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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Grayce Tells All, or at Least Ten Things...


Today's my Day!

It's ME, Grayce!
And I'm here to toot my own horn...

1.  My first fact is a tiny bit embarrassing: 
 I'm a Farty Cat.
Pick me up and squeeze me at your peril, People!

I share a common interest with Salem: 
2.  I LOVE Nip!
And valerian root.

Allow me to demonstrate. 
This Punkin is filled with Nip, and I'm CRAZYPANTS!
When I get all worked up I go THUNDERING through the house, skidding around corners and bounding over furniture and siblings bum over teakettle.  
One of my nicknames is "Graycer-Racer".

3.  I have sharp white fangs! 
I like to bite.
4.  ::whispers::  I have pink nimples!

5.  I often am confused with my Brother Rupert. 
I'm the one on front!
In fact, we BOTH get called "Dusty"  who was the Grey Cat who Came Before.

6.  I am a Lap Kitty. 
Not only do I enjoy biting, I like to make endless biscuits on laps (and chestal protuberances) using my incredibly sharp claws.  As an added bonus, I take forever to settle in.
Good times.

I love treats and I mastered the Evil Treat Box toot sweet! 
7.  I ate kibble for the first few years of my life.  I had dandruff, was tubby, and had TWO bladder stones!  Mommy switched us to wet food after I had my stones removed.  Now I'm sleek, slim, and I pee like a champ.
Recently we've been allowed to eat kibble again, but I prefer stinky goodness for the most part.
I don't like People food, except maybe a bite of beef now and again, 'specially if it's pot roast.

8.  The skin on my face and in my ears is mauve and pink.  Mommy thinks it's pretty unusual, do any of you kitties have skin like mine?

9.  I like to watch the birds...
...but I'm not an avid hunter.

10.   I DO have a fine set of lasers, though! 
Here I'm using them to subdue Johnny and CC.

Phew!  I'm tired.
Time for a funny face and a nap in MY bed.

C'mon back tomorrow to learn about Felix...

XX  Grayce  XX


  1. Whew, that was a good one, Grayce. Interesting things, too. Mom thinks your first pic looks like you're yelling. Be back tomorrow for Felix. Bye for now!

  2. You are a lovely girl. And I liked seeing you in your bed! You look a bit taken a back by the paparrazzi shots!

  3. You toot? We like dat, we like to toot and make mommy say "ewww, what have you been eating?" It's fun isn't it...

  4. Grayce, you are definitely one of a kind!

  5. When I was younger, I would sleep on Mummy's pillow and direct my bum at Mummy's face and do the silent killer poot! You should try that sometime!
    Love, Whisky

    The last picture of you looks like you are doing a number 2 lying down!

  6. Of course my favorite was #3. You don't bite ONLY Humans, do you?

    A Boy has his fantasies, you know.

  7. Grayce, I really relate to the "squeeze me an I toot"! Sad but true.


  8. Oh Dear Loungers, please excuse us we are so behind with visiting and your 10 things/Lounger! But let me start by sayin' that Grayce is LOOKIN' GOOD! (I am a bit partial...)The punkin katnip demonstration was excellent! Sounds like you have great biscuit-making skills!

  9. Oh Grayce,
    You're one of a my books! purrr....meow!

  10. Oh 'Amazing' Grayce - I wouldn't mind the pooting (and the bitey) if I could just cuddle you up, you cutie!!! =^..^=

  11. The more we read the more we like! Tooting when picked up would be a neat skill - it would deter all sorts of unwanted stuff!

  12. wow...that tell a lot about you Gracie..

    BoBo Salem & ChaCha

  13. I am crazy about the nip, too!!!!
    I can see all of you are happy!!!

  14. Oooh Grayce! No. 1 was a bit TMI for Austin. He's never heard of farty before. Expect he will have to go off and practice some botty burps now :(((

    He likes new experiences.

  15. Miss Graycer-Racer !!!
    You and me have a lot in common again : )
    I do THUNDERING through the house, skidding around corners and bounding over furniture and siblings bum over teakettle too. But I called " Puddy Drift "like " Tokyo Drift " you know . And it's not the effect from Nip but Cat Mince Meat ( Kangaroo )
    I think you are really fun to be with..Miss Grayce ; )

  16. Grayce, we think you are fabulous and quite a character!

  17. Graceful Grayce!! You are the Joan Crawford of the Katnip Lounge!! You have CATTITUDE!! Yay!! Take care

  18. Farty, farty! You are quite the girly -- thanks for telling us a little about you. :)

  19. YES to the pink skin! Is this a gray-cat thing, I wonder? The Weapon of Pink! Rules!

  20. Hey, Grayce, you have pink nimples too? That's awesome. We match! See, now maybe mom Trish will believe that you're having kittens too. Make sure to show her...

  21. Grayce, you're a very sweet and interesting girl! Even with the farties!

  22. Grayce please don't point your lasers at CC. I liked learning all those things about you though!

  23. You sound like a ton of fun Grayce. Love the farting part. We would not be squeezing you very often. Good to know some more interesting facts about you Grayce. You and your brother really are twins. Take care.

  24. Miaow how fun to learn a little bit moore about you Grayce !
    Me too just love to skid around corners and jump on furnitures :)
    Have a nice tuesday !

  25. nimples? chestal protuberances? i know not what you speak.

  26. he he - M is laughing over you being a farty cat. She's never had one of those and didn't even know cats could fart until recently. ha ha - she said you are never too old to learn something new - and she just learned it!

