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Monday, March 21, 2011

ManCat Maui Monday


Maui here!
Everybody says I'm crazypants...and they are correct!

I am crazypants.

But that's not the whole story.  Kitties, it takes a LOT of energy to be 110% hyper, so when I'm not pinging off the walls I'm recharging my catteries.  At night I sleep in MY fleece-lined sleeping box, and during the day I nap in this nifty grassy lawn box, which just recently appeared.
It is ACE.
It's a mattress and a vegetable all in one!

As you can see, it's just the right size for a Manly Cat such as myself.
All thirteen pounds.
I would weigh a little more, but I was neutered.

While I sleep the wind ruffles my armpit fur and tickles my whisker holes.
Ladies, my armpit fur is FOUR inches long!  
Yes, it is.  
 Do "they" say anything about ManCats with long armpit fur?  I sure hope so.
As long as it's flattering.

The lawn is so soft and smooshy, I sink right in.
If any other Cat wants to graze, they just nibble around me.  I'm too comfy to care!

Do you see the brown dead patch near my neck?  That's not from over-grazing.
The Phantom Peer struck again!


Well, that's all for now...I have a busybusybusy schedule later.
You know, the usual mayhem.
This Crazypants Cat needs his rest.

Happy Monday!

XX  Maui  XX


  1. Wait, you have INDOORS grass ta nap on? Oh be still our fainting hearts!

    Ayla and Marley

  2. It's important to nap when you can so you can get wild when you want!

  3. We want to see everyone nibbling around you while you sleep!!

    Figgy has long armpit furrs too!

  4. That looks like a perfect place to nap!

  5. Ewwww, you sleep where there has been PEE? As comfy as that looks, it would put me off a bit.

  6. I refuse to let Aila-sisko or Roosa see this: you are oozing too much of whatever we neutered cats ooze instead of testosterone. 4 inches under the arm - I can see I have a way to go! That grass bed looks amazing - maybe we can persuade Äiti to grow one for us. I must dash now - I need to grow my armpit furs......

  7. Ha!Ha! Theese one is a good one! That is one excellent mattress Maui, way to score that one! Ok, I'z going to do some research on the interwebs about armpit fur and get back to ya...if I find out good stuff, I'll consider growing mine as well...

  8. We like the idea of a box o' grass! We may have to try that. Happy Monday Maui!

  9. Oh my - you are a handsome boy. It's important that you're well-rested and all the better on a grassy bed in the sunshine. BTW- getting stinky goodness at odd times is very hard, indeed. You must have a real sense of urgency and have a very pleading "meow" -- and look very hungry and pathetic.

  10. Ha..Ha..Ha.. You are wicked , Maui : )
    I never heard anyone advertised themselves to the lady " Ladies, my armpit fur is FOUR inches long! " before !
    I never known that's a charming spot ! I have to ask mom to measure my armpit fur tonight, Let's see how it go : )

    Thanks for the tip, Maui

  11. We'z not sure about da armpit fur. We bet our mom would like to tickle da furs tho. And yoor toes, crazypants or not.

  12. OMC! FOUR inches? That's a record for sure!

  13. OH wonderful and ever so mancatly Maui!! Wow!! You are thirteen pounds and four inches of armpit fur of true Mancatliness!! Me and Charlie are in AWE!!!!!

    We love that you have an edible bed!!! Take care

  14. I like your snoozy spot you picked out Maui, it's totally you!

  15. Maui, we are so jealous of your napping spot. That must be the best place to snooze EVER.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  16. We can only dream of such a glorious mattress and veggie!

  17. Maui - it looks like you claimed the best bed in the house. Yu don't even have to get out of bed to eat - just roll over and nibble. What a life!

  18. What a cool bed you have!! I bet it feels really good in the summer.
    Madi and Mom

  19. Well, we are so glad you showed us that picture. We are now working on our staff to get some cat grass going. That looks like the purrfect napping place. But you know what we would do with that grass?? Dig it all up. Or it would make a great potty. Take care all of you.

  20. We love the pictures of you on your lawn bed Maui - we just hope it isn't given a good watering while you are asleep on it - we would hate to see you go brown and whizzened too!!
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  21. You sure do look comfortable sleeping in your own private patch of grass.
    I also like sleeping in the grass - but ours is still yucky brown from winter.
    I don't know if armpi fur is a real girl magnet but you are handsome none the less and I'm sure have no trouble getting the ladies.


  22. We can't wait until our outside grass greens up! Yours looks to be quite plush and comfy.
    We were wondering before if anyone tries to pee in it and now we have the answer!!!

  23. Maui you are the best looking lawn ornament I have ever seen!!!

  24. Handsome Maui, you make all us mancats proud!!!!

    Little Shelly's heart is going pitty-pat, pitty-pat, and we're sure all the gals are feeling that way.

    Please know that we are not happy at all with our mama.....we have been visiting but she doesn't always leave comments.....something to do with arthur visiting her?????? Her hands????? Some humans will use any old excuse!!!!!!!


  25. That is some super awesome mancat action going on right there. : )

  26. our crazypants theo never seems to rest. i think i'd prefer your style of craziness.

  27. That looks very comfy. Just think, you can snooze and nibble without moving. Bliss :) xx

  28. That looks so comfy--we are jealous that you have such a cool spot to rest.

  29. Hi and thanks so much for visiting my blog, I am sure my little kitty will love to come visit you herself when she arrives. Hope i havent disturbed you from your grass bed, you look sooooo comfy.

    all the best

  30. Wowie, Maui, that's some long pit hair! We think it's funny that you lay on the grass to sleep - it's probably pretty cool there! It's not cool, though, that you're probably sleeping in pee. Ewww.

  31. That looks like a fine patch of grass to nap in! There has to be at least one crzypants in the family!

  32. I think you just made a lot of lady cats swoon. I love your napping spot and you sure look comfy in it.. Hugs GJ x

  33. Oh Maui..I am swooning just a little here. I wonder if Rupert would care to show HIS armpit furs?

  34. Maui you are a crazypants! Devon says his armpit hair isn't long, but it is completely white and really stands out against his black furs...wonder if the ladies will find that as attactive?

  35. Ok, this is hilarious! Your sleeping spot is really special. And wow are your armpit hairs long! Mine are only like 1/4 an inch. What does that say about me?

  36. Four inches??? Ours are much shorter. Now you have made us feel very inadequate!
    Your grassy bed looks lovely and comfy but that is not so good that someone peed in it.

  37. Oh Maui
    You are one terrific crazypants mancat!


  38. There is nothing better than wind blowing on your whisker holes!

  39. Wowie. You do have long armpit hair!

  40. It's important to rest up between bouts of crazypantsness! You are very handsome Maui. You can come ping off our walls any time!

  41. It's very impawtant to get your rest Maui, so you are ready to cause crazypants mayhem at a moments notice! You have gorgeous tummy furs..and armpit furs **giggles**

    Pip, Smdgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  42. Oh, great, Maui! The Human is getting all sappy and melty looking at you, so now she thinks she can try to pick me up and cuddle me. As if! Thanks, ya big lug!

  43. What a great place to have a nap!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  44. Man, we wish we had a bed of grass to sleep on!! That must be awesome, Maui!!

  45. Oh, the pictures here at Katnip Lounge - they're always wonderful!!

    And what a wonderful bed for Maui. Take a nap, take a nibble.

  46. You are so cute ~ you make me laugh! That looks like a fun place to nap ~ brown spots and all! :)
    xo Catherine

  47. Adorable pics!!! Mom loves them!
    And Chester is sorta a crazypants kinda kitty too!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!