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Thursday, April 21, 2011

All Around the House


Mommy here.

Since The Baby is too naughty to go outside sleeping I thought I'd take all y'all outside to show you around the entire yard.

The Kat House...
the only legal one in Clark County!

Coming up the drive.

The front entryway; the front patio is on the left.

Looking across the front yard from the driveway.

The canary palm from the patio,

...and the Mexican Primrose below it!  Primrose is invasive, but so far we're enjoying being invaded.  It won't go any farther than the irrigation system.
We hope.

The front yard from the opposite direction; look, there's the HMS Tuna in the driveway!

The side yard.
Scott (Daddy) picked up the ornamental plum as a raggety-looking twig at an end-of-year sale a few seasons ago and it's doing beautifully.  He's a plant as well as a Cat whisperer.

Approaching the new sitting area.

The new spot to hang out!  The lantana garden on the left is a work in progress, as is the new garden in the corner.  If I can ever find a harness that The Baby can't escape I know she'll enjoy spending time here, stalking her Evil Nemesis, Mister Hummerbird.

Turning around, the view back down the side of the house.
Living on the corner we lucked out by getting a nice wide side yard and not just an alleyway.  Even though our property is small it feels spacious because of the few extra feet.

The Back yard from the bench area.  Henry's Hut is way down at the end,  The Baby's Lime Lemon Tree is on the right, and the under-construction lantana garden on the left.

A different angle, taken from the bench.

Finally, the most important bed of all, the Cat Nip bed!

Kitties, I hope you enjoyed the tour, and to see more gardens and gardening posts visit Jonsie and follow the links!

Happy Thursday!

XX  The Mommy  XX


  1. Somewhere in the desert the Evil Primrose cackles... it'll be in your bedroom in no time...

  2. Oh my! Catnip bed? I'd like to order one, purrrrlease! purrr....meow!

  3. Oh such a lovely sunny area you have!

  4. Mommy said when look at your house, it's hard to tell your pawsrents got 13 cats in there.
    My Mom love your entry ..Look so welcome, and it's hard to believe your house is in the dessert.
    Me !...Of course, Catio and Catnip Bed will be the high light : )

    We both love your garden, It's lovely and look so clean


  5. That is a pawsome garden tour! Your yard is so beautiful and neat and tidy...unlike our unruly wild and crazy yard.



  6. Your yard is so beautifully landscaped! It looks perfectly suited to the desert landscape.

  7. We sure did like the tour : ) It looks like alot of love gets put in your yard : ) Our mom is working on the garden (its been almost two years that she has been working on it).We will see when she gets done with it.

  8. Thanks for the tour! There really is no clue of the mayhem that goes on inside!

  9. What a Great Tour !!
    Luv da Plum tree,,,, Your dad iz a plant whisperer Woww! And you haz a Catnip Garden Best of All!!!......
    I have been tryin to get da mom to make one, we haz only 1 Big plant most definately NOT enough.
    You live in a Really Cool place~
    Purrz ~

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  11. We'd like to sleep in da catnip bed if dat's okay. Man, yoor yard makes ours look like a hayfield. Mom better get on it, just as soon as it gets warmer, if it ever gets warm here again...

  12. You have such a pretty garden! We enjoyed the tour and we wish we had a catnip garden!

  13. Wow your Yard is quite impressive. - I'd like to come over and check it all out, up close and personal.


  14. Wethinks there is ample catio-expansion space. Ample. What is your Daddy waiting for ?

  15. Bonjour mommy there!
    Thanks so much for these lovely pictures!
    Your place is adorable and we are enchanted by your garden!
    Happy Easter to you all!

  16. OMC! We SO enjoyed that garden tour! Trubble is ... now our mommy wants to do a gardening tour post!
    Wot has The Baby done that's norty?

  17. You gorgeous kitties of Katnip Lounge have the COOLEST most AWESOMEnest Garden and Home EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow - it's gorgeous!! Me and Charlie love these pics!!! Yay for mum and dad!!! We hope The Baby will get to sit on that bench one day - now for some clever person to invent a The Baby proof harness!! Yay! take care

  18. We love your garden! We hope The Baby will be able to enjoy it again soon!

  19. Wow ................
    Mom, we are moving ...

    Love, Lucky & Co.

