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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday in the Garden with The Baby--AND Hugo!


Hugo the Hippo here, with the Thursday Gardening Post.

I'm in front of the Katnip Lounge house, on the wall, looking at the front yard.
I'm solo because Miss Escapista The Baby is Not Allowed in the front yard anymore.
Hey...I hear a buncha noise...The Daddy is in back doing something!

Time to trot around the house to see what's going on. 
Boy, it's a looong way for a little Purple Hippo...

...but I made it!  And look what I found:
The Daddy put a trellis between the wall and the house for the Star Jasmine to grow on.
Next Spring it will grow into a cool shady arbor.
Star Jasmine does beautifully in the Desert with a minimum amount of water, and it keeps it's leaves year round.  It's not picky about soil, but The Daddy's amended the bed and fertilizes it regularly, so it does very well.

Me and The Baby climbed up the ladder to inspect the installation. 
What do you think, The Baby?

Ack!  I fell off! 
The Baby has a BIG booty.
Don't worry...The Mommy caught me.  I'm purrfectly fine.

Hugo, I think Daddy did a fine job!  Come back up and take another look
I'll make sure to give you room.

You OK, Lil' Buddy? 

Then it was time to pose for our portrait.
Do you see that The Daddy was able to weave some runners through the trellis already?
Star Jasmine blossoms in May for nearly a month.  The vines will be covered in tiny white flowers that smell heavenly.  You can smell the blooms on the walk in front of the house, and up the street!

Me and The Baby looked everything over and gave The Daddy an A+ for his work. 
Then we climbed down the ladder and I got up on the Blue Puffy Kitty while The Baby guarded me from Evil HummerBirds.

Like this one! 
I hear these guys will eat an entire Purple Hippo for a meal!
I think The Baby is pulling my leg.

Happy Thursday, everybody!
Don't forget to go see what's going on in Jonsie's (and all the other) Gardens this week.

XX  Hugo and The Baby 

Pee Ess:  Amy's House of Cats is having a commentathon today, they are donating 25 cents for every comment to Santa Paws.  Please go and leave a comment...we are!


  1. Lots of exciting things going on in the garden! Thanks for the tour Hugo (and Baby). I just love jasmine, that trelis will be fantastic next year covered with blooms and the air thick with perfume :-)

  2. That's a really smart harness - has escape from it been achieved yet ? And we are very impressed y Hugo's agility - we never knew hippos could climb ladders. We really like the clear blue sky you have too.....

  3. That's quite a tour of the yard Hugo and The Baby! The trellis is really nice and that birdie looks very tasty, we mean nice too! Thanks for showing us around!

  4. The star jasmine and trellis are pawsome! Hugo, you need a safety line like The Baby's when you are climbing :-). The hummers sure look yummers...we mean pretty...tastey...

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  5. We love star jasmine! Our neighbor has some and it perfumes the entire street. We had no idea it does so well in your climate.

    Hugo is certainly having fun at the Lounge!

  6. It sure was nice of The Baby to show you around the yard, Hugo. I hope you weren't hurt when you fell off the ladder. :) And I think The Daddy did a pawsome job with the trellis! Can't wait for pictures come May when it's in full bloom...

  7. Your house gets ever-more amazing every day!

  8. Great job, Hugo ...and we love star jasmine too. it's beautiful and give perfumes like Raymond and Busy said.

    and thanks to your mom to tell us more about this plant use minimum amount of water because my mom really this kind of the water

    And Baby, your cute harness suits you. and don't get mad your mom not allow you at the front. I can see that big road. That's dangerous !

    Thanks to both of you for the great tour : ) and Your dad done a wonderful job !

  9. Wow Hugo, yoo sure are getting around! We think maybe da Baby was pulling yoor leg but it was nice of her to guard yoo anyway.

  10. I'm waiting for the moment you fence in your gardena dn the cats go wild outside! Unless you have wolves or other animals that would break in???

  11. We really enjoyed yoor gardening post. Is The Baby walking well on the harness now?

  12. Hugo, it seems like you are having a wonderful time!

  13. Awwwwww Hugo!!! What a brilliant tour with the ever so adorable The Baby and her blue harness!! Awwww - you two make a beautiful pair!! Me and Charlie think you daddy should get a BIGGER ladder platform so there'll be plenty of room for you and The Baby!! Yay!!

