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Monday, December 20, 2010

Maui's Gotcha Day PAWTY!


Maui here.

It's hard to believe I've been here TWO years already.  Actually, I came in on Christmas Day night, so today is actually a wee tad early.

There's a detailed story of my Gotcha that you can read HERE.   I'm so happy to be formerly feral, all the freedom in the world doesn't compare to a full tummy and a warm bed.

1.  I'm a crazypants boy!

2.  I was starving when I came in the House, I've nearly doubled my weight.  I weigh about 14 pounds now.

3.  I'm a giant soppy boy, but only when I'm sleepy.  Otherwise, I have things to do and furblings to pester and toys to play with!

4.  I love to pawty!

So let's get to it!!!!!!!

There's the usual buffet--buffalo, reindeer, gnu, antelope, zebra, gazelle, elk and moose.  The butter is available for freestyle licking.

We have Temptations, Greenies and Party Mix.

We have Trout Fancy Feast!

We have milk, cream, water, AND...did y'all know that Sylvester studied bartending while he was cooped up living at the Vet?  Well, he DID and he's got some great new Kitty Kocktails for us to sip.
Ladies and Gents, I can make you any one of the following:
TomCat Collins
Whisker Sour
Sloe Gin Whizz
Meow Tai
Purrple Punch
and of course the old standbys,
Niptinis and Meowgaritas.

Come play on the Catio...we have a new installment, The Katnip (VIC) Very Important Cat Sky Lounge to lay around and furple-watch.  Don't be afraid, it's very sturdy!
Ready to Rock-n-Roll!

Sweet Pea waits to dance with Flynn...

There's treats all over the place.

Feel free to careen around like MadCats!

Indulge in the Nip.

When Daisy shows up I'm gonna show her how to do the Sideways Crabwalk.

And I have a NEW crazypants move, maybe y'all can help me name it:
I leap straight up, execute a 180-degree turn, and fling my back legs out like a bucking bronco!

The People will be here to administer rubbins and luvvins, and to keep all the foods stocked up.

Enjoy, Everybody, and Happy ManCat Monday!

XX  Maui


  1. Happy Gotcha Day Maui!!! We read your story and did you ever luck out finding yourself at the Katnip Lounge :-)

    Your party is great, we can't wait to try a TomCat Collins (better make Jimmy's milk because he is a littl 'un). We love your parties in the catio...we're going to check out the new Sky Lounge; too cool!!!

  2. Please line up a Sloe Gin Whizz for me. And the rest of perheeni can have simple Meowgaritas. We are outside knocking on the catio door so you better let us in as we've had a long journey. We are very hungry so think you won't have any elkmeat left for long, hehehe. And as the day goes on and the nip kicks in I really want you and me to have some serious mancat discusssions and even a 'who can pee the best patterns' competition with you Maui-boy. Happy party day!

  3. Woo hoo! Let's get the party started! Bennette is headed straight for the bar...I think she wants to chat up Sylvester as much as she wants a TomCat Collins. If there are any cherries served with the drinks, give them to me since those are fantastic for whapping!, I heard your dad has lots of fantastice music. Let's dance and play!!!!

    Maui, you sure are a lucky boy. You remind us of our Ginger when she showed up, totally starving. She is now about 15 pounds and she's not fat. At little overly dramatic, but not fat.

  4. Wow! I just went and read the post about your Gotcha day! Boy it sounds like you have landed on your feet!

    Your party sounds awesome! I will have the Niptinis please.

  5. Greetings,

    Another great post and I have to tell you, I would love to come for a visit and inspect all the goodies, especially the sky lounge as I think it is great.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Warmest regards this holiday season,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

    PS: can we get a couple of sentences about Tiny Johnson to accompany the calendar since we did need it this weekend.

  6. Sounds great, we are coming right over! But is it new Gnu or old Gnu. Those old Gnus can be tough, but new Gnus are tender. And there is no Gnus like good Gnus! And there is no news like bad gnus, but thats old gnus.

