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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday


Felix here, and I have some very sad news.

The wonderfully Crabby Crumpet, Annie, from Fuzzy Tales, is gone.
Her Mom is terribly sad, can you please stop over and give her some purrs?

I am very sad, too.

Yet, I am so thankful to have spent time in her delightfully ornery orbit.
Not every curmudgeonly Ornj Cat is so lucky to court such a Furious Feline.
The happiest day in my life was when Annie said I might possibly measure up...I worked tirelessly to secure her admiration!
We were two peas in a pod; cranky at the world, our siblings, and our staff.  
Her fur was long and soft, her claws sharp, and her eyes--oh her eyes!--could freeze a ManCat in his tracks.

I'll never forget her Birthday Party, glaring balefully at each other across the hall, gently grumbling and hissing sweet nothings.  Her swats were the gossamer touch of an Angel's wings...which is what Miss Annie is now.

Tonight, I plan to run a few memory laps around the skyway, just like I used to do to impress My Gal.
Then, I'm going to pick out a new star in the sky tonight, a nice bright shiny one, to remember her by.

Annie, I will miss you.

We all will.

Au Revoir.

XX  Felix  XX


  1. Oh Felix we are so sad with you! We will all miss our crabby Annie.

  2. Felix, this is such a lovely and sweet tribute to Annie! Yes, we will all definitely miss her.

  3. We did not know her; but your love shines and now is leaking out our eyes. Beautiful crabby boy.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  4. What a heart break. We will go and pay our respects.


  5. Annie is always be a sweet girl. Me and my mom full with tear after visited her blog this morning. We love her as all you do. We are so thanksful for your post.
    Felix, I hope you don't mind..I would like to check out the new star with you tonight.


    PS : Thank you so much to your mom and your whole family to be wory about my mom. She is O.K. now..All your purrs works so well..Thank you

  6. This is so sad loved Annie so much. We all did. Jonesie is paying tribute to her as a member of the Society of Feline Gardeners.

    We are purring for her family.

  7. We are so sad for their loss, and yours too.

  8. We are so sad about Annie, and for all her friends who will miss her loads. The romance between Felix and Annie was lovely - two crabby crankies together. We will light a candle and we hope there will be northern lights too, in her honour.

  9. Oh noes. We hadn't heard this news. We're so sorry to hear it and will miss Annie very much. We'll go give her mom our respects.

  10. We did not know your sweet crabby Annie, Felix, but we left our purrs of comfort at her blog.

    And we leave purrs of comfort to you, too, Felix. Sometimes the sweetest love is between two cranks.

  11. Aw, Felix, I know you brought lots of crabby joy to Annie! Now, you know, she'd want you to carry on being a crabbilated boy in her honor. In fact, the Human and I think you'll have to be TWICE as crabby now.

    We are very sad for Annie's Mom who had to make the brave decision that was best for Annie. We think Annie will watch over her and make sure she remembers the happy crabbilated times they shared.

  12. Felix, this is a wonderful tribute to Annie. A lovely idea to pick out a star to remember her by.

  13. It's a sad news, I'm sending love and purrs to sweet Annie and her family!

  14. Oh, Felix, you've made our mom cry and cry and cry with your post.

    She's sending you smooches.

  15. What a beautiful tribute to sweet Annie. We are all very sad here.

  16. Felix, I am so sorry you have lost your ladylove. We will all miss sweet, crabby Annie.

  17. Beautiful Felix!! Sweet angel Annie was so lucky to have you chasing after her for her crabbity affections!! She was so worth all your wonderful efforts at wooing her!! Me and Charlie are beyond sad about poor darling Annie. We hoped and hoped she'd get better.

    We know she's looking out for you and sending you tons of hissy purrs and claw swipes!

    Take care

  18. Felix and Mom this is truly a lovely post in Annie's honor!!!
    Well done and well said,
    Madi and Mom

  19. Sorry.
    The departure of a cat is an irreparable loss for us humans.
    Receive our sincere hug.
    Nelson, Moa, Bartolomeu, Ébano and mom from Brazil.

  20. very nice tribute felix. sounds like annie was quite the gal.

  21. We were so sad to read about Annie. What a lovely tribute to her. We left our sympathies at her blog.

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  24. (Sorry, mom's tears are in the way)

    Felix mommy is sitting here with tears rolling down her face again at your beautiful tribute to precious Annie, your crabbilated girl cat. We, me and Mom were terribly sad and still are, about our furriend and sweet one who left us for in the sky, shining brightly. Purrs. ♥

  25. I'm so sorry I never had the pleasure of meeting Miss Annie, but she sure was a bootiful kitty. That was a great tribute you did for her Felix. We have leaky eyes too and didn't even know her. We did go to her blog tho and left a few words for her mom and a big HUG.

  26. Felix, your tribute to your sweetheart is so touching.


  27. Sweet Felix, no wonder sweet Annie took a liking to you. I know how much you will miss her. We all shall remember that sweetie Annie girl.

  28. This was a very heartfelt post of love for Annie...thanks for sharing with us.

  29. Felix, that is such a wonderful tribute to Annie. We know that Mom Kim will never forget it. What a great boyfriend you were to Annie. We were very sad about Annie too.

  30. Sweet Felix, we miss the gorgeous Annie bunches. We were so thankful to have had her as our friend.

    What a beautiful tribute to her......xxxxxxxxxx

  31. Awwww Felix, that is a very nice tribute to Annie. She will be missed.

  32. What a lovely tribute to a very much loved Crabby Crumpet from sweet,loyal Felix-perhaps not so ornery after all.
    So kind and thoughtful for you and your Mom to write it.
    Annie,now that you have wings,you can soar to your heart's content!
    the critters in The Cottage

  33. Youza meowvalous furiend witha speshule tribute

  34. Felix, this is a lovely tribute for Annie. We will miss her too.

  35. OH Felix
    What a lovely beautiful sweet remembrance to dear Miss Annie. She is that beautiful gossamer touch with Angel wings...yes she is. She is pure magic and lightness and we shall miss her on this earthy plane. She was lucky to have had a mancat like you to be her paramour.


  36. this was so beautiful it made me cry.....sooo special, thank you for sharing your memories of Annie with us xoxoxo

  37. Its' terrible except that I'm glad Annie isn't suffering. Poor Kim though. We've been to visit.

    Thanks for the purrs. Au ate again so we're hoping he's on an upswing. We really appreciate your support. Not to worry about us humans, we're doing OK, promise.

  38. Aw, Felix...our eyes are leaking now. We're so sorry about Annie...for you and 'specially her mom. We will miss her very much....

  39. Oh, Felix, we are so heartbroken too. She was such a beautiful and sweet girl. (((HUGS)))

  40. We are very sad about Annie. Purrs to you Felix and theese was a beautiful tribute!


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