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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday with Sheebie!

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here.
Today's post is kinda a mishmash of a whole bunch of stuff; sort of like my mind.  It's all there, but fairly jumbled!

First up is Park Across the Street News:

There's stuff happening!  Tuesday two big trucks came and dumped several loads of rock and gravel.  I think it will be used for road bed underlayment.  Sonotube forms are sticking up all over for the concrete streetlight  piers, and the place is crawling with workers and equipment every day.

  Poor Bibbles, she is afraid Deeply Suspicious of big truck sounds and her outdoor enjoyment has been curtailed somewhat. 
Just not at this moment!

My Mom and Dad have a regular customer in their back yard at the birdbath:

Poppa Bob is right at home!  He spritzes the 
bushes in the yard, which thrills my Mom--NOT!  No sign of kits yet; but fingers crossed they will appear soon.

A month ago (back before the Dreaded Illness struck) I had a wonderful visit from a Canuck;  Manon, who blogs as MamaBear at Our Furry Boys.  She was in town on a business trip and came over to see the Catio and meet the crew in purrson.  We had a very enjoyable time together, toured the yard (she's quite the knowledgeable gardener!), petted cats, and chattered like magpies.  Manon is one busy gal and doesn't get to post a lot, but I sure wish she could, because she has FOUR all white kitties.
Being goofy.
Manon, come back and visit again, and thank you for the maple syrup!  It's delicious.

We have a birdbath.  It arrived on Friday, via next door.
Scott bartered a neighbor for it with the sweat off his bal...erm,...brow.  What I mean to say is, he did some labor.  Yard work.  No actual sweat was exchanged.
As of yet we've had zero customers but the fact that we are daily in the low 100's now means it's only a matter of time...

Yes, summer is finally here and I couldn't be happier.  There's something about the searing hot sun that cheers me immensely.  Or maybe that's my brain, dessicating.  Either way, I like it.

Happy Sunday!

XX  Trish  XX


  1. Hi Lounge kittehz! Yer Mommy is looking lovely in her getup. (our Mom approves heartily) Those bobcat pics are great! No fevvers drinkin out of that bird-bath! Mebbe you kittehz will have sum fevvers of your very own, soon!

  2. So much to admire here, as usual -- Bibbles' little chin gets my vote. I am completely lunatic for Bibbles' little chin.

  3. so much going on and a real outdoor kitty to boot! Probably best not to TNR that outdoor kitty!

  4. Oh wow, I think I want to keep my distance from Bob!!! Whoa.

    How fun to have visitors to the catio!

  5. I am sure there will be birdies soon. They cannot resist a free bath

  6. Wowzie!! a real live Bobby kitty!!!
    I hope kitties have a good view of that bird bath from the catio. That would make for an excellent bird TV!

  7. Happy Sunday. We have regular backyard visitors too.

  8. Wow, that is some feral cat you've got there hanging out! My human's brother brought home a baby bobcat once, half-drowned from falling into a stream with no mom around. The little guy was immediately human-friendly, so off he went to the Wildlife Waystation, which sent him to live at a German zoo since he could never go back to the wild.

  9. Wow, what fun to have visitors - and that Bobcat is awesome looking!

    We're gonna try those Natural Instinct Boost Bites - probably better for the kittens than Purina snacks...

    Hope you have a great weekend - 100 degrees - I'd be melted into a puddle...better you than me. T.

  10. It has just occurred to me that I missed my darling CC's birthday! I'm so sorry CC. I hope I can make it up to you.

    Huffs xx

  11. Wow - it's so busy round your place. All those visitors. We are indeed deprived of such amusements.

  12. What a great post.... I love all those pictures. It's good to see humans once in a while too.

    pawhugs, Max

  13. Somehow this post made me crave for pancakes and maple syrup....peerrrgghhh.... purrrr....meow!

  14. Just add the water from the birdbath to dessicated brain to make mishmash. The shot of Sheebie power dressed in her jimjams makes sense somehow!

  15. A loveely cheerful post to cheer a wet Sunday. Love the last picture of your mum. How wonderful that you get the bobcat visiting and close enough for pictures. Have a great Sunday. Hugs GJ xx

  16. Wow, a bobcat! And we thought we had interesting visitors in our yard! We hope you get to see the kits soon!

    Happy Sunday...and enjoy the heat! (pee says send some our way, it's been kinda cool here with high only near 70...she'd like it a little warmer since it is June.)

