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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Widebody Wednesday



Grayce here.
Petting = Punctures

It's been a whole year since I had two bladder stones removed and Mommy switched us all over to wet food.  Since then not only have I NOT had a bladder infection, I've trimmed down over a pound and found new energy and zest for life!  Mommy and Daddy sometimes wonder if they brought home the same kitty, I'm so crazypants, running around like my tail's on fire.  I'm the right kitty, though--I like to give the bitey!  Hard.

I have hips!

At first I didn't realize that wet food was "food" and I refused to eat it!  Mommy had to sprinkle crushed kibble dust on the stinky goodness to get me to eat it.  That lasted about two weeks.  Nowadays I shout at Mommy in the morning while she's smashing up our breakfast and follow her around to each feeding station to see which flavor is going where.
Don't get me wrong, I still love kibble, but I gotta admit it's nice to have the spunk to play, and no dandruff!  We are all softer, happier, and less hefty.

Well, MOST of us are less hefty...
Who're you calling hefty!?!

ha ha ha!

Happy Wednesday!

XX  Grayce  XX


  1. Hi Grayce! Hmmm, I wonder if that wet food thing would work with my mom...

  2. MOL...for Salem : )

    Grayce, This is really great post !
    I learn a lot from you !!!

    Thank You

    Ps : We might interview your mom or you some times for the tip to help us kitties stay strong : )

  3. I'm on a combo of wet/dry food. Sometimes I like the wet, sometimes I get picky with it. It's kinda hard to eat for me cuz i have no toothies. The kibble (small size) is much easier for me to eat.

  4. Yay for such a successful food switch! I made the switch to grain-free food recently; the cats get half kibble and half canned. Scarlett's energy level has really improved, and her coat is super soft. Melly, well, her energy level couldn't possibly have gotten higher and her coat was already very soft.

  5. You look gorgeous there Miss Grayce. Bladder stones sound nasty and we are glad you have so much more energy than before. And those hips....... swoonies.

  6. Tuxie bellies rock...or that's what Bennette says anyway!

    We get both wet and dry food, but we sure holler for our wet food first thing in the at 5:01am!

  7. Oh yes, da stinky, gooshy foods is deelishus! But, mommy hasta leave kibble out fur Zippy, she's 14 and won't eat enuff wet food to keep her healthy so...Our foods is all grain free tho and really good fur us.

  8. We are so glad you like your stinky goodness, Grayce. We think you look great!

  9. We only eat wet food here, and it works for us! None of us are overweight! And our fur feels wonderful to the touch, at least according to my human. (I think it tastes better when I bathe!)

  10. We love our wet food, and only eat a little kibble. But it drives Mom crazy that we change our minds about which flavors we'll eat all the time. She says if we were part of a big group of cats like at your lounge, we would accept whatever was put down. But, without competition, we are picky and spoiled.

  11. Grayce, You KNOW I love the Bitey, but Salem's not "hefty"! She (and her little legs too) is JUICY!

  12. My cats were only used to wet food, dry food wasn't in fashion at all. Once I bought some and ever since Pookie and Rosie only eat dry food while Arthur and Kim only wet food !

  13. It is really wonderful that the switch to wet food has made such a difference. You looks gorgeous, Grayce.

  14. We are so happy that wet food has been so succesful for yoo all. We have wet food all the time.

  15. Hubba-hubba Miss Grayce!!! You are indeed looking svelte and ever so gorgeous!! Woo-hoo!! Me and Charlie are swooning!!! :-)

    Salem!! You are one HOT mama!! Take care

  16. YaY - a whole pound! You can fit into that tiny black dress again! ;)

  17. Grayce I love your pose in that first shot, you are very beautiful and smart girl!

  18. I get wet food for dinner every night. It's my favourite time of day!

  19. Grayce, I had bladder stones too! Only I had a bunch of little tiny ones all stuck together. My Mommeh thought dry food was good. Now we never eat dry kibble, we have either raw food or grain-free canned food, and my bladder is all better too!

  20. It's amazing what dropping a pound or two can do for your energy. Just think, my Banjo was 30 lbs and now he is 18 lbs. Talk about your crazy pants!!!