  27. Chestal protuberances! MOL

  28. Good job Grayce!! We thunder around the house here too....makes mom laugh - and pull her feet off the floor!! MOL

  29. Grayce, Tulip is a farty cat too. It can be a but don't worry, we love her anyway so we feel the Lounge cats probably don't mind either! We wear masks (gas) on bad days...
    the critters in The Cottage

  30. We all think you're a cute little stinker Grayce!

  31. Hi Grayce, my little Jimmy is also a gray beauty like yourself and he has mauve skin inside his ears too!!!

  32. Good job, Miss Grayce! We think you're one tough girl. It drives my mom nuts when I stomp and stomp and mash on her tummy with my sharp claws. In fact, usually before I get her tummy juuuuust right, she screams or jumps and I have to flee. Mom's are wusses. At least ours is. Yours is probably too cool to be a wuss.

    Your friend, Zoe

  33. We like you, Grayce. You bees pretty too. Wow, you do look a lot like your brother! Our brother and sisters don't so much. Our Pungy is all gray too. She likes to get on a lap, but she's not big on getting held onto. We think you are a neat kitty :-)

  34. Gracye, mauve and gray are very fashionable and you my sweet are looking very chic today.
    Hugs Madi

  35. Hi Grayce. I love to bite humans too but I get into big trouble. You make lap sitting almost sound like fun. I've never tried it. My skin is the same color as my markings, part white, part gray. Enjoy your day.

  36. I'm like you, Grayce. I love to make biscuits and take a while to settle into my human's lap, too.

  37. It's okay to be a Farty-Cat. I have a tendency to expel a bit when I'm super happy. . . I still think you're beautiful!

  38. Oh, sweet and gorgeous Grayce, we so enjoyed learning more about you. We send our love to you, all your furblings and your mom and dad.

  39. Sending a big purr (in turkish) to all of you ! it's nice and warm here and there are so many cats ! Turkish people love cats, there are more cats than dogs ! and they don't look skinny although they are on the street laying in the sun in real strange places, lol !

  40. Sending a big purr (in turkish) to all of you ! it's nice and warm here and there are so many cats ! Turkish people love cats, there are more cats than dogs ! and they don't look skinny although they are on the street laying in the sun in real strange places, lol !

  41. Gracie, yoo have a lot in common wiv Alfie Marshall. He used to be a right farty-bum when he was little. Mom said he used it as a defence 'cos he was so cute ~ so if anybuddy picked him up and thort to steal him, he'd do a BIG stinky fart!
    AND he does biscuits for simply ever on mom's lap, before he settles down to nap.

    Milo xx

  42. Whoo-eee you love the nip dont's ya!
    You're a beautiful lap cat and we are so proud and inspired about getting off the kibble. You done good!

  43. Grayce, you and your siblings are so interesting. How did your Marmie find so many beautiful and unique kitties?

  44. Ummmm, I toot now and then too. ~~Orion

  45. Oh Grayce you are Very Interesting Girl,,,,, you a tooter like Gabriel ^..^ mom calls him Gasball ^..^ Yeh,,, you do look like Rupert,,, good fur excuse " Rupert did it!" ....mol

    We come back to read 'bout Felix ,,,, we have to catch up & read about the otherz too ,,,,,, we soooo behind!,,
    AS USUAL ITZ MOMZ FALLT! :( Purrz Grayce ^..^

  46. Grayce, our sisfur Sadie's nickname is Stinky so she toots like you do!

  47. Wow, Grayce, your mom takes real good notice of all the things that happen with you and around you.

    Umm, maybe that nip and Valerian root cause some of that tootin'.

  48. Grayce, you look like my Gris Gris's long lost brother. Thanks for visiting us today. You're welcome anytime for free nip.

  49. Mummy likes the idea of a kitty that farts when you pick her up hee he :)xx

  50. OMC you look so cute in your bed.

    Emma and Buster

  51. Grayce, I have pink nimples, too! But I don't have beautiful mauve skin like you has!

  52. Grayce, I am just like you! I make endless biscuits on my mama's lap and chestal protuberances wif my sharp claws! MOL

  53. Good to know more about you pretty Miss Grayce. I used to like making biscuits when I was younger but not any more.

  54. Grayce
    Our Mr Jinx is a all over gray kitty and he is dare I say pink too.


  55. Grayce, you have torti skin!

  56. I think I might have that kinda skin
    You are superbonk cool Missie Grayce

  57. Hi Grayce...we think your skins is pretty interesting! We never seen that before!

  58. Grayce you and I have a lot in common...I'm a farter too!!! (and this is MOM not Cody!!! MOL!!)

    You and Cody share a love of biscuits and not settling in for a loooong time........yeah..."good times" is right! lol

  59. Hmmmm...what you said about dry kibble is interesting. I keep reading similar things. Cats that are a little...ermm...'ample' who then loose weight when switched to wet food.

  60. Haha! We would like to watch you going crazy after nip. I love nip too but it makes me roll and drool and then I get the munchies.

  61. How cool about your pink skin. We loved hearing more about you Gracer-Racer!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  62. Chestal Protuberances. *snort*

    And yes, Grayce, our kitty, Dizzy, has pink skin in front of his ears!

  63. We have a tooter, too. Glad to know he's normal :)

  64. Farty Grayce . . . .oh you sweet thing.

    Your lasers are mighty though and I was just a little frightened by them.

    Hugs and snuggles


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