  20. You have stunning landscaping. Your daddy does a beautiful job and to look at his work makes me think it was done by a professional. A lot of work went into your yard, and you can tell it has been a labor of love for him.

  21. The Mexican Primrose is beautiful. We just love it. We would like to be invaded by it too. We also noticed the spectacular view of the mountain you have from your yard. And the seating area looks like a wonderful spot to relax.

  22. You have a really wonderful property with lovely gardens. You've all put a lot of hard work and love into it and it shows!

    -Fuzzy Tales

  23. What a beautiful garden... I love a corner lot too! I would take being invaded by primrose over weeds any day - LOL! Btw, where on earth did you find such a huge blue cat?!?!? :-)

  24. how do i tip the tour guide?

  25. Thank you for the most enjoyable and beautiful tour of your gardens. Cat Dad not only is a very skillful Cat apparatus carpenter, he is also a master gardner!! Be sure to remember him on Father's Day.
    Hugs Madi

  26. Wowser, you hooomans sure have a nice outside area as well as that wonderful catio. We love all your outside trees, bushes and flowers. It is so nice. Thanks for the great tour.

  27. Wow, your yard and gardens are beautiful and so neat and orderly!

  28. We loved looking all round your garden - it is a beautiful place and so tidy. We liked those primroses - it may be invasive but it is pretty.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  29. Your place is so pretty and any one of the garden scenes would make a beautiful painting!

  30. What a lovely garden. Mom said the front was great when she saw it - then it got dark so it is nice to get the full tour!!

  31. :::
    Wowzers! What a great yard! Yous is such lucky cats! And all that sun! Me thinks the sun has forgot where me lives.

  32. I love your garden. I so wish I could have a garden again. I'm not much of a gardener, but I miss having that feeling of space around me. A tree for shade and a comfy chair to read in...ah, it would be bliss.

  33. Uh oh now Mom wants to move in too! All because it looks super nice and warm!

  34. Great tour!
    The front looks so inviting with all the plantings and landscaping.
    You *are* lucky with the side yard. The homes we've looked at in Phoenix all have a little bitty bit on each side.
    Love the new bench area too.
    Perfect for a Marg and a good book!

  35. You have a beautiful home and garden!! I can't wait to have my own someday. You are some lucky kitties (and parents!)

  36. Lovely! But we still like your catio the best!

  37. A truly beautiful place. We hope y'all get many contented years of enjoyment from it.

  38. Wow! Thanks for the marvelous tour of your stunning garden. It feels very magical to me, and it must have been quite difficult to grow plants in that environment, but of course you've purchased just the right ones.

    Indeed Dad must be a plant whisperer! Perhaps his skills extend to all living things!

    And as for The Baby, I would recommend a dog harness actually. We have one for Dante -- not because he escapes, but because he's too large for the kitty ones. I'm sure they must have dog harnesses for really little dogs, so therefore something to fit The Baby. Those dog harnesses are pretty well iron clad.

    Your home is amazing inside and out -- it should be in House Beautiful as well as Cat Fancy!

  39. Oooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That is a pawsome yard!!!
    We really like the catnip garden!!!!!
    That would be a fun place to hang out,heehee
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  40. I loved the tour of your yard, and I think your landscaping (the plants and the hardscape) is fabulous. We're so humid and tropical here, a dry desert climate looks wonderful.

  41. Thank you for the great tour of yer yard. It is SO differnt from ours. We mean, like, yours is organized and stuff...

  42. You guys have a beautiful place; thanks for the lovely tour!...kisses to all 13 of you!!...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  43. Woo hoo
    We loved our tour!
    What a fabulous gardening post.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  44. Now, see? If my mom could've made our old yard as pretty, maybe she wouldn't have gotten routinely cranky about yard work! Yours is very beautiful!

  45. Your people are wonderful gardeners! What a lovely place to hang out!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  46. Thanks for showing us around your yard! We felt like we were walking through for real!!

  47. your home is beautiful! I sooo enjoyed the tour! Everything is so meticulous, how do you have the time????????

  48. Wow, you live in a beautiful garden paradise! I'm so jealous :D

  49. So much beautiful sun in your yard ~ what a great place to live I think!
    xo Catherine

  50. Your house and yard and catio suit me just fine... (When can I become #14?)


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!