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Friday, July 20, 2012

Felix Speaks!


Felix here, with sparkly clean teefs.

Don't let anybody tell you differently, I was a tiger at the Ebil Vet's Office.  I fought and clawed and NO attention to the lovely Dr. Bennett who said I was "doll" and whom I head-butted and loved on and purred so hard she could barely listen to my heart. 
 (I might be a little in lurve with her...) 

In fact, let me tell you about my experience in purrson:

(Click HERE if the video won't load.)

For the Humans out there who don't speak Cattese, here's the translation:

Mommy, they STARVED me overnight!
Mommy, they shaved my LEG!
There were DOGS!
Mommy, they stole my BLUDS!
I took a nice nap, Mommy.
Mommy, I woke up and I was STILL THERE!!
Wow.  My fangs feel nice and clean.
Hmmmm, my claws are blunted; probably because I fought so valiantly!

Mommy:  Felix was a trooper, he did fine with the anesthesia!  He was all perky when I picked him up at 3 PM.  He still has all his teeth and didn't come home with any antibiotics--Dr. Bennett said his teeth and gums were in great condition and there was minimal bleeding, so no need to stress him unnecessarily.  (I can pill a cat like nobody's business but Felix is a handful, so a big sigh of relief there.)  He's eight years old, so I had them do a Senior blood panel and he's in tip-top shape, all his numbers were fine.  No vaccines, the vet's office respects my position on them and know we have a closed colony.  As soon as we got home Daddy whisked Felix indoors where he promptly ate, used the box, shed all over, (anxiety shedding--holy cow what a lot of fur!) and stomped off for a nap.  Right now he's on Scott's desk, pestering.
Life is Good.
Thank you all for the purrs and prayers.

Happy Friday!

XX  Felix and Mommy  XX


  1. I'm so happy to hear you came through your ordeal so well, Felix! You deserve extra treats for all the suffering you had to go through!

  2. Yea! for Felix. Hopefully you won't have to do that again any time soon. Sounds like he is a bit like my Eli. I can easily pill him, but it does stress him out and after a day or two he catches on and starts to hide from me.

  3. YAY Felix what a trooper you are!!!! I think this deserves lots of extra treats and lovin' :-)

  4. Hooray!! That vet stuff is SCARY! Glad you came out of that experience okay AND with clean teeth. :)

  5. Yay for felix!! So glad everything turned out so well!

  6. Awwww Felix! It's all over now, and you can show off your pretty sparkly teeth!!!

  7. We are glad to hear Felix is home with pearly whites and that he did well. We're sorry about the missing fur and stolen blood, Felix...

  8. Hurray Felix, you is the man! We're so happy you handled that vet so well, and the sleepy stuff too.

    Glad to see you're home and back in the swing of things.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

  9. Whew! That was stressful fur all of us! Felix, all the ladeez here think you are so brave. xoxo

  10. Hey Felix,

    We are catching up on the news today. We're glad to hear your vet visit wasn't too horrible and that your teeth and gums are in shape.

    Sorry we haven't been around, our mama was working one of the spay/neuter events and we forgot how to turn on the 'puter.

    Kitty Kisses,
    Cindi Lou and The Kitty Krew

  11. Yay Felix! I'm so glad everything went well. Also, his meows are SO CUTE. When my gals are in the car in the carriers, they sound like banshees.

  12. Felix, we are glad to see everything was fine and went smoothly. The catsensus here is, we need to teach you how to scream! Just let it all out! Use those Lungs! Drown out the mom! Make her really fear taking you out. And feel your crankipantness. Screeching lessons start promptly at 10 on Monday with Oui Oui the Screamin' Queen.

  13. Me is so very happy that it was A-OK!

  14. We're happy to hear you're home with all your teefs! We loved your video. Hey, your Mom talks like our Mom. Humans are all the same!

  15. You're a Good Boy, Felix. But how do you put up with that screechy Mommy??? Sheesh. She's even worse than mine!!!

  16. So, so glad - Felix - you did good! T.

  17. So glad you are home again Felix. We can imagine just how brave you are. We know your loving the vet lady was just lulling her into a sense of calm hee he :)xx

  18. Awwwww it's so lovely to hear you sweet Felix! And what a super awesome great kitty you are too!! You showed the vet's! You showed mummy!!! You showed the world! Yay!!!! We are in AWE!!!

    AND!! we are so happy you are in tip top totally terrific shape!!! Yay! Take care

  19. Good man, Felix. You gotta try try TRY not to go to the stinky vet!!

  20. Are you going to show off your pearly whites, Felix?
    So happy the vet visit went well. :)

  21. Based on that video I have to fess up ...

    "My name is Caro and I'm a screecher"

    That exact conversation takes place, except two octaves higher when Austin is taken anywhere against his will, especially the v*t!

    Goodonya Felix for stoical performance xox

  22. We're so glad all went well and that you're healthy, Felix!

    But that tiny little meow in the PTU...Gees, man, you have to learn to belt out your warrior song!!!

  23. I am so happy that all went well...

    Thank you so much for leaving words of comfort for me on the passing of my beloved cat, Alex. Marc and I are heartbroken. We know we did the right thing, and every day we realize how much Alex was “preparing us” during the last few weeks, but it doesn’t make it any easier. We can’t stop the tears…. But having wonderful friends, like you, and the support of the CB is making it better….

  24. I'm glad you made it home safe and sound Felix! It's nice to have clean teeth! :)
    xo Catherine

  25. Whew pal! I'm so happy to hear that dentist didn't steal any of your toothies. I went to the dentist and he stole all of mine, so I've never been back. Glad to know you are okay.

  26. I think that vets offices should incorporte a parents could have a wee drinky to calm their nerves after bringing in a screeching cat!
    Jane x

  27. Yesssssssssssssss! I´m happy about Felix!!!!!
    Have a delicious weekend!

  28. We are glad everything went well, yeah!

  29. I I am proud of you Felix!!!

  30. Good job Felix - we are glad you got such an excellent report and told your mommy all about it....

  31. Yoooo's was sooo brave ( likes the Tiger ) Soo pleased every fink went OK, my Humoms a screetcher likes yours MOL
    Big Hugs Mollie xx

  32. Great visit! Know you are glad to be back home!
    ~ The Bunch

  33. Felix, so sorry to hear you had to go to the ebil vet! Glad you did good with anesthesia (this always scares me) and all your teeth came home with you! I hope you don't have to go through this again for a long time. Have a relaxing weekend!!

  34. You need to give your human a sedative! One time my peeps took Autumn to the vet and she purred so hard the vet thought she had a heart murmur. Stupid vet. Glad they didn't steal any of your teeth.

  35. Felix, we know you fought bravely. Like a lion. And we're glad you are home safely.

  36. Glad to see you made it thru THAT ordeal,,,,,Poor Felix!! Don't feelz bad we haz a screechie