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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday News Around the Lounge


We have a lot of news today...and NONE of it is related.  Yesterday we were all busy Meowing like Pirates so we couldn't do a Mish Mash Monday; may we present instead Tittle Tattle Tuesday?

Let's go!

Kona:  I love the new kibble Mommy got us!  My curly furs have never looked so lush.
I'm even getting a little plump!

Felix:  I have my own Special Pillow that I sleep on every night by Daddy.  If he doesn't go to bed when I think he should, I glare at him until he does, or I doze off sitting up!

Sweet Pea:  I'm so happy Eric & Flynn's Mum had Good News!
We all did a little Happy Dance.

May Ling:  Mommy deliberately imprisoned shut me in the bathroom on Saturday when she left for work.   Daddy heard me and let me out when he got up.
I showed her...I pooped on the floor!

Miss Admiral is staying at the Vet's office for the next three days, getting fluids.  
Can you all purr for her and her Mom?

Scouty:  It pains me to admit this, but I never did get rid of my back mat...Evil Plans are being laid for it's removal.
This CAN'T be good.

CC:  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
I can sleep soundly because I'm POSITIVE I'm a ManCat, and have been all my life.

Salem:  Let's see...tummy, check.  
Tail, check.  
Toes, check.  
Teeth & tongue, double check!  
Yep. That covers all the "T's"!

::photo of Mommy omitted::

Mommy:  My buddy Steve continues to improve, but it's SUCH a slow process--he's off the ventilator for a while each day, and can talk.  He heartily regrets waiting so long to seek medical attention!
I have informed him about my imminent abuse to his buttocks.

Happy Tuesday!

XX  The Katnip Lounge Krew  XX


  1. whew - you has really had a lot of news. We're purring like crazy for Admiral.. On TWitter we have a #pawcircle going too and many of us are sitting on #AdmiralsPorch and #vetjail until she gets well enough to come home.

  2. WOW! Lots of news! Me loves news!

  3. What a great way to let us know the knows by interspersing it within your individual news.


  4. Well, #1, I can hardly believe the Rutabaga and I agree on something, but yeah. What he said.

    Scouty, Sorry man. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up. Bummer. Draw as much blood as you can, Bro.

    May Ling, once a long time ago, when teh Human had outside kitties, she accidentally locked one inside ALL DAY with NO litter box. Kitty pooped in the bathroom sink, which all things considered, the Human thought wsa a pretty decent choice!

    Felix, Such a sweet boy you are!

    Salem, Whoa--hubba hubba, girlfriend! That pose is Just For Me--right?

  5. Wow! That was such a lot of news I'll have to go eat something to help me digest it!

  6. All that news, all that fur, all the fluff. A delightful way to start a Tuesday. And Kona Kitty, keep eating loads - it's good for you !


    And Fekix, I need ta try that lounging/napping pose (I have the same cat tree). Tell us ezactly how ya arrange yerself that way! Frontwards or Backwards?


  8. That is a lot of news. Whew. I am tired from reading it all.

  9. My goodness! Thanks fur catching us up! You did haf alot of tittle tattle. Haf a purrfect Tuesday.

  10. It's great catching up with each of you and everyone looks great. Poor Scouty, though. Good luck trying to escape the evil plans!

  11. Dat is a lot of news! We think yoo guys need a break now...and some treats to keep yoor strength up.

  12. Gosh what a lot of news you all have. Its never a dull moment there is it? We sure hope your mummies friends continues to improve (hugs) :)xx

  13. We love all the news, that was fun. And we are very glad Mr. Steve is doing better. We'll be purring :-)

  14. MOL..Miss May Ling, You paid mommy back big time..tee..heh... I never been locked in the bathroom yet, But in general my destination is Bath Tube ; )

    Thanks guys for all news ! and I do more purrs for Miss Admiral and Steve. I hope both of them feel better so soon.


  15. aaahh...great news from great mews...I means meows... purrr...meow!

  16. That is a LOT of news!

    P.S. Binga wants to know if she can bite Steve's buttocks. It is one of her specialties. Although my human calls it something other than "specialty."

  17. Lots of news today! Thanks for including our mum. We are keep purring for Steve and sending purrs for miss Admiral too.

  18. Reading all your news is better than the Daily Mail!! Thanks for the heads up on everyone.

    Scouty your back mat needs to be declared an area of outstanding natural beauty or site of special scientific interest, then they can't touch it! :)

  19. MOL so funny, all of you have a great story to tell us!My favorite is about the sweet May Ling! :)
    purrs to you all

  20. Purrs and hugs to Miss Admiral and mum!!

    Happy dance for Eric and Flynn's mum!!!