    Bladder stones ~ not fun!!! Glad the wet food is working for you!

    Happy Wednesday kitties!
    xo Catherine

  21. My kitty is so different- she doesn't like fish. The only canned food she can eat without barfing is FF grilled chick. and I feel like I am feeding her twinkies if I feed her that :(
    what are your babies eating?

  22. That is a very good thing, fit and trim and full of energy!!!

  23. Salem - take no notice of Grayce - she's just feeling so good because she has slimmed and has sexy hips.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  24. We are glad you are healthy and happy Grayce :-)

  25. I know all about that petting = punctures thing! (don't I, Elizabeth?)

  26. So that is where Little Miss BG learned about the bitey, from you Grayce. She must have been over here reading the blog. Does your human do anything to you when you put the bitey on her. You do look all nice and svelt now. Have a great day.

  27. Very timely post Miss Grayce.
    I had my checkup yesterday and mom & the v-e-t talked diet AGAIN!
    Plus, one day a couple months ago Scout was running up the stairs in front of Mom and she noticed his sides bulge out. Alot. That sneaked up on her she had no idea he was gaining until she had that perspective.

  28. You are looking great, Grayce! We eat just wet food too, and maintain our weights (and can even have a few treats).

  29. Yes, Grayce, you look nice and sleek there. I think there is a trend away from from the kibbles now, though they used to say (the vets) that was the way to go.

    We tried out holistic kibble and Dylan has been losing some of his excess weight on it. Of course, he is also fed the wet stuff. Low carb -- what can you say?

    And Salem -- don't let them call you husky -- you're just totally well-proportioned!

  30. Hi Grayce,
    My my you are looking very sleek that you have a new lease on life you can take a walk on the cat walk like the supermodel you are!!
    Hugs Madi

  31. Grace, you're looking pretty svelte now a days.

    Glad to know the wet food took care of your problems. Do you like any special wet food better than another?

  32. We get wet and dry foods, and we love it!!!!!

  33. Your mums tip worked and you are now a healthy boy. Looks as though you are a happy one too and thats great.. Hugs GJ x

  34. Grayce - you sure are looking good; and whats more important is that your feeling better too.
    I get a half can of wet food every morning and evening - A few Party Mix treats first thing in the morning and there is always a bowl with dry food in it if I get hungry. But I'm only 2 years old so I still burn a lot off running around the house and outside. I suppose as I get older Pellie will limit the amount of dry food I get too.


  35. Grayce
    You are so beautiful and svelte too!
    We are happy you've been able to drop a pound and still enjoy all of your foods.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  36. Hi ya, Grayce! We love our wet foods...and our mom wishes we would give up our dry foods. But we love our dry foods too and just won't let mom stop buying it for us. But we only eat grain free so she's okay with that.

    We're glad you like your wet foods now too!!

  37. WOO HOOOOO! Dis is da greatest noos we haf heard from da cat blogosphere in a long time! We are so happy for yoo all!
    We eat raw chick-hen and turkey mostly and good stinky goodness. We gets some organix treats jus cuz and it's grain free. Akshully I gets it mostly, Angie gets da itchies when she eats dem. Eating no dry foods also helps so owr peoples cat allergic friends can come over and dey haf no problems at all.

  38. Grayce, you are looking fit and trim! And isn't it pawsome to have all that energy? :)

  39. Wet food is the best, but we like a few biscuits to keep our teeth clean. Now if you're going to talk rost chikkun :-)

  40. Hi gorgeous Grayce! You look great! And isn't it wonderful to have so much energy? I eat both wet and dry food. I like them both! xoxo

  41. So, uh Grayce....I kinda got gray fur...wanna share a food dish??? My human, gives us wet food and my Blue Buffalo kibble. She says our fur is really, Grayce.....


    PS. We have a 'hefty' cat in our house too. Does our house shake when your helfty cat runs..:)

  42. Grayce, you are so beautiful and Grayce, looks like someone is kinda in love with you there..Noir the Texas Tabby..♥

  43. We only get the dry crunchies as a treat. Which is OK cuz we know the stinky goodness is best for us.


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