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Friday, January 21, 2011

Felonious Friday with Felix


Felix here.

Do you see my striped outfit?
It's my JAIL SUIT!

OK, not really--it's just shadows from the blinds!  Did I fool you?

I like to help Dad with his business.

It's my Special Job to Check his Drawers!

Hey Dad...I'm going in for a closer inspection.

Hee Hee.  This part of my job is fun!

I'm gonna bite some cardboard while I'm in here...

OK, I'm ready!

My job here is finished.
Time to Be in the Way Help some more.
A Cat's work is never done.

Happy Friday!

XX  Felix


  1. Felix! You look almost as good in stripes as I do, MOL! Don't you get all clawstrophobic in those drawers? Shudder. I would never get in a drawer! It might close and eat me up!

    Oh, and I somehow missed commenting on the The Baby's breathtaking photo yesterday--I guess I was just overcome with her gloriousness and forgot myself.

  2. I hope you shredded the cardboard in the drawers Felix, and maybe left a little puddle to claim the space as your own ?
    Happy Friday. And we'll be even happier if gorgeous Annie can have a poo.

  3. I am going to file a complaint about my human - she keeps her drawers so full that even little ol' me won't fit in them.

    Wait... if I file a complaint, it'll probably wind up in one of those drawers, making them have even LESS space. Grr!

  4. You look like you were incredibly helpful there!

  5. Felix, you sure did a thorough job checking your dad's Drawers while he did his business! :)

  6. Good job, Felix!
    nice to see a cat that noes how to keep himself in troubleee... errr helpful! yea, helpful! lovey your sun-stripes too. and I am enjoying your series stories on all about youse at the lounge. I am just glad I don't need a pool at my house! but my grandkitties may want one soon!

  7. All paperwork should be endorsed with cat teeth imprints!

  8. Greetings,

    So nice of you that you're helping dad with the paperwork and making sure everything is in order and like the previous commenter noted that all papers should be endorsed with feline teeth imprints is a great suggestion.

    We just learned also from your previous post that soon you will be planting catnip, that is a great idea as there is nothing better than fresh catnip that has been home grown.

    Wishing you all the very best,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  9. We bet yoor dad reely preeshiates all da help yoo give him. Yoo'll know if he makes da sighing noyzes like ours does.

  10. Felix,

    Great work inspecting that drawer. Smudge did his own inspecting of my sock drawer the other night, he removed them one at a time and dropped them on the floor.

  11. You had us totally fooled, Felix! We were getting ready to come over and spring you!

    We're sure your Dad is very grateful for all the great help you give him.

    The Chans

  12. You are a good snoopervisor! I wants to get in a drawer! But they keep getting shut before I get there!

  13. Felix, I'm sure your Dad is very happy for all the great help you give him.

  14. Felix ~ yoo had us fooled for a minute ~ we fort yoo'd turned into a stripey tiger! We bet yoor dad LOVES yoo helping! MOL!

  15. Felix you are such a fabulous snoopervisor! :0
    wow and this place is cool for hiding as well!
    Have a nice weekend, I loved these pictures!

  16. Such an important job you have there Felix. Any thoughts of a promotion in the future?

  17. Lovely brave Felix - me and Charlie are glad you did a thorough inspection of your dad's drawers!! You never know what lurks in the depths of his drawers.

    Ahem. :-)

    Take care

  18. I hope you get paid lots and lots of treats for helping in the office!

  19. Felix, your hard work and snoopervising would impress Annie greatly -- the mom will make sure to tell her, when she finally gets home. She'll be sorry she missed the chance to hiss her approval, though.

    BTW, the mom thanks you all so much for your continued support. She's feeling pretty despondent this morning, like this never will be resolved and Annie will be stuck at the v-e-t for days and days to come. We're trying to cheer her up, but it's a tough job. So she appreciates all the positive energy being sent to Annie (and her) -- from everyone!

  20. Oh Felix what a great help it must be to have you around the house...isn't your dad lucky to have such a diligent assistant!!!!

  21. very thorough job. i like the stripes.

  22. Felix you are an excellent office assistant we see you really get into your work.
    Hugs Madi

  23. Oh Felix, we are so glad you are doing such a good job. We were a little nervous there for a minute that you were closed in the drawer. You looked a little nervous too. Glad they let you out and you got your job done. Have a great week end all of you. How is Henry doing?? Mom spied a new character here but we have only seen it twice.

  24. Kitty in a drawer? I love hanging out in drawers, one time Mom closed it on me and forgot I was in there all night. So I had a great snooze and woke her up in the morning to get me with my meowing.

  25. We know your dad will be so happy with you inspecting those drawers for him - you really spoil him. We hope you get paid handsomely with treats and scritches.

  26. We are sure you are a HUGE help, Felix! I mean, the humans never want to bite the cardboard, so it's all up to us!

  27. You're right, Felix, a cat's work is never done! Keep at it!

  28. Good Job Felix!
    You fooled us- we thinks you were in real jale.
    Has a great weekend to all the Loungers!

  29. Jail outfit! Hee hee!! I'm certain your dad is extra appreciate of your help and expertise!

  30. You look like your home is condusive to letting you develope your imagination Felix!
    You're far too sweet to be a felon.You didn't fool us for a second!
    The critters in the cottage

  31. Felix
    I can tell you do a great job helping your Dad.

  32. Felix, you are some kind of character! Sam says you're just his type for fun and terror...opps, games. And I say you are a real golden looker :)

  33. Felix, you are the best help I have seen. You sure know how to make yourself invaluable to Daddy!

  34. Felix, you are handsome with or without the stripes! I bet your dad is really thankful to have you helping him. :)

  35. Felix, we hope your Dad knows how lucky he is to have your help ;) heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  36. Felix, You are so active !
    Did a big fabulous job and then you still want to do more !
    Let's me guess !..Next job is... Food Quality Control ?
    : )

    Have a great Day, Felix

  37. Felix you are such a good snooperviser and office assistant. I bet your dad is so glad to have you around.


  38. Hey Felix! What fun you're having in there! Also, I just love your sun stripes!

  39. You looked almost camouflaged in the stripes.

  40. Felix, you are a great snoopervisor! And we think you should get extra treats for all the snoopervising you've been doing!!

  41. Great werk Felix! We love clothes drawers most here...

  42. Now that's what I call a good multi-tasker...chewing on cardboard at the same time you'z hiding (I mean working)in the drawer. Excellent!

  43. That looks like a perfectly cat-sized drawer!


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