    (cough, cough) Uh-oh, a cough is bad gnus... ;)

  7. Happy Gotcha Day Maui! We went back and read your story and you may be crazy but we're very happy you followed the food trail to the Katnip Lounge! We hope you have a pawesome pawty!

  8. Happy Gotcha Day Maui! We're still a little tuckered from our Comment-A-Thon for our Gotcha Day, but after a little catnap we'll be over to P-A-R-T-Y. Thank you for stopping by our Comment-A-Thon even though you were probably very busy getting ready for your big celebration.

    You were so lucky to end up with your Katmom and Katdad. You live in Kitty Paradise with your Catio and all your great brofurs and sisfurs.

    Love, Petey, Jack, Spunky, Tabitha & Madison LaRue

    And Momma Pam

  9. I'm a little shy, you know, but maybe I could just hang out with my Pal Scouty, and have just one Niptini, and maybe a tiny nosh? Oh who am I kiddin'? Bring on The Baby! Salem! KonaKitty! Grayce! And, say--aren't there a couple more girls I haven't met yet?

    Oh, yeah, and Happy Gotcha Day, Maui! Pawty down!

  10. Happy Gotcha Day Maui! You are so blurred with speed that we'd find it hard to give you birthday squizzles...

  11. Yeah!!!! partay!!!! we'll just make ourselves right at home.. you guys have a great setup your all verry lucky. and of course happy gotcha day!

  12. Happy Gotcha Day Maui!!! We think we are a bit early, but we could hardly wait to come over and see all of you and check out the Catio!!!

    We must try one of those Sloe Gin Whizzes!

  13. Wow Maui, happy Gotcha Day and we think da new dance should be called da Maui Leap 'n Buck. We'z gonna hit da boofay and get one of dem TomCat Collins and den play on da VIC...yoo guys haf da bestest stuff!

  14. Happy Gotcha Day, Maui! What a great party. We are definitely ready to unwind on the Sky Lounge with a couple of Whisker Sours.

  15. Wow, that is the most exotic spread of main courses I think I have ever seen! And I always enjoy visiting the Catio. This is a totally pawsome party, Maui! Happy gotcha day!

  16. Wow! That is going to be some party. Count us in. And we're so glad you are now a happy, healthy mancat.

  17. Wow, I want that sky lounge!!!!!!!! This place looks amazing, you kitties are some lucky buggers :D

    Ps, you should call that move the mechanical bull ;]

  18. What an awesome party! Happy Gotcha day, Maui! You've got yourself the best home ever! We are very excited to hear that Sylvester is a bartender! What fun!

  19. Happy Gotcha Day, Maui! You sure know how to party. I think I will have some of the zebra, and a whisker sour.

    Now, lets all do the sideways crabwalk! WOOHOOO!!!!

  20. Wow so beautiful post!
    Happy Happy Happy Gotch Day sweet Maui!You are adorable and I'm happy that you have such a nice family there!
    What a cool party, thanks for inviting us!
    purrs and lots of fun today!

  21. That looks like such a great party! We'll be right over!


    The Chans (and a happy woof from Tommy)

  22. Happy Gotcha Day! You couldn't have ended up in a more loving home I think. And how could you kitties not have a terrific fun day at your house ~ there are so many places to play and run and have fun at there. Enjoy all your treats! :)
    xo Catherine

  23. Happy Gotcha Day, Maui! You couldn't have ended up in a better home anywhere on this earth. Seriously. We're heading over to party with you....maybe Annie and Felix can hang out somewhere separate and spend their time hissing and growling.

    Have a wonder-full day and big smooches from our mom!

  24. Yow! Happy Gotcha Day, Maui! This is a great pawty! We read your gotcha story and whew! Now we're all tired out! Maybe after a round of Whisker Sours we'll be ready for some careening...or hiding...on the catio.

