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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whitey Wednesday


The Baby here.
I'm hiding my face...
...because I'm about to tell you a deep dark Family Secret.

Something that only Mommy, Daddy and Us Cats know. 
Oh, I don't know if I can do this!

What's that?  I HAVE to?
Mommy, I'm a Cat.  I don't HAVE to do anything. 
WHAT?  No treats?  
OK, here it is.

I, The Baby, have 582 names!
Here are just a few:

The Baby
Bibbly Wibbly
The Bibs
Olde Whitey
Bad Whitey
Olde Grizzled Whitey
Olde Grizz

So now you know Our Family Secret.  Please don't tell anybody, it's pretty hard to breathe with my head crammed in the box corner.

Happy Wednesday!

XX  The Baby XX


  1. Miss The Baby, we, too, have a lot of names - most of them are just plain silly. Maybe we'll have our Mom make a post of them, just so you won't feel as bad.

  2. What our humans call us is nothing to be ashamed of- it's just a cross we have to bear, to indulge them so we get lots of treats. It's time to come out of the box and start Bibbling, I mean breathing.

  3. Don't worry, Bibbles...I mean, Baby! We won't say a word!

  4. Can I call you Bad Whitey? The Human thinks that sounds like a character in a Stephen King novel.

    I don't have too many names, but one of them is Spotty, not because I HAVE any spots, but because spell check often changes Spitty to Spotty, ha ha ha.

  5. I think this is just what humans do, The Baby. At least no name has the word "pee" in it!

    P.S. I like Bibbles!

  6. Having lots of pet nick names - is nothing to be ashamed of - Heck I have a few and some can not even be mentioned in polite society. But really - I don't care as long as they don't forget to feed me & give me treats.


  7. Ah, it's a human thing. We keeping saying dat dey is weerd, why doesn't anyone lissen! Um, just so you don't feel so bad Speedy sed we can tell you dat before he was nootered mom called him "Balsy Palsy" 'cuz, well he had some and he acted goofy. Now she calls him Pooflinger okashunally.

  8. You don't want to know some of the names the publicist calls Sherpa the Farm cat....

  9. My lips are sealed! I have to tell you, though, we humans are pretty fond of giving our kitties ridiculous names.

  10. Don't worry, Baby, I think all us cats have a bunch of names, and one of them is always BAD.

    Of course, I ain't tellin' what mine are!

  11. MOL..I never see anyone hide the face like that..Sorry, The Baby...It looks so funny..heh..heh.
    About the secret of the family,...OMC ! 582 names !! how you can remember it all..But some of your name, My dad calls me some time " Bad " That's the one !

  12. Not to worry The Baby, my Skipper has many names as well. Love your photos, so cute!!

  13. I dont think bad anything should be on the list. Not YOUR name list!

  14. Awwww The Baby!! Me and Charlie would like to add "Bombastic Beautiful Babe"! :-) Take care

  15. We have lotsa names too ~ and sum of them are VERY embarrassing: "furry-bum" being one!

    Alfie xx

  16. Just as long as you spell it right. I like the extra "e" in Olde. See, Booe-Booe? That's class. No need to be ashamed.

  17. We promise we won't say a thing. We have nicknames too, but definitely not 582. :-D

    P.S. The most embarrassing one was for Chumley: Chumley Bumley. The mom would call him that because she'd have his hind end and tummy shaved a few times a year (because he'd mat up so badly). So he'd be sporting a bare bum a lot!

  18. No reason to be ashamed! Marmie has crazy names for me too. Bubber Tiddle? How is that even related to the name Link Bartholomew??

  19. Not to worry ~ Banjo has a few names too: Hey Mister! Banjee, Banjereeno, Bad Kitty, Bad Bad Kitty.... ;)

    Happy Day!
    xo Catherine

  20. We very much hope that "Beautiful" and "Babe" are included in the 582!

    The Chans

  21. Oh Noooos Baby, one of your names is BAD. That just won't do. You need to rise up and complain big time about that one. All the others are kind of OK.
    Take care and have a great Wednesday

  22. The Baby...we have a kazillion names too. It means your mom and dad LOVE you lots! Either that or they are just plain crazypants. Or both.

    xoxo Cory Mitten Kitten

  23. i can't imagine the scenario where someone would call you that last name...

  24. Don't worry Baby. We each have at least 20 names and not all of them nice!

  25. Don't worry - we have lots of other names too. Mostly we are sure mom thinks we all have the same name: "HEY!!!"

  26. Well Baby I'll tell you what an old mand told me one time...he said he didn't care what I called him, as long as I called him to dinner!!
    MOL Madi

  27. Baby - how did you get so many silly names - and we thought we were unlucky with our mum and her silly names for us!!!!!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  28. Your secret is safe with us!

