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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fun Felix Facts!


 Felix here.
I'm here to tell you a buncha stuff about me, but FIRST...we got a fun award  from Lars and James!
Thanks, guys!
These fun Bengal Kitten Tots just arrived in their forever home five days ago--go on over visit!

1.  I'm the reason Mommy started our blog!  
I tore the cruciate ligament in my knee and Mommy started blogging to connect with other kitty parents for help and support.  We had lurked for years, and commented here and there, but my knee sent her over the edge.  The blogging edge, that is.

2.  I like to get high.
I'm not a huge nip fan, but when Daddy picks fresh stuff he rubs it on my gums...and I get all silly afterwards!  
Funny how that happens.

3.  I Do Not Go into the laundry room.

4.  I love to chew paper, and my favorite paper of all is WAX paper.
The way it crinkles in my mouth is so very pleasing.

5.  I'm a lazybones!

Srsly lazy.
At least during the day.  At night I turn into a crazycat, run laps on the skyways, play and chirp and scuffle!  I NEED to sleep during the day to recharge.

6.  I love the ESS.

7.  I mostly like to play solo, but now that Sylvester is here I have a playmate! 
We play two games:
  Who can Stare & Creep Each-Other Out First.

8.  Mommy requires close supervision at her desk.
I help her pay bills by chewing on them.

9.  I LOVE to be spun around in boxes!  I request Carnival Rides fairly often.

I get all dizzy... 
...and then I have to run to the litterboxpool and poop!

10.  It's true I'm a cranky, cantankerous Cat. 
But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a good joke!

Happy Wednesday!

Tomorrow KonaKitty Speaks up...

XX  Felix  XX


  1. Oh Felix we think you sound like a fun kitty....who doesn't like a good box spin now and again!!!

  2. Felix, I was right there with ya till that wacko box spinning stuff! See, that's why I won't even get NEAR to getting inside a box. Something totally objectionable might happen.
    Otherwise? You're a cool guy :-)

  3. Lotsa stuff we didn't know about you, Felix. Pretty interesting stuff. We thinks you would be fun to play with. Have a great day. See you tomorrow!

  4. Wow Felix, if yoo really wanna go on a carnival ride yoo should join Zippy in da "chair of death" ride. She lays on da stool chair (really it's an old office chair wif da back missing) and one of da beans spins her around and around and den she sits der wif her head bouncing and her eyes all funny. She don't head fur da litter box after tho...

  5. Those were very fun facts Felix! I wonder if the bills humans see your teethmarks and know they had better not overcharge your humans, ever.

  6. Congrats on your very nice award! And now what is up with the laundry room?!

  7. Felix - you are so very cute. So what if you get a little ornry now and then. It give you character.

  8. Felix, some say I am a cranky cat, but I purrfur to think of it as I know what I want, and when I want it....and when I want it, I want it now! ~~Junior

    You look very comfy on your ESS. ~~Orion

  9. Felix, you sound like a very fun Mancat! We giggled at your carnival ride making you have to poop! MOL! We're still giggling!

  10. Ah. This is side of Felix I never knew! The ESS fits you perfectly! Why don't you ever enter the laundry room???

  11. Felix you look like a wild animal cat. You are very handsome!

  12. Felix, we love the picture of you on the Ess! It's nice you have a new friend in Sylvester :)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  13. Congratulations on your award, to alls you guys We just wuz Felix...and that ESS. That looks pretty comfy. We has to show that to our Mumsy. We so glad you gots a playfriend now. We can't imagine no one to play with :-0

  14. Hi again, we had to come back on-accounta we meant to tell you, yes, Odysseus is still a great Explorer. She's so pleased you asked. Thank you. She kinda shy too so when she gets caught exploring sometimes, she makes a face and runs to Mumsy. Well, unless it was Mumsy what found hers exploring. Then she just runs around, then falls over in one of her "aren't-I-so-cute" routines. Which, we know she practices 'cos we seen her ;-)

    We hope you has a happy!

  15. We see no evidence that you are cranky pants at all. And that picture of your naughty knee brought back many memories - shudder! We like the idea of catnip in the gums - that's serious stuff.

  16. Hi Felix you are a super cat, love your carry case! :)

  17. Awww Felix, you sound like a fun kitty, enjoy your day :)xx

  18. OMC !!! Felix

    I love the privilege services you got from your mommy !!
    Your box look like a royal carrier and you look like A KING ! But seems King Felix don't like the good ride !

    I'm so impressed about how your mommy started this blog. I don't know how to explain . I just know you are so special !!!


  19. We love the way how you use the Ess!

  20. Felix dear,
    People say, in ancient Rome, your name was the cognomen of Sulla the Dictator. But you're not a dictator, right? You're the fun in the sun sort of kitty, I think. purrr....meow!

