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Friday, September 23, 2011

Flying Friends Friday


Lizard Season is drawing to a close.
Alas, poor Georgeic, I knew him well.
We had great sport with each and every lizard. 
He's under the chair...
Even though SOME parties were disinterested. 
I am not amused.
 However, Ceiling Cat never closes a door that he opens a window; the DAMSELFLIES have arrived!
They tease us endlessly...
I'm grinning at you Cats evilly.
 ...flitting from flower to flower...
la de da da daaaa...

...they are utterly captivating to watch!

Lantana is lovely!

And watch them we do.

Soon, Mr. Damselfly, soon.
And wait.

Happy Friday!

XX  The Kats  XX

Note from Mommy:  New Steve news HERE!


  1. Yay! I loves to chase teh lizords, too. :)

  2. You have the bestest toys! We just get lousy flies and bees. And there's no lizards here either. What a stupid place to live. We're moving in with you!

  3. Mommy keeps wantin to say sumthin cute about lounge lizards, but realizes that is ALL kinds of wrong!(furgiv her)

  4. Yes, great entertainment! We have had lean times here. No birds on the catio (thanks to the new anti-kitten escape mesh), and few damselflies. And no mousies at all - we hope that when the snow comes we will get to catch a few who hide. The sight of dead mousie over white snow is unbelievably satisfying.
    So we are really jealous of your visits from George.

  5. You guys have such exotic things to chase! All Scarlett and Melly get are boring little insects. And the occasional mouse under the floorboards. I guess that's kind of interesting, though.

  6. Oh, you are lucky - I don't think I've EVER seen a damsel fly!

  7. Wow! How cool is that. Of course, I'm loving on those lizards.

  8. Oh my gosh your pictures are amazing! Is that Felix who's not amused? Too funny. I'm not sure if that's Sylvester or Salem's cute little feet. The cats here would be so jealous if they saw these lizards and damselflies!

  9. Daddy calls dem kinda bugs dragonflies, but dey don't look like dragons or damsels! Dey kinda look like weerd hell-e-coptors.

  10. Damselflies, schamzelflies. Do I spy JLLs?????

    P.S. Bite?? WANT!

  11. That damselfly DOES look like it's grinning away. Too cute!
    Since Mum and Dad mosquito-proof the whole house, George rarely visits but when he does, we give him a very *slurp* warm welcome.

    Love, Cosmo and Ling

  12. Looks like it's a lot of fun at your place. Happy Friday. :)

  13. Wow - yoo have so many creatures to chase in your part of the world. Yesterday we found a spider and we get the occasional fly but that's about it! Scott gets verry concerned though when a wasp comes inside - we seem to lobe chasing them the most!

  14. Hihihihihi! What's a lizzard, please? I've never seen one. And me and mummycat and the human all say we're sorry that we haven't been back in a while. Blue funk bites! Well, that's what the human says, but I don't think so. It's girlcats that bite... Their brothers! Hahahaha.

  15. ewwww = so dat's what a lizzard looks like up close and personal. I never saw one of those before.

  16. No lizards here! Very interesting. Hmmmm! Now damselflies? That's another matter nom nom! >^,.^<

  17. Awwwww Georgie!! Come back!! All is forgiven!! :-)

    Yay for damselflies!!! Great shot of one of them grinning away!! Awww he or she is just saying a big hello to you gorgeous kitties of katnip lounge!!

    Is that Ms. Salem or is that Mr Sylvester?!?!?

    Take care

  18. Ooooo!! What pretty pictures!! We have lizards, but not damselflies (are they like dragonflies? we do have those, but they are different)...I bet no one stands a chance in your jumping /flying /crawling into a tiger den! Oooo, I'm scaring myself just thinking about it!! Mom wants to say she is so jealous that you have lantana..yours is soooo gorgeous (so she says - what do I know!) just won't grow here. I can't believe though that your Mom lets you have Georgies (lizards)...our Mom rescues them from us then scolds us...she is JUST NO FUN!! Lots of purrs to you all and thanks for your purrs...they are the best medication!! headbutts, Lautrec (and Tiny)..who cares about those dawgs!

