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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Torture Tuesday.


Salem here.

Daddy went to CVS Pharmacy the other afternoon.  
This is dangerous. 
 CVS carries pet "supplies".

What the...????  

Mommy, you are a lousy no-good n'er-do-well traitor, and so is Daddy.  Quit laughing.

Oh great, a witness.  My boneless humiliation is complete.

The peeps were so horribly bent on binding me into this terrible contraption they whipped the tags off but left the plastic doo-dads!  They forgot to sweep the floor, too...heh heh.

So, be honest, does this outfit make me look wide?
What do you mean, Mommy, "wider"?  You are an awful person.

Now, take it off!
I have revenge to plan.

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Salem  XX


  1. Obviously the pawrents need snoopervision on these trips to CVS Pharmacy!!!

  2. My little pony! :D
    Sorry Salem! That isn't very fair - TJ should be the one to wear that! you need to pay more attention to the shopping bags and run for high ground :D Good luck with your revenge!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

  3. Dear Salem,
    Yous looks sort of like a sheep in your sheepskin!
    Me would give them the back of disrespect!

  4. Oh my, we don't even know where to start....

    Was that made to fit a box?

  5. What the hell???? Next thing you know, they'll be putting a tiny saddle and spurs on you and getting that tiny 21.5" man to ride you.

    Do you think they've gotten into the 'Vine, Salem? I'm worried about them.

  6. You look like you are in a cast cover. You poor thing

  7. Hey, whatta ya know, our mom remembered she had kitties and dat we haf frends who we need to visit! We show up and...well, let's just say der needs to be some pillow poopin' in yoor house!

  8. OMC. I am SO glad my human always bypasses the pet supply section at CVS.

  9. And here I thought Oranj Copper was the only model in the house! Who have we here? Noir Widener? hee hee, sorry.....
    I think you look studly in that sheep skin jacket! Very tough!
    That low to the ground thing, THAT's what Star does when we put her in the harness! It's like all her bones were stolen!

  10. Hahahahaha! It's a small sacrifice to make just so you get your Mommy laughing again. Now that you've done your bit, it's time to plot your revenge!

  11. Wouldn't it make more sense to torment... er... swaddle nekkid Johnson instead? Might he not be cold now that all his long furs are gone?

  12. Oh Salem I think it's a super outfit! Hugs Anesha

  13. We generally tend to be pretty understanding of human foibles but we agree that this one is perhaps taking it a bit far. REVENGE it is! Can we help?

    The Chans

  14. Hmmmm! Someone is looking a bit sheepish

  15. Oh my, you must get the matching booties and maybe a little hat to top that outfit out. Oh yes, you are most definitely one top class CATwalk model today :)xx

  16. Awww gorgeous Salem! LOL! That's not even retro! LOL!! Srsly! Get mum and dad to fashion school asap! LOL! Take care

  17. looks like a saddle..LOL too funny.

  18. Oh, don't you look... stylish. yeah, that's it. Stylish. :)

  19. Oh. Oh my. Oh! YOu're, uh, looking ready for a Canadian winter!

  20. Mommy and I LOVE that comment just above ours and the Canadian winter! xoxoxox

  21. i hear getting poop stuck in your bum is good revenge in your house.

  22. Oh wow...this calls for major revenge!!! I mean...really. You should bury it in your large litter box. She'll never find it again!

  23. LOL, that is quite an outfit. We think you should hack up a hairball on it!

  24. would you guys stop giving our mom ideas???!!!

    Hey - maybe you can get Johnny to wear it since he is nekkid.

  25. Oh Salem. We will wait with baited breath to see what you decide will make for suitable revenge. Because this... this calls for something major!

  26. OMC !!!
    Salem you must call the animalprotection at once !

  27. Salem....revenge is IN ORDER in the form of a late night attack on someone's tummy with a very vigorous
    biscuit making exercise very near the bladder.
    Hugs Madi
    PS My Mom LOL'd at your pictures.
    I'll be sure to get just revenge for you here too

  28. Why would your humans buy a sheepskin coat in that hot climate? They are really crazy, but you'll be ready for a winter trip to Colorado!

    Sissy's favorite revenge is the backend drizzles--heh, heh!

  29. OMC!!!
    I don't know what's funnier. The photos or the captions. I'm thinking that with a body temp of about 103, that contraption, as you call it, has got to be like laying in a steam bath. Except far more humiliating.
    ; )

    Katie & Glogirly

  30. We wanted to drop by to thank you for all the lovely comments on our blog about Rilli, but are now in shock at this...erm...this...hideous happening to you. Salem, we feel so sorry for you. We hope that revenge will be very sweet and will involve copious amounts of bodily fluids that you humans will dislike intensely. We know this is just their sense of humour, but they must be made to see proper sense.

  31. Sorry, but I´m laughing so much!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Sorry, but I´m laughing so much!!!!!!!!!!

  33. We're so sorry you had to endure that Salem but we are SO grateful we don't have a CVS here!

  34. That's doggie gear. Revenge is for certain.

  35. Ermm, well you will keep nice and warm if they are thinking of sending you to Outer Mongolia!
    Our valerian and nip arrived today thank you so much! Mum loves the suncatcher too. She is going to email your mum.

  36. Salem, send it to the cats in Finland!! It is way too warm for you.

  37. I know how you feel but mum thinks you look kinda cute.. Hugs GJ xx

  38. OMC! You poor thing! Why do humans ever think this is a good idea? Of course, our mom thinks you look super cute.

    Maggie May and The Creek Cats

    P.S. So sorry we've not come by for a visit sooner. Hope you are all doing very well. Gretchen sendz Maui lots of purrs!

  39. all I can think of is that this is the protection you have for the 'sheebie jeebies' which you get from coming in direct contact with the paragon of fashionistas.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  40. our mama cannot get us to wear anything. she'll be going on and on about us trying on some outfit after this post. thank you salem :)

    emma and buster

  41. Oh no, coats are bad on doggies, but I imagine that they are even worse for kitties.

    Are they planning on taking you to Alaska?

    Sympathetic nubbin wiggles,

  42. Oh Salem, Two Two feels your pain. Mom makes her get dressed up. It is kinda fun for her but that does look like a heavy coat for you. Maybe that was a dog's coat, COD forbid
    Please tell Mom I think that maybe that dumb Google took us off the reader because we are not a blogger blog. Sparkle said they too her off. Take care.

  43. Payback is a b*tch...Mom and Dad better be careful, lol!

  44. Oh no!! CVS should be off limits for your mommy and daddy!

    I think you look quite smashing in your coat! Maybe you will find that you actually kind of like it.

  45. Salem, we think you look very handsome and dashing in your very cool coat! It will come in very handy on those chilly, desert nights.

  46. Salem it looks cozy and stylish!

  47. That is way too big for you Salem. I think it would have fit Nekkid Johnson much better, and it would keep him warm.

  48. Wow, this calls fer a butt scootch with a half load on!!!

  49. Oh Salem! The humiliation!! We hope your revenge will be as painful!!



    I mean, how awful! The nerve! The humiliation!

  51. oh salem, you're still beautiful no matter what they make you wear!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!