    Have a fantastic day, Mr. Maui - you scored the purrfect place to be gotcha'ed :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  25. Happy Gotchaversary, Maui! We'll all share a Meow Tai, please!

    And Whitey is a crazy pants boy, too and does a move similar to yours. We have no idea what to call it, other than funny!

    PS. Momma says one of these days she wants a Catio like yours so we will all have one big cat room and she can mostly have her house back. Ha!

  26. We WISH* you a happy Gotcha Day!
    We WISH you a happy Gotcha Day!
    We WISH you a happy Gotcha Day!
    On this, your second Gotcha Year!

    Could we try a Meow Tai? And some gnu? Oh wow, we don't even know what a gnu looks like!

    * in Australia, when kids sing 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas', they yell "WISH". Do they do this inLas Vegas?

  27. Happy Gottcha Day friend. Dat was your lucky day to be adopted by your family. Thanks for the invite to your pawty. I will mave a meowtia please - looks good.

  28. Happy Birthday Maui!!
    You are floofy and funny!
    You are manly and so crazy
    (with your sideways crabwalk!!!)
    Happy Birthday Maui!!

    Hip hip hooray!!!!!

    Thank you for the invite and for such a lovely pawty!! Yay!! Take care

  29. Happy Gotcha Day Maui!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow you sure have the BEST Pawties at your house!!

    Your catio is is like the Disneyworld of Catios!

    I would love to come to your pawty and will bring some salmon, and lots and lots of noms to put in the nom bowls for when you run out.

    I'll be right there!
    Love, Cody

  30. Two Whisker Sours please ~ one for each of us. And a VERY happy Gotcha Day to yoo Maui! Let's party!

  31. We are all so very excited to come by and help you celebrate your Gotcha Day, Maui! Especially Gretchen!! She got groomed and mani/pedi just for the occasion!!! We hope you have a super wonderful day because you are a very lucky kitty to have found such a wonderful home!
    Maggie May, The Creek Cats and ♥Gretchen♥

  32. Woo Hoo! Happy Gotcha Day Maui! (our gotcha day is this week too!) This is a pawsome party. We want to see the side-ways crab walk. All the food and drink sounds yum, except for the sloe-gin whizz. That one sounds a bit funky to us. Yay! We're so glad you got gotcha'd at the Lounge!

  33. clearly one of the great party events of the century... happy g day.

  34. Happy Gotcha Day Maui!! We are so very glad that you have found your furever home! Sounds like a great party!

  35. Happy ALMOST GOTCHA DAY, handsome Maui!!!!!!!!!!! Does that mean we can celebrate your Gotcha Day the rest of the week?????

    What a grand party....we are having a total BLAST!!!!!!!!


  36. Happy Gotcha Day Maui...and boy was it your lucky day!!!
    Mom wants to know if you are a Maine Coon?
    I want to know if you have a girlfriend?
    MOL Madi

  37. Hey Maui! very interesting to read about your Gotcha Day...we wonder if you fathered litters of gorgeous longhaired kittens back in your wild days? We're so glad you're comfortable, safe, and well fed now...and we'd love to try all the interesting meats you've got at your buffet! We;ll bring some salmon to share, too, o.k.?

  38. Happy Gotcha Day Maui! We love all the goodies, especially the free-style butter licking station!

  39. Happy Gotcha Day Maui. You found yourself the best family and the best catio. The party is great and we are going to try one of Sylvester's Whisker Sour's and a Meow Tai, and we will try the buffalo.
    Flynn: Before I have anything I must go and apologise for keeping Sweet Pea waiting for our dance. Mum was too busy to let us get here any earlier.
    Hi Sweet Pea, I'm on my way up to see you in the VIC Sky Lounge.

  40. Happy Gotcha Day Maui - we went over and read how you became a member of the katnip lounge. We are so happy that you fitted in just right.
    Now take us to the food - we had a long teleport over and there wasn't a kitchen as we decided to try the bargain basement carpet ride - shudder - never again!!

