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and...*Angels Grayce, KonaKitty, and Sylvester* always loved, never forgotten

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Easy on Sunday


MomKat Trish here.

I want to thank all of you who came by yesterday a BIG HUGE KICK BUTT "Thank You!" for making Sweet Pea's Gotcha Day so special. 

You all wore us out!  In fact, I think I counted more than thirteen Cats floating around...if anybody is missing a kitty check the Catio or the Hissy Hut.  Oh, and there were a couple sacked out on the North Skyway, too.  I'll send them home as soon as they're coherent.

Here's the body count:
1.  Sweet Pea

2.  Maui

3.  CC

4.  Scouty

5.  Salem

6.  Felix

7.  The Baby

8.  Rupert

9.  Johnny

10.  Sylvester

11.  Grayce

12.  KonaKitty

13.  May Ling

OK, everycat's accounted for.

Maui's Gotcha Day is coming up...we'll have to do this you want to?  We'll think up some new entertainments...maybe toesie-painting or throwing pawttery!

Oh!  And before I forget, the Kat's pictures on the sidebar will go to their Gotcha stories if you click on 'em!

Have a Happy Easy Sunday!

Love, MomKat Trish


  1. Your furkids look zonked out from pawtying.Felix looks so All so cute.

  2. So sorry, we're too late for the party - but we distracted our human with a nice long afternoon nap in the sunbeam Have some belated fresh catnip from us - and we're so jealous of your warm and beautiful catio.

  3. Wow, evrykitty looks totally ZONKED! It was a GREAT party...

  4. Take it real easy today and recoup after your wonderful pawty.


  5. We missed the party! It sure looks like it was lots and lots of fun!! Rest up my friends!!

  6. I want another Gotcha day party! But can we have something fun like nip tasting - we all bring our own nip and share ????? Of course we might have to stay the night to recover.
    Hope you haver a fantastically lazy Sunday

  7. Bonjour dear friends!
    Please forgive my absence, my mommy is crazy here with here French classes and studying hard for the next tests!
    I love all pictures!You are ADORABLE in your poses!
    purrs and love

  8. Hello,

    WE are sorry we missed the gotcha day party, it sure looked like fun.

  9. It was a pawsome party, thanks for inviting us all!

    BTW, guys, your mom had the winning bid for auction item #3, the book. Please let her know she can pay via Derry's PayPal button on the auction page, and then our mom will mail it out (need your correct mailing address).

    Thanks so much!

  10. Yup, they are all passed out. We aren't missing any cats but anyone of us would be glad to come live there. Just let us know.
    Hope all of you have a very restful day.

  11. We had a wonderful time at the party and can't wait for the next one. Zonked out cats are the sure sign we all had a good time!

  12. We've only just woken up - in fact we don't remember teleporting home. Thank you so much for having us - we hope we weren't too naughty but we over indulged on the primo nip and can't remember. Pass the ice pack Lucy - I've got an eye watering headache.
    Luv Hannah xx

  13. Awwww me and Charlie didn't want to leave your party - we were having such fun!!!! Thank you so much for having us!!

    We hope all you precious kitties of Katnip Lounge have a good long rest today!!! Happy happy Gotcha day lovely Sweet Pea!! We hope you had a great time!

    Take care

  14. Thanks so much for the awesome party. It was fun!

  15. I only have eyes for Rupert. LOOK at you. L@@K at that svelte lean and firm body all stretched out. I feel fainty!

  16. Wow! Looks like a good time was had by all!
    Yeah count us in for Maui's Gotcha Party!
    We had a fabulous time at the pawty you just had....being a mancat though I don't think I want my toesies painted....but I will enjoy playing on your catio! Let me know what noms you would like me to bring!
    Love, Cody and Caren

  17. I'll put these pictures besides my bed in case I can't sleep, because they make me sleepy, lol !
    I wonder if some cats suffer from sleepless nights?

