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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Catio KATastrophe!!!


Today was too awful for words.

But we'll try for a few. 

Inside the Torture Chamber. 

KonaKitty was the first victim customer. 

She got a shampoo, blow out, and the mats shaved off her hocks. 

Maui was next. 

He was less than impressed! 

One shampoo, blow dry, and dematting later, he's twice as fluffy! 

They saved the worst for last...

Johnny got SHAVED! 

...and a bath.
No blow dry though, he decided he'd had enough and peed in protest. 
Checking to make sure everything is still there.

psssssst, don't tell anybody, but I actually really like it!

Happy Thursday!

xx  KonaKitty, Maui, and Johnny  xx



    There are just so so so many things about that which are WRONG.

    Whose idea was this ? Can we help you with revenge ?

    Shampoo ? Blow dry ? Shaving ? This is so not good. And why does that torturer have no blood dripping down her arms ? You must have been drugged - it's the only answer.

    We are now on permanent guard against that van. ANd luckily there are no companies here in FInland that do such atrocities. A mobile clean up camp - what an outrage. We now need treats and nip to recover from what we have seen.

    And Johnny, we think you look great, whatever evil has been done to you . We still love you.

  2. Oh. My. Cod.

    I'm getting weak in the paws...I may have nightmares of vans pulling into our driveway in the night...or day...

    To steal our furs.

    The horror!

  3. That has to be the BRAVEST woman in the world!!!

  4. I had to have a spa day when I went to the v-e-t for the first time. They told Meowm I was a star kitty and I even got a star to prove it. I also had a bow on my head, but that didn't last long. I hope you all recover from your day at the spa. ~~Sammy

  5. wow! torture indeed. yikes, what got into you?!

  6. OMC..the Nerve of your pawrents!! This is a travesty...we are services...Who else can we call for you?
    On the other hand, Chloe thinks Johnny looks like the Cats Meowwwww!

    Chloe and Cecil

  7. Oh. My. Cod!!!!!!!!! YOU SHAVED THE TINY JOHNSON! All that fluff... gone... Is their drain clogged? Oh Johnny Johnny Johnny.... We are in such shock to see a naked Tiny Johnson in full frontal technicolor..
    I think I see why he didn't get blow dried.. he looks ticked!
    De-matted KonaKitty looks super fluffilicious, as does de-matted Maui!
    I too am impressed that there was no blood shed...

  8. I think I gave her the idea, as two of mine have to have haircuts.

    My old guy gets home trims, and he gets to draw blood from me in exchange!

  9. Oh my gosh, Johnny!! Oh, that is priceless. Poor dude. How cool that there's a mobile groomer, though.

  10. We don't ever want to see that van at our house! Johnny, we certainly didn't expect you to get a haircut like your Daddy!

  11. We probably will haf nightmares bout this. It was wrong on many different levels. Holy cod, I nearly peed myself!

  12. Oh my SELF! You poor cats! I am glad that is not coming here..

  13. EEEEKKKK! My human has been wanting to have one of those torture vehicles come by to wash and blow Boodie - I had better not let her see your post!

  14. Oh, this is so wrong that I cannot even begin to count the ways. Isn't this sort of thing illegal in most states? But, oh--right. Nevada. The Mustang Ranch. The Cal-Neva Lodge. Reno.

    ::shudder:: It's like another planet over there.

    The Human thinks Johnny looks strangely alluring. She's love to get her grabby hands right on 'im.

  15. What is so wrong about this is that the groomer van says: You Dirty Dog!!!! This must be revenge of the woofies on all of us felines. purrr...meow!

  16. Oh dear, but at least you are all matt free!

  17. WOW! Johnny! You look FABULOUS!!!!

    Sei-Chan is all pink and blushy looking at fluffy Maui...

    And Kona Kitty looks quite lovely.

    The Chans

  18. WHY oh WHY did they have you shaved, Johnny!? Did you have mats?

  19. OH WOW!! A mobile beauty spa treatment centre! Me and Charlie want one! LOL!

    Awww Maui and KonaKitty!! You;ve escaped sweet Mr Johnny's fate by a WHISKER! Yikes! LOL!

    Awwww but you all look so floofed up and even more purrfect! Well Mr Johnny! You just look so gorgeously NAKED! LOL! Take care

  20. Oh poor darlings, what did your humans do to you!!

  21. Bawhahahahaha! Oh too cute! Well I think everyone looks terrific ~ nice and fresh!
    Very fun!
    xo Catherine

  22. OMC, we're speechless! Maui's expression says it all. LOL.

    But Johnny....Aaccckkkk! :-P We bet you *do* feel great now.

    What a terrific business, a mobile pet spa. Nothing like that around here (thank cod).

  23. The graphic on that van is a big fat LIE!! There are no happy kitties in soapy water anywhere in the world (except for Bengals and they are crazy anyway!).