  41. what a special day and we can quite understand why being 'formally' feral feels so good - what a place to end up being for your forever home. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xx

  42. Hi Maui! Wow what a party! Happy Gotcha Day (a little early). We first wanted to sing you our favorite Gotcha Day song (we think it is ok that it is a little early, since the party is today!)

    What day is today?
    It's Maui's Gotcha Day!!
    What a day for a Gotcha Day!
    Let's all have some cake!

    We think this is going to be such a fun party - we can't wait to try the new drinks out (well, the older cats at least - the kittens will have to wait to try them!) And boy, your catio is so amazing - so many places to explore!!

    We hope you have a wonderful, treat filled, fun gotcha day!!

  43. Happiest of Gotcha Days Maui!
    Whoo Hooo what a party!
    Scout wants a Slow Gin Whizz, I want a Purrple Punch. Scooby wants to hang out with Sylvester since he's a tuxedo boy too and Scooby of course wore his!
    Then I'm heading over to explore the new bookcase, Scout wants to prowl the sky lounge.

  44. Happy Gotcha Day, Sweet Maui! We is so very happy you got gotted. Your story makes us very sad that you has to go through so much to finds such a great furever home.
    You shur has the greatest pawrty place evah! Thanks fur inviting us to selabrate wif you.
    Love TK and Squashies

  45. Happiest of birthdays Maui! You are a cool party kitty & I hope that 2011 is your and your family's best year ever!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  46. Happy Gotcha Day, Maui!! This is one awesome party!! We're gonna go belly up to the bar and have us one of those new drinks Sylvester is whipping up! After that we're heading up to the Sky Lounge. We hope we don't fall off after those drinks!! Whoohoo!!

  47. Happy hoppy second Gotcha Day to you, Maui! We love that you are crazypants because we are too. Let's have FUN!
    Siena & Chilli

  48. Happy Gotcha day, Maui! Here's to many many more gotcha days.

    It's going to be a crazy fun pawty. I better go up to the Sky Lounge before I get in the nip! :)

  49. I'm so jelly-us. You guys have such a cool catico..Tommy just says "Jump in a window"...can I move out there?

  50. Happy Gotcha Day Maui!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You certainly have a great home and you know how to throw a party!!!!!! WooHoo!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  51. Happy Gotcha Day Maui! We always love coming to parties at the Lounge!

  52. Happy Gotcha Day, Maui! You sure put out an exotic feast, there. Dante, Dylan and Domino should be there any minute to help you chow down, and to play in your awesome Katnip Lounge. It's like Disneyland to them!

    You're one very cool dude, Maui, and have some really different moves. I hope you get everything your little heart desires, today, including lots and lots of TLC.

  53. Happiest of Gotcha Days Maui!! Your move sounds like the High Ho Silver but with a kick.

    I'll take a Whisker Sour Sylvester!

    What an awesome party!

  54. Hey Maui! We hope we're not too late!! Our mom almost made us miss the pawty. We don't care if there are any food or drinks left - we just hope you're still awake so we can wish you a happy Gotcha Day!!

  55. Happy gotcha Maui! Sorry I'm a bit late but better late than never.

  56. Dang Maui!! We are soo late, but the time difference threw us all off. Dang. Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang!!! Can we still come by and party with you? We don't care if you don't have any more of the food, we just want to check out your catio and play with your cool toys! AND WISH YOU A HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!! Can we still do that? Was it good? We sure hope so!! We're so glad that you got gotcha' deserve lots of love and what a great family to get gotcha'd into!! Lots and lots of purrs, Lautrec, Tiny and Ellwood

  57. Happy Belated Gotcha Day Maui. Sorry we missed the party. We brought some nip so we can start another party. ~AFSS

    Maui, we has Gotcha Day's in common. They got me December 25th, although I didn't go home with them till the 26th, cause they spent the night @ Grandma & Grandpa's. ~Artemisia


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