    Thank you for thinking of our Chica and sending her purrs. She continues to improve.

  29. Time to start coming up with some names for the humans....or have you already?
    Revenge is sweet!

  30. Baby, it sure must be hard remembering all those names. I hope you don't have an identity crisis not knowing which one you are. You are just beautiful Baby.

  31. Awwwwwwwwwww, Baby, it's Sammy here, and I can totally relate......I have more nicknames than there are M & M's!!!!! It can get confusing, but mostly some of them can be mighty embarrassing!!!!!!!

    I send you my love and understanding, beautiful Baby.


  32. Nicknames are a good thing Baby, but what are the rest of yours?

  33. Oh The are so delicate looking and so extra beautiful no one will ever mind your extra names. (I have some too...some awful ones..not feminine or delicate at ALL!) Some are silly, like Miss Catt.

  34. Oh all those pet names are a sure sign of how much the humans love you Bibbly Boo (that's probably one your Mom didn't bother listing).You should hold your head up high!We have at least 4562 nicknames between all of us!!
    the critters in The Cottage

  35. Special kitties get lots of names The Baby so you're just EXTRA-special!

  36. don't worry Baby. me finks dat most fur-babies gets lots of names... and I heard even hooman ones too! does your mohmee every get confused and call you everybodys name until she gets it correct? that happens here all da time!

  37. There is nothing wrong with having 582 names! We think it is great!

  38. Don't worry, Baby. That just means you are super special in the eyes of your mom and dad. :)

    We have about a gazillion nicknames, too...

  39. Oh dont worry I wont tell a sole.. I think you look kinda cute in that box. I think we all have several names depending on what we have or have not done.mol.. Hugs GJ xx

  40. Nicknames mean they LOVE U, the more nicknames U has the more they LOVE U.

  41. That's a LOT of names. Do yous answer to every singe one of them?

  42. We got extra names too, but sure not as many as YOU do! TBT wouldnt even be able ta remember that many.

  43. Hi The Baby!! I love your photos that you are hiding your face :-)
    My kids have several different names too. I sometimes call them "My Baby."
    But...582!! Oh, not that many!! I wonder if your brothers and sisters have many names as well.

  44. Oh, don't worry The Baby! That just means they loves you lots and lots!

  45. Great new background!

    Don't be ashamed, we know all those nicknames mean love!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  46. My special names are too embarrassing to say...



  47. The Baby, I feel your pain. Humans just can't resist giving us kitties embarrassing names. My brofur and sisfurs have a bunch of nicknames too...most of our nicknames include the words "pumpkin", "poodle", "pants", and/or "doodle". Now, that's embarrassing! We're pretty sure your mommy and daddy give you lots of names because they love you so much. You are clearly very loved.

  48. Ok... I don´t tell any word about this fact! Kisses Bibbles!

  49. BAD seemz to be a Very popular name,,, we thinks it iz a term of endearment cauze we all get called dat,,,, plus lotz of other namez too,,, some not very nice.
    da mom iz Amazed dat we all know all of owr "nicknamez" geesh!! what duz she think we dumb?!? humanz..... good thin she can't understand Mieow,,, you should hear da "nicknamez" we haz for her......mol

  50. Wow! We love your blog! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi to us. You're the first blog that has more cats than we do (although not by much).

    And Baby, don't worry. We all have silly names that the humans give us. At least you're not called Stiggie-pookie-kins. :P

  51. Don't worry, your secret is safe. Plus we all have funny names our beans call us.

  52. Beans are so silly with all the names! We answer best to food.

  53. The Baby, your secret is safe with us!! But we don't know about the other 6,783 cats that saw this post.

  54. Our paws are cwossed to keep da seecwet! Wees hab awot of names but Moms mostest fabowite is "Get Off"

    Get off the table
    Get off the TV
    Get off the counter
    Get. off the cabinet
    Get off the banister.

  55. Ha ha ha ha ha! Theese is awesome! Finally someone more off their rocker than my Human!

  56. *MOL* I say like Mr Puddy = Sorry for laughing , but you look so cute in the box :)
    528 nicknames that is a LOT !!!
    Cant either understand how you can remember them all ??!!

  57. You is beautiful in all your 'NOM de Plumes'.
    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  58. Baby, maybe you can ask for more nom-noms for each of your names. If you can't beat'em try to play the system.


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