    I hope the victims of the torture van recover as soon as possible and suffer no lasting effects.

    Oh! The horror!! The horror!!

  24. Lets start planning revenge right now!! I can share all my tricks of "getting even" with you,

  25. Oh no! Don't tell him, but we laughed out loud at the look on Maui's face. And we think Johnny looks quite dapper with his new 'do.

  26. We hope we're not going to have nightmares tonight - you should have warned us with a double X rating!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  27. OMC ! Do you have torture chambers on wheels in the States ??!!
    For the moment I´m very glad I don´t live where you do ;-)
    Me and mom do think that Johnny lookes pretty cool in his lionshaving !

  28. OMC!!!! How terrible (and worse cause mom is snickering at the pictures of Johnny)......

  29. Oh the horrah!!
    Seeing Kona Kitty and Maui in there was dreadful enough but Johnny!!!!
    Poor brave Johnny! You sweet little lamb! At least you saved your pee that day so you could protest at the right time.

  30. Pee Ess from Mom:
    My friend has to get her cat Patches shaved. He gets horribly big mats despite his brushing. She is absolutely the softest most velvety cat afterwards and feels so much better without those things pulling his skin.

  31. Oh my goodness! And you had no place to run to either!

  32. Johnny you look very handsome and boy do you have some most beautiful skin.
    Love the mane around your face,
    Hugs Madi

  33. OMC!! What the H-E-double hockey sticks was your humans thinking calling this evil van to torture you three??? Like it or not, we hope you are now plotting your revenge!!

  34. Johnny, that look is totally fashion forward. Lion in cowboy boots. Gotta have it. Ladies, get on your Manolos, we are goin' to the Texas Two-Step Throwdown.

  35. Fortunately, we don't have evil vans like that.

  36. Oh noes! I am glad they do not do that to goats! A good dust bath is all we need

  37. Oh I'm a doggie & even I know that kitties hate baths more than we do & I HATE them!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  38. Wow, what a great idea and well worth it! You're red carpet ready!

  39. Wow housecalls...we didn't know.
    OH you poor dears.
    We are so sorry and Johnny what can we say YOU'RE NAKED!


  40. Aww, poor Johnny! That is quite the "DO" he's rocking, although we feel pretty sure Johnny himself would label this a "DON'T!"

    Very fancy-schmancy, though, to have the torturers (er, groomers) come to the house rather than having to go to them!

  41. first the look on Maui's face is just The Priceless

    BUT when we scrolled to Poor Mr. Tiny Johnson,


    I'M SO sorry, we laffed till we cried. The leg warmers kill me!

    Oh poor Mr. TJ

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  42. OMC!!! We will have nightmares tonight, and every time we here a van pull up outside we will be shaking with fear.

  43. We are thinking there's a reason for this? Oscars coming up! Hmmmm!

  44. Oh no, you poor kitties. I bet that was so scary. Don't they know that you clean yourselves. We are sorry you had to go through all that. HOpe you have a better day tomorrow. Take care.

  45. Our first cat 25 years ago was a Maine Coon, Ginger. After a few years, I started having her shaved. The last vet charged me $100. I bought some clippers and did her myself. She loved being shaved and would STRUT around afterwards like she was hot stuff. I did this three times a year. When I had done her back, I told her I needed to do her tummy, and she would roll over on her back and stretch out for me. I swear. She was just the best cat. We had her for 19 years.

    Any adult needing a bath goes into the shower with me. It seems as long as they have all four paws on the ground and are in an enclosure, they're fine. Nobody's freaked out on me, yet. Since I don't have any way of holding them on a table, blow drying is totally out of the question. They do have a limit.

  46. Johnny - mommy's laughing and says you look funny nekked. You want me to shave her head while she's sleeping?

  47. Oh! Cod! Johnny looks just like a sphinx cat! That is really sexy!
    Me is happy me does not has enough fur to has to have a bath.

  48. YIKES. We see that pull in our driveway, we are off to hide! Hope everyone is OK.

  49. Yikes!! A torture chamber on wheels that comes to your home !!!!
    That is just too wrong!!!Guess we better let Mom deal with any mats that develop ;)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger, Treasure and JJ

  50. It's a good thing you live in the desert! Otherwise your mommy might try to shave you and then make you wear a sweater!

  51. OMC, OMC, OMC.
    I'm hiding UTB right now just THINKING about that van. Holy, Holy...I have no meows.
    At least SOMEONE peed in protest.

    I'm going to have to think of bunnies and flowers just to get to sleep tonight.


  52. Oh no! Poor Johnny! Actually I think you like quite handsome!
    Love, Squashies

  53. You THREE had a go round with the groomer! I read from the top down. OH my COD! I think you look fabulous but you will really have to pay mommy back in spades! (clubs diamonds and hearts too for this outrage)!

  54. They better not bring that Van to our neighborhood.


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!