    And yay for your amazing adventures, especially May Ling!! Awwww but you showed mum! LOL!!!

    Enjoy your Tuesday!
    p.s. good news about Scott and his backside too! :-)

    Take care

  21. We love your new tie-dye background!!! Thanks for all the news we feel caught up now :-) Please send our regards to Steve!

  22. We love your new tie-dye background!!! Thanks for all the news we feel caught up now :-) Please send our regards to Steve!

  23. That's definitely a lot of news to share!

    We're glad Steve is improving, albeit slowly, and hope that in time he'll be okay. And smarter.

    We're purring hard for the gorgeous Admiral, and Mom Paula now too. And very glad that Eric and Flynn's mum is okay!

  24. What a great and informative post today. It seems like you are all purring along just fine.
    Hugs Madi

  25. That is a lot of news. Thanks for all the info. Glad to hear that Steve is improving even if it is slow. All of you have a really fun day. Take care.

  26. Your kitties are just chock full of news today! Some of it is funny, and some heartwarming.

    Glad to hear your friend is recovering even if it's taking a long time. Recovering is certainly better than the alternative.

  27. Thanks for the updates. And good luck with the butt kicking!!

  28. Lots of news to catch up on. We heard about Admiral and are purring for her here (well I'm not but the cat kids are ... I would purr if I could, and so would Phoebe). We are also crossing paws for your mom's friend Steve

  29. Kona dear you are looking gorgeous! Glad the new food is having positive effects.
    Felix, you act so aloof but you are really a love bug, right?
    May Ling.....Max would be proud of you!!!! His advice is: when in doubt...poop!
    Oh Scouty, Mat removal time....oh no! Don't go down without a fight!

  30. Y'all have been saving up the news, but that was some great repurrting!!!

  31. Whole lotta news here today !
    Hope your having a pawsome tuesday :)

  32. Fanks you so much Momkat Trish and many kisses for staying with me and holding my paw. xxxoooxxx

  33. I'm so glad to have caught up. There's so much news to know!

    Yes, we are praying for Admiral. Kona, you should be the poster child for your new foodies! Felix, you're a daddy's boy just like Simba. May Ling, you showed her! Scouty, um...sorry to hear about the Evil Plans. Salem, glad to see all your pretty "Ts"!

  34. Oh my cat that is a lot of news. Lots of lovely pictures of you all. We were exstatic ant Eric and Flynns mums news and sad at our furrends news. I will purr for your mums friend too. Hugs GJ xx

  35. Phew that was a lot of news to share! Am sending purrayers for Miss Admiral.
    Kona, what's a little bit of tum between friends eh? =^..^=

  36. Wow!! That's a lot of news. All of it was very newsworthy.

  37. Yawn ! you made me even more tired, I go to bed now and do like you ... sleep !!

  38. Our best to Steve that he continues to improve. A lotta noos here and so happy you babies are doing well. We're puraying for Sweet Admiral and her Mom.
    xoxo Kassey

  39. That was all good news to know. We appreciates it all! We hope Steve continues to improve.

  40. Julie is heart broken. She thought there was a great new way to get rid of wadded hair without combing! We love Sweet Pea's tail!

  41. Mom has fallen behind a lot with getting to all our friends to leave comments, though she HAS been helping us read all your posts. So we are leaving the same comment on many blogs, just to say Hi, and we are glad we are friends. Thanks for your comments left on my blog. Hope to do better by next week.

  42. Thanks for sharing all the news that's fit to print!

  43. Thank you so much for sharing all that great news.

    Boy your mommy sounds a little vicious in her talk of butts.


  44. It's so great to hear from all of you!

  45. Wowza! dis if fulls of kitty mews... makes me giggles wif glees (not fleas)!
    looks like it was fun on Meow like a pirate day too! Faythe @ GMT

  46. That is a lot of news. We are all caught up now.

  47. Purrs to your friend Steve and of course to Admiral!

    Thank you for giving us all of these most impawtant updates!

    Love your colorful background!

  48. OMYCOD Kona, You are so GORGEOUS! If I was a cat with long hairs I'd wanna look just like YOU!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  49. That is a lot of news! You kitties all look great as usual living the good life!

  50. Scouty, it's Julius kitty here. I am ornj, just like (best colour of all!) My mummy TRICKED me! I was lying next to her on the couch, all relaxed and purring while she rubbed my chest and belly like I like (until I stop liking it, then I wrap my paws around her arm and chomp down.) All of a sudden, while my eyes were closed, she whipped out these sharp little scissors and SNIP SNIP, took two mats off my chest!! The nerve of those hoomans.


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