  18. Love Rupert's picture :). We had a lot of fun at the pawty yesterday and are in similar shape :). Thanks for having us!

    Pawttery throwing for Maui's gotcha day celebration sounds like fun - nothing like a little bit of kitty destruction to celebrate such an occasion!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  19. Hooooo, boy! I am all tuckered out from the doings! I needed a "fur-of-the-cat-that-bit-me" pick-me-up this morning ;-)

    So far, I've kept my breakfast down, so that's a good sign!

  20. It'a all a blur...after that third niptini...

    Rest up and let's do it again soon!

    xoxo Cory and family

  21. Oh rats, rats, rats! I missed the party. I hope you have another one soon, because it sounds like it was tons of funs!

  22. Mommy woke us up long enuff to say a big THANK YOO fur haffing we need to go back to sleep. We had da bestest time at yoor party Sweet Pea and we can't wait fur da next one. Nip tasting sounds like a blast, we grow our own so it would be intristing (and a little wild) to try out some others.

  23. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!We all had a great time and we are all lazing around today!!!!
    Thanks for the good time :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  24. So many great photos of all the gorgeous kitties at the Catio...We're really sorry to miss the party, but want to wish Sweet Pea a Belated Happy Gotcha Day; it looks like she had a really fun party...Hope you guys enjoy a restful Sunday and a great week ahead...Kisses, sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  25. You guys are SERIOUS pawty animals!! We love you!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  26. We had sooooo much fun! And we understand why you are all sacked out ... we all partied hardy!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  27. I had a great time! I can't wait for Maui's party!

    I love all these pictures, but I have to say Sylvester looks so cute with his tomato.

  28. MOL
    My lips are sealed!! I told Mom what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....thanks for the great party you 13 are fantastic Baker's Dozen to hang out with.
    Hugs Madi

  29. I am new to your blog (it is great), and I am so happy I found it. What a lovely home you've made for these sweet cats! We have (4) fur balls in the family.

  30. I'm glad to see all the kitties taking a well deserved rest after being such wonderful hosts yesterday! We had a super time at your party Sweet Pea :-)

  31. We had a great time at the pawty!
    Every one here is tuckered out too!
    Running those skyways was so much fun!!!!
    YES YES YES we want another party!

  32. Dadgumit! MOM!! You made us miss Sweet Pea's gotchaversary!! ARGH!!!!!!!!! This hisses us off. We're sorry, Sweet Pea. :( We're glad it was a special day. We laughed at The Baby zonked out in front of the fountain - we hope nocat was thirsty! And Sylvester looked so sweet sleeping on his apple! We'll do our best to make it to Crazypants Maui's party!

    Your very sorry friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  33. To be fair, you gotta have a party for each kittie!!

  34. Such great day, everyone is resting and dreaming so well.

  35. That's a lot of kitties snoozing! I missed yesterday but I will go catch up now. I hope everyone got caught up on their sleep today! :)
    xo Catherine

  36. yesterday, the party was fabulous ! I rest a lot as you guys too..Enjoy nap : )

  37. Man, that was some Gotcha Day party!! Mom's a little upset because we got home really really late and blew our curfew!! But it was so worth it!!

    Thanks for having us!

  38. You cats look sooo comfy. Hey, would you like to guest blog on Katz Tales? I'm looking for American kitties to give us the scoop on what it's like to be a black cat in the US. Maybe Salem or Gracey would like to talk about this? We're at katztales AT

  39. That really was quite the pawty!!! Yes, please, we must do it again!!!

  40. Oops! I hope I didn't exaust you all TOO much.... When all of you are recuperated, I'd love to come to Maui's pawty too!

  41. It was a great party. I wish I could have visited longer.

  42. I am so in love with your catio. What a wonderful place for your cats to hang out.

    Thank you for following my blog, I am now following yours.

    I intend on coming here often to learn the stories of your beautiful twelve cats.

  43. It's nice to see photos of all of the cats in one post!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!