  19. That lizard close up has made our tummies rumble. We wish we could meet one face to face. We get damsel flies and dragonflies here...but we want a lizard!!!

  20. My cats are SOOOOO jealous. All they have are some boring mice in the basement. Note to my cats: thanks heaps for the decapitated mouse head "gift" you left in front of my washing machine.

  21. Those are beautiful temptations but also messengers related to your other issue. Sending purrs.

  22. the boyz never seemed to amused by my lounge lizard act. i'm sure they'd much rather see the real thing...

  23. Out with the lizards, in with the bugs.... we like!

  24. We've never had a lizard to guys are so lucky! Those damselflies look tasty too...I bet the wings are super crunchy!

    Happy nomming to you all!

    ~Four Crazy Cats

  25. Beautiful pictures, MomKat Trish! Wel done. The Damsel Fly is beautifully captured too. Great macro.
    I'll go see George here in a second but I was to say
    thank you so much for coming to see me while I was in the hospital. xoxoxox

  26. OMC I've never met a lizard or a Damselfly....I must make a quick trip to NV!!...
    Great to read about Mr. Steve.
    Madi and Mom

  27. You have so much fun! So many critters!!!

    Meowm!!! We want a catio!!!!!

  28. OMG, Lounger, you have outdone yourself *again.* This post is absolutely PRICELESS!! LOVE YOU!!!

  29. Well, who wants a dead leezard dangling in front of his nose? Only live ones are worth the attention.
    Ohhhhh damselflies are interesting. They look like dragonflies, which we have had a bumper crop of this summer. Scout loves to nom on those! A protein snack on the wing, all fresh & crunchy!

  30. Alas, damselfly season is over here. They are so crunchy!
    Lizards, not so much.
    Happy hunting guys!

  31. You sure got some good critters out your way! Have a great weekend every one!

  32. AwwwDOOOOOOODS! You got some Pawsome toes on dat one!!! (thE Lizzard, not (sylvester)?

    Good on yer mum for getting the ebil grinning damselfly! That is one Disney villan for sure!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  33. From the comments on here I'd say there are quite a few fellow Brits that view your blog.. it's true all we get are spiders, buzzy flies and moths. OH and not forgetting Daddy Long Legs!!!!

  34. Those are spectacular photos of the damselfly!!! Whatever camera you are using, I want!

    My kittehs had lots of lizard cat toys in Cali.

  35. Ya'll always have the best time! I love seeing your adventures. Just wished momma would help me visit more!! Thanks for helping me celebrate my special day and I am so glad you guys are blogging!

    Maggie May

  36. Oh man - lizards! I wish we had some up here in the wet NW! I bet Elizabeth would like one...

  37. Oh those lizards sure look yummy. Did any of you get to dine on one of them?? Scary story about Steve but glad to hear that he is a tiny bit better. Hope all of you have a great weekend.

  38. I am skerred of damselflies and dragonflies because I heard they can sew your mouth shut!!!!!

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  40. Drats!
    Mom took George away.
    And he looked so tasty too.
    But since lizard season is drawing to a close we are glad you still have dragonflies.

  41. Our mommy would never touch George! She's a wuss. Those dragonflies look like fun! We love the last photo of the little white feets!

  42. Ooooh, those damselflies look fun! We like watching the fireflies here in the summer time!

  43. Great pictures guys! Gave a big weekend!

  44. I was wondering where all the dragonflies went to when they left Canada for the winter... now I know!

    Have fun with them but make sure you leave some to come back to us next year!! :)

    xo Catherine

  45. Wish we had cool toys like you guys do to play with!

  46. Yet another award for you, Lounger. Bask in the glow. I'm sure this is old hat for you. So I imagine you need do nothing else but bask. Anyway, I like that word. Bask.

  47. Well -- I just tried to post a comment and it didn't appear to take. Shoot. Maybe I shouldn't have given you yet another award?? I can see you don't actually need another award -- but too late! It's out there! Bask, then!


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