  21. Oh Felix I think you should patent your cure for constipation!

    Well done on the award :D

  22. Felix, we enjoyed all those fun facts abowt yoo. Milo likes to be spun around too, in a shopping bag!

    Love Alfie xx

  23. Mr Felix!! You are the Walter Matthau of the Katnip Lounge! You play grouchy but are a softie inside!! Yay!! Take care

  24. I liked all the stuff about you Felix. I am wondering why you do not go in the laundry room? Perhaps the laundry soap makes you sneeze. ;)
    xo Catherine

  25. What a lot of stuff we learned about you Felix - we'll have to try getting spun round if we get constipated!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  26. Felix, I am a paper chewing fanatic myself. Marmie's bills and doctor records are my favorites! MAybe it's the orange in us.

  27. Dear Kitties, Miles and I are really enjoying these purrsonal portrayals of each and every one of you. all of you are the best kitties we know that all live together. You mom and dad must be very tired.

    We gave your web page to our neighbor friend, Donna. She used ta live right next door (with the byootiful girls and the puffcookie boy) and they had to move out because the lease was up, so they thankfully only moved a few hundred zillion kitty steps away (up the street and down the street)
    So, Missie Donna loves your blog. She will come and look at every page. She emailed my mom and said she thought your house was so pretty and so cool. Her hubby is very handy dandy and he will probably be getting a long list of projects thanks to your bloggie.

    bonks to all of you.
    ps: mom has been so busy. We hope all is well at your place.

    more bonks

  28. glad you came along so that your mom started blogging.

  29. We've loved this series, maybe you need to get some extra cats to keep it going?

  30. You are a funny guy, Felix! Getting spun in a box, really, that's fun? We wouldn't think so.

  31. Congrats on the great award! Those were fun to read Felix and I'm glad your knee is okay now!

  32. Bonjour sweet Felix, I'm really impressed with your words!You do lots of work there and I love your pictures!
    Congratulations for the cool award!

  33. What a great idea to have a box spin. Bet none of the guys and gals here would let Mom do that to them. We are too big of scarity cats. We don't think you look too cranky. We all get cranky sometimes. Glad you keep track of that Mom. She does need watching.

  34. Felix you don't seem cantankerous to us at all! Maybe slightly eccentric. After all, there aren't too many cats who go for a box spin and then crap (excuse or frankly speaking talk).
    the critters in The Cottage

  35. Hi Felix, I liked getting to know you better! I love the picture of you wif the wax paper! I don't think I would like the box spin, but I guess I won't know until I try. So many kitties have an ESS, maybe I should get one!

  36. You seem like a brilliant cat even with your cantankerousness (I think I just invented a word!?!)
    That last picture is so funny.

  37. I love to go for rides in boxes too! I prefer to sit in the box and then have my dad push me full speed across the room, so much fun! I also like it when the box spins around in circles. Good to know there are other crazy kitties out there like me!

  38. Really love that picture of you on the Ess!
    These were all interesting things about you!

  39. Felix what a fun 10 facts but you forgot a very important are a very handsome Ginger kitty.

    I like the Ess thingy. It looks kind of like a tv tray you are all propped up looking sharpt. I'm going to have a chat with my assistant.
    Hugs Madi

  40. Felix, we loved learning all those things about you! And that picture of you in the ESS is the BEST, dude! :)

  41. Nice to meet you Felix. Here, pull on my paw. HAH, I got you! Love your cat tree.

  42. Hello Felix, nice to meet you :) Kim

  43. We don't think you are lazy. You are just conserving your energy for when you need it.

  44. Aww, you're not really cranky!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  45. Felix you are one lucky cat. Could you come over here and chew up our bills for us????

  46. Felix we are sorry you were hurt but we are happy because if it hadn't been for you, then your Mommy never would have started her blog which we love!

  47. Oh Felix you a very interesting boy!
    in-fact you All are quite the Bunch,,,, we see why efuryopne luvz you all so much ^..^

    And 'bout the wax paper thing ,,,,, Really???

    You are such a Silly Crankypantz ^..^
    Da mom sayz you can come ofur and shred ::ahem:: pay some billz here

    You are such a good boy Felix ^..^
    Headbuttz ~

  48. Felix, that was fun!! We love how you use that ESS!! You use all of it, don't you??

  49. I have clipped this post for Bean's attention. One, an ESS is required for this house. Two, I ordinarily give other beans zero credit for anything, but care after surgery looks important -- so I want this Bean to take notice if that need should ever be required here. It may well come to that. Given My athletic endeavors. And three, if Bean's knickers are that much in a wad about bills, Felix shows the way. Why are things so always so knarled up, with beans? I don't really understand -- but with all the support and guidance offered by the 13 tails of the Catio, plus Moi, surely some light can dawn somewhere. --Bugs

  50. We remember when we first met you Felix!

    Mom is loving learning all about you and your family and now she's thinking she needs to do the same with us!

  51. Felix, we LOVE the picture of you in the ESS! You look rather angelic! :)

  52. Sure like that Ess, and very glad your owie is all better now.

  53. Cool that the blog started because of you!
    Mine did too, hee hee!

  54. Felix, we knew that you were the reason the Lounge Kats have a blog! We're very sorry you had to have a surgery, but we're SO GLAD YOU HAVE A BLOG! It's neat that you and Sylvester like to play, but it's CRAZY that you like Carnival Rides!

  55. Sorry Felix but I cant stop smiling at the picture of you after your box spinning carnival ride . . . you look all shook up!

    Hugs and snuggles


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