  17. YIKES - M just fainted at the thought of 100! It's fun meeting other bloggers isn't it. This summer a few of us Twitter pals are having a meet up in northern Illinois, so M plans on going. Darn - I never get to go tho

  18. We have Bob Cats here too and I haven't been able to catch sight of one for awhile. One came flying out of a building we were going to training in, and that was about it. How wonderful that you can see him.

    I don't know that a new baby of you all's?

  19. How cool! A visit from Poppa Bob! And our mom loves your mom's ensembles! Comfy is the way to go!

  20. Love your Mom's outfit.. she must shop at the same store as our Mom.

    What fun to meet Manon! We have met a few of our internet friends and enjoy them so much, although some of us are too shy to come out from hiding.

    Your Mom's Mom is lucky to be able to see Poppa Bob!! It's so good to see wildlife being wild!!

    Happy Sunday to all..
    ~ The Bunch

  21. What a happy Sunday indeed! We love Poppa Bob's HUGE paws.
    HAPPY HAPPY Sunday everyone!

  22. Whoa, that is quite the backyard visitor your parents have! Also, LOL at "Or maybe that's my brain, dessicating." I visited my sister in Texas last week and I'm pretty sure my brain dessicated. The HEAT!

  23. Poppa Bob is so exciting! All the good stuff is at your place. Love the summer outfit!

  24. A goofy Canuck? That seems redundant.

  25. HaHaHa! D ma's comment above!! :)
    Trish we are much alike: Mo Hotta Mo Betta!
    Scooby was deathly afraid of noisy truck day too (garbage day) and the UPS & Fed EX trucks.
    I am totally jealous of Manon and her visit! I want so much to be a visitor to the catio and love up the entire horde....oh, and meet you & Scott too of course....! Lynne

  26. Oh.....the bobcat is a magnificent fellow. Bet any babies Mombob brings around will be definitely squee-worthy!!

  27. OMC is that some type of lynx...sorry I'm so unfamiliar with the wild his little ears.

    OH Tish we were on our porch this afternoon and lo and behold we turned around and there was a fox about 5' from my hubby's foot about to come up on the porch. I took pictures once we ran inside LOL but for some reason when I load them (which I have been trying to do for over 30 min) on Blogger they appear as horiztonal colored lines...weird. Maybe they will load tomorrow.
    Hugs C

  28. That is an awesome looking Bob Cat. That would be fun to have babies appear. We had fox babies once where I used to live and that was really fun.
    The bird bath is terrific.
    Bet the machinery outside does make a lot of loud noises. Glad you had good visit. Have a great Sunday.

  29. The birdbath is popular here, big trucks not so much!

  30. Mum Trish!! You are warrior woman domestic goddess extraordinaire with your brush and hook thingies! Yay!!!

    Awwww the bobcat is precious!! Awwww hope there are babies! Yay! take care

  31. A fellow Canuck? We must visit her.
    Progress is being made and loved your wild visitor.

  32. While Bibbles takes out her discontent in snooze, you have THAT other kitty show up on your backyard?? Oh my--HUGE, uh--can you hear the big kitty purr??


  33. What a fun post! It is always fun to meet our blogging buddies in person, (especially when they come bearing gifts of maple syrup!! Yum!!!)
    Sure hope that we can meet one day!

  34. That's a whole lotta happenings!!!


  35. How exciting for your parents to have a bobcat visiting. We thought it was a lynx at first. Are they from the same family?
    It is fun to meet other bloggers and the maple syrup sounds good.

  36. Wow you gots lots going on! I bet all the watching will wear out the poor kitties! Especially when that bird bath starts getting customers!

  37. Poppa Bob in your yard! that is way cool!

  38. Hi Kitties, Your Mommy really wears a LOT of clothes for 100+ dgree heat!

    P.S. Bibbles?

  39. whoa! What an informative post! I felt like I was reading the newspaper only better.

  40. You've been having a good time!!!

    Hmmm, Manon, maple syrup... is she from Quebec? :) Looks like you two had a great visit.

  41. yo guys!!! where the heck do ya live?? Looks like AZ??? I am in Nor Cal...thankfully not so hot...but we totally luvluvluv to grill!!! And you guys look like you know what you are doing!! paw pats Savvy

  42. You have been busy! The bob cat is so cute! Looks like you are enjoying June to it's fullest potential. have a good one!
    xo Catherine


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