    Oh but we think The Baby's Dad is super-duper!! He so gets a triple AAA+++ for his sterling efforts to create a wonderful arbour!!!! And we love that he looks after the jasmine - cos now it's flourishing and looking very healthy!!!

    Thank you so much for showing us around lovely Hugo - we are so glad you are having such a fun time! Take care

  14. Oooh, I think that will look pretty when the star jasmine is all over the trellis. We have some in our neighborhood and my Mommeh enjoys the scent whenever she walks by!

  15. The look simply smashing in your turquoise harness. It sets off your glorious white furs perfectly, It looks comfortable too. No wonder Spitty is in love with you!

    Your Daddy did a wonderful job and everyone will get the benefit from the wonderful fragrance.

    Glad you used your lightening quick reflexes and caught Hugo before he hurt himself. WHEW!


  16. We give The Daddy an A+ too! Amazing, looks terrific.

    Thanks for the garden tour, Hugo. And tell The Baby that she looks very fetching with her turquoise/blue harness!

  17. Morning to you 13!!! Mom and I think your Dad deserves the title of Master Carpenter!!!
    He is always busy improving your home and catico.
    Hugs Madi

  18. You two have a lot to explore in the garden! We love how you both have a lot of affection for each other.

  19. The trellis that your Dad put up is great - when the jasmine has grown next year it will give you some lovely shade to relax in Baby.
    Hugo - Baby gave you a lovely tour of garden - it was a pity you fell off the ladder!!

  20. The Daddy has a bright green thumb!! That trellis is going to be beautiful and we wish computers had smellavision for us!!!!
    That does look like an evil little hummerbird! We are so glad The Baby was there to ward that devil off!

  21. The Baby! I'm so happy on Thursdays when I get to see so many pictures of delectable you! Don't listen for even a moment to Hugo's mean comment about your very attractive, um, booty. It is NOT too big--it fits you purrfectly!

    It was very nice of you to give Hugo such a good garden tour, too. For a little non-feline purple guy, I guess he's all right!

    Oh, and Scouty? About the brushing? I just can't help myself, Bro. I'm sorry. I know I let you down.

  22. What a lovely garden and the daddie works so much magic with the building of things. I am glad that you didn't get hurt when you fell off of the ladder. You must be careful.
    Do you know where you are going next? Keep me posted as I want to keep tabs on you.

  23. I'll bet that trellis will look amazing in the spring -- can't wait to see pictures! Poor Hugo fell victim of Baby's big booty...

  24. We went by Amy's this morning.

    Your Star Jasmine looks lovely. We have some Carolina Jasmine (yellow flowers) that we are trying to train to grow around a pole. We thinks Mommy is doing something wrong as it doesn't seem to want to climb up it.

    Hi Hugo nice to see you. Sorry Baby knocked you off the ladder. We are sure it was an accident.

    We are having a give away on our blog. Come enter if you have time.

  25. That is a very beautiful garden to explore ~ so many things to see and do! :)

    xo Catherine

  26. Looks like hte two of you had a great time snoopervising! Wish we could smell that jasmine!

  27. Wow Hugo you are having so much fun visiting the kitties at the Katnip Lounge! We are so glad you are being such a good visitor and that you are having so much fun! We do have to admit that we are kinda jealous you get to see all their super cool stuff - they have such an awesome house and the yard is so pretty!!

  28. Hugo you are doing a great job showing us around the Lounge! How nice it must be to have such a handy dad around all the time!!

  29. Hugo what a terrific tour you gave us of the lovely garden. We do like the jasmine -- Mom and Dad have some on top of their pergola. IT smells so sweet for about month you're right. It's really nice, and stays green throughout the winter.

    purrs and hugs

  30. Baby and Hugo, that was so great, thanks for the tour...make sure Daddy does thing to your approval!

  31. Thanks for the tour, Hugo! We like the trellis...we wish we could smell those Star Jasmine flowers. And we think The Baby is pulling your purple hippo leg about the evil hummingbirds...or at least we hope she is....

  32. Wow Hugo, you did a whole lot of walking for a little Hippo! And climbing too!

    I think it's sweet that The Baby gave you kissies. Jonesie has been stuck inside because of the icky weather. I think she wants to move to Vegas for the winter.

  33. Your both were up so high! So brave!


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