kitties planned a perfect Pawty for GOTCHA Day. I felt welcome and I ate till I thought I was gonna bust wide open. I got to play on the skyways, roll in some crinkly paper..oh..what a joy! And that armpit rub..nothing better in this world. I asked mom to learn the technique. I'll let her lick the butter tub if she gets it right.

    Thank you for the wonderful time. I am still blissed out.


  27. Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Pea! You sure did find a wonderful, wonderful home and you sure do know how to throw a pawty!!!

  28. Sweet Pea, you know how to have a good time! Happy Gotcha Day!

  29. Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Pea. You know how to throw a great party. The food and the drinks are all great, but most of all we have been looking forward to playing in the Catio.

  30. Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Pea - we enjoyed reading how you outsmarted your daddy and got your paws firmly on the Catio. You have got everything here we can think of to get the party going well and we'll have a bite or two of food and a nipitini before going wild on your Catio with all your other guests.

  31. "pbthbbbt"

    Wot an awesome pawty! Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Pea! Now, show us the way to yoor infamous catio please!

  32. Happy Gotcha to u,
    Happy Gotcha to u.
    Happy Gotcha, Happy Gotcha,
    Happy Gotcha to u! xoxox

  33. Oh Sweet Pea, you are pretty. A very Happy Gotcha day to you and hopefully many more to come. This is one heck of a party and are going to try everything, that's for sure. The food looks so yummy. Again, Happy Gotcha day. Your sure were gotten by some wonderful people. Take care.

  34. Happy Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Pea!!!!!!
    We want to start out with the blue can of Friskies, that's our favorite! And Scooby loves the Party Mix!! Then we're going to get in line for the butter likkin'. Scout likes Philly Cream Cheese, do you have any of that?
    Next out to the Catio to explore and playplayplay!
    We've brought Zolie too, but she is very shy. Look for her way high up. That's where she feels safest.
    Great party Sweet Pea!

  35. Happy 3rd Gotcha Day, beautiful Sweet Pea. We are so happy that you found such a wonderfully loving furever home!!!!

    Now, let's PAR-TAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to all of you.

  36. "pbthbbbt"

    We are here and ready to par-tay!!!! I brought along some socks and some extra sharp cheddar cheese to share. Now let us loose in the catio and let the good times begin!

    Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Pea!

  37. Here I am! The Human's dropping me off early because she's going out to play cards ALL DAY! I brought a nice bunch of fresh catnip and some Gerber chick-hen! Par-tay!

    I'll have a Niptini and an armpit massage--but from The Baby, not Momcat, 'kay?

    Bye, Human! see you later!

  38. Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Pea! What a pawsome pawty! Can we come in? Oh, *pbthbbt*

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  39. Thank you Rupert for the armpit massage. Spitty is busy GETTING one from The Baby! You know how to treat your lady cats. *blush*

  40. Happy Gotcha, Sweet Pea! This is a fabulous, rockin' party! Where to start? I would love some half and half, Party Mix, cat grass, sour cream...ok, I want everything!

    I'm so glad you found this home! You really lucked out! I love the picture of you with Scouty. I now need to go check out the skyways!


  41. Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Pea! You sure wer a scrawny little thing weren't you? We are very glad you found the catio and your Mom and Dad!

    Now we must go check out your catio!!!


    I am sorry I am late!
    Whew I am happy I remembered the password!
    Oh the food looks sooo yummy!
    I brought you a wonderful salmon spread and some more turkey (cause since I got here late you just might need some!)
    I also have some high powered nip for ya!
    I am ready to get my boogie on!!
    Love, Cody

  43. I'm here i'm here and wow what a party there is somehing here for everything. I am so glad you were gotchered and now have this great home.. Happy gotcha day.. Hugs GJ xx

  44. Hi Sweet Pea....I'm late to the Party yet again but the good news is you are 3 hours behing me so I'll hop on the red eye and be there in time for the entree and a me a spot on the colorful bedspread too
    Hugs and Happy 'the luckiest day of your life' Gotcha day,

  45. What a great Third Gotcha Day Pawty!!
    Your beans sure do know how to throw an excellent one! We love your boxes, you just fit!
    Hope you have a squillion more Gotcha Days, Sweet Pea.
    ~ The Bunch

  46. Happy Gotcha Day, Miss Sweet Pea! WHat a lovely pawty! How eksiting that you and I both got dopted on the same day in the same yeer!!! We are lucky girls, aren't we?

    Happy Day!!

  47. Wow! What a great turnout! Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Pea, you sweetheart!
    You know, you came to the right place. Heaven's got to be in that catio and we're going to have a great time. I'm ready for a scratch on the quilt, a stroll on the skyways before my meowgarita just to play it safe, and lots of hello hugs and celebration.
    Thanks for the invite, Sweet Pea!


  48. Thanks for the invite! Happy Gotcha Day! Your mom is better than my mom. I can't wait to pawty with all of you! Can I bring the rest of my crew?

  49. Can doggies come to the party?

    Happy gotcha day!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  50. Happy 3rd Gotcha Day Sweat Pea!!!!!!!
    We agree, you really are lucky to get to join such a fine home :)
    This is a pawsome party too :) These skywalks are the greatest!! WOOT!! What fun!!!!!!

    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  51. Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Pea, you are such a beauty! And you know how to throw one heck of a great party too ... hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  52. Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Pea! You have a pawsome home. (and a pawsome Catio for that matter)

    Let's Pawty!!

  53. Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Pea and your human !

    MOL..I think you adopted them first : ) Good on you Sweet Pea.
    By the way, Thank you for the party. This is brilliant fun.
    and MOL for cat grass, can I do Yakk !!! in your party ?... : )

    KISS and Purrs

    PS : Sorry about my last comment, I was confuse, I Think today is The Baby gotcha day. I hope you forgive me.

  54. Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Pea!! This is one great party!!! There's so much great food and drink, we don't know where to start! And how did you know Wally likes to lick the butter?? He's so excited that he gets to lick it and won't get yelled at by mom!! And speaking of mom, she says she'll have one of those rum cocktails!!!

  55. Happy, happy 3rd Gotcha Day, sweet Sweet Pea!!
    You are really lucky to have such a wonderful home and great family! You were so tiny before, but you are very georgeous now!
    You have many more happy days to come.

  56. Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Pea!!! You throw a fantastic party, my boys are so excited to be her and play with you in the catio and on the skyways :-) You are a lucky kitty to live at the Lounge and be a healthy ladycat now! We love you!

  57. Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Pea! You were an adorable little kitten and now you're very beautiful! We're so glad you were Gotcha'd by such a great family!

  58. Happy Belated 3rd Gotcha Day, Sweet Pea!!! We hope your day was wonderful and we're sorry our mom has been slacking and didn't let us come by for the party! We're ignoring mom today and hope she will learn a lesson that visiting our friends is important.

  59. what a party, crinkly paper is such an unexpected treat!

  60. Goodness ~ that was one festive party! Congratulations!
    xo Catherine

  61. Happy 3rd Gotcha Day, Sweet Pea! All of us Good Cats wish you many more!

  62. Boy we completely missed the party - Mom was not doing much blogging over the weekend. Looks like a wild time! Happy Gotcha Day Sweetpea.


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!