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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Searching for Scouty


Hugo the Hippo here.

Today was the day to find the Mythical Scouty.
I was worried  he'd been turned into Cream O'Scouty Stew!

I had to find him.
 Rupert gave me directions on where to look, and I set out.

I trotted up the Sisal Ramp

Phew!  I had to take a rest at the top.  This is where CC likes to sleep.
::pant pant::

See?  No, CC!
But I have to keep going, according to Rupert's instructions...

Almost there! 
Can you see me?
Hello down there, Johnny!

Let's peek into this hole... 

Holy Hippo! 
There's Scouty!

I think I startled him.
A little.

Scouty decided to check me out from an Approved Scouty-Safe distance. 
 I wanted a closer look, so I zoomed through the Purple Hut to the other side!

Kitties, the rumors are TRUE.
Scouty exsists! 
Kitties, I'm a Happy Hippo!
I've finally met ALL the Lounge Kats.

Tomorrow The Baby is gonna show me the Yard.  I can't wait!

Happy Wednesday!

XX  Hugo the Hippo

Pee Ess:  to answer some comments from yesterday...It's COLD here;  it'll get down to 40 tonight!  The Kats LOVE their heaty pads to nap on.
Johnny's head is healing well, and KonaKitty had her vet check up today, and was pronounced healthy!  She's just getting old...and loving her extra "Treats on the Sly"!
xx MomKat Trish


  1. COLD!!!! We have translated 40 into sensible units and need to tell you it's 24 here in your language, hehehehe.
    We are glad Scouty is safe - he looks just as scared as Lewis does. And he always hides which is sad. But we are glad Hugo found him.
    And good news about johnny's head and KonaKitty too - we are very pleased to hear all is well.

  2. I am glad you found him. And that you honored his need for space!

  3. Good werk, Hugo! Ya FOUND Scouty...

  4. We're so glad you found the elusive Scouty Hugo! He's a handsome boy and we don't want him missing! Can't wait to see what The Baby shows you in the yard but be sure to not climb the walls!

  5. I am glad that you found Scouty, he is a lovely lokinh boy. I think Scouty was very surprised to see you there, but did come out to say hello. Have fun. Hugs GJ x

  6. MOL..Scouty, Don't be shy !
    Hugo is just a little hippo : )

  7. Scouty I don't think is too keen at being found, Rumblemum is adoring his little face though! (she has such a fondness for red men... HARUMPH! *Rumblepurr*)

  8. Oh good, yoo found him! He's handsome, isn't he? We'z glad all da kitties is doing well and dat yoo is haffing a good time.

  9. What a relief! I was afraid Scouty had become so stealthy he had actually disappeared!!

    And KonaKitty, You know Mr. Spitty will provide all the nourishment you need (well, for your SOUL anyway, 'cause I'm glad you're a healthy girl and gettin' the extra treats!)

  10. Hhehehe - Scouty is playing hard to get!! :)
    Don't give up Hugo!

  11. Haha ~ Hugo the Hippo is having some fun adventures. I hope you have a good time in the yard as well!
    xo Catherine

  12. Hugo, I am glad you tracked down the elusive Scouty! He did seem a little surprised by your visit though.

  13. Hugo!! Wow!! What adventures!! Good grief!!!

    Me and Charlie are on the edge of our seats!! We couldn't look when you climbed up that very steep ramp and then got to the very top!! Ooooh we were so scared for you!! But we are so so glad that gorgeous Rupert, CC and Johnny were there to help you on your quest!!!

    And what an Epic Quest!!! You found your Treasure!! The elusive and lovely Scouty!! Awww what a precious gem!

    We are so so so glad you've met everyone at the Katnip Lounge!! We look forward to your day out with The Baby!! Take care

  14. I don't know if Hugo will never want to leave your Catico...he must be having the time of his life!!!
    Hugs, Madi

  15. That little hippo sure gets around!!! I think he has been in every nook and cranny in the Catio! Glad to hear that Johnny's head is healing and that KonaKitty had a good check-up at the vet :-)

  16. Hi There Scouty, we sure are glad to get to see you. You lounge kitties sure have it really nice there. You are such lucky cats. We love all your hidy places and levels to go up and down. Hugo you sure did a great job finding Scouty even though you kind of scared him. Take care and have a good day in the yard tomorrow. Can't wait.

  17. Hugo, you sure are adventurous! I don't know if I would have gone up the steep sisal ramp...oh who am I kidding? I'm so jealous of the fun you are having in the catio!!!

  18. We think Scouty thought you wouldn't find him Hugo but he didn't count on your purrsistance.

  19. Hugo, you're doing a pawsome job of reporting!

  20. We just LOVE the expression on Scouty's face, his eyes. He really did look surprised!

    You're a very intrepid reporter, Hugo!

  21. So nice to see the infamous and elusive Scouty! Hugo you are showing us all around, we are loving the tours. Went back and read yesterday's post too...what fun! Can't wait to see your yard tour.

  22. Not only does Scouty exist, he is gorgeous! Thanks for taking us on a Scouty safari Hugo.

  23. Scouty did not look at all please t be found by Hugo!

  24. Good Work Hugo!
    It's hard to find a kitty when they don't want to be found!

  25. Great work, Hugo! Another hippo would have given up and gone to soak in the outside fountain...but not you! Thanks for the great photos with Scouty. He looked really surprised to see you! :)

  26. OMG, those Scouty photos crack me up. His eyes are so wide. Give him some scritches from us!

  27. Scouty's face..his expression when he saw Hugo was so fun! You know, Scouty needs to come out and socialize more, There may be a plot afoot regarding that Cream o' Scouty Stew, That pot looks very accommodating and I think we have seen it before. That takes thinking about. Scouty, do think over things carefully.

    So relieved to read about KonaKitty. I think we girls just get a little more spare as we age ...gracefully of course.

    PEE ESS are an excellent sleuth and gave excellent directions. My ♥ beats 4 U.



  28. We are very glad you found the elusive Scouty. We are even more glad that he came out of his mancat cave and visited a bit with you.

  29. Wow! You actually found the elusive Scouty, resting in his natural enviromnent! We think you must have been a very quiet hippo to find him! :)

    PS 40 degrees? Cold??? Way up here in the North Woods, it gets -20 degrees in January!

  30. Hugo, you are adorable!

  31. That Scouty sure is elusive! We're glad you finally met him, Hugo.

  32. Hugo
    we are so glad you got to meet Scouty, but we do think you surprised him a little. I don't think he's ever seen a pink hippo before.



  33. I don't think without direction you would have been able to find Scouty. Way to go! Thanks for the update on all at your place. So glad you are having a good time.

  34. Your persistence paid off, Hugo!! Good job finding Scouty!! We're just glad that he wasn't stew!!

  35. Phew!! We're certainly glad that you found Scouty & that there was no Scouty stew!!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    ps.Simon - May Ling I am bringing over a nice, comfy bed that we can both snuggle into - since it's getting colder there (it's getting pretty cold here, too!)

  36. Hugo we are so glad that you finally got to meet Scouty! And we are glad that he wasn't too scared of you - we know you can be a little bit intimidating sometimes, being a purple hippo and everything! But we also know you are a sweetie and that you would let Scouty decide how close to get - and that was pretty close in our opinion!

  37. Dang it, our Mommy claims to be busy, so we missed the update on KonaKitty. We're THRILLED that the vet declared her to be healthy!! And we know you must be relieved, too. Our mom says it makes her sad to see us get older and watch our bodies transform from fit fat cats to tiny little old cats, but she's also happy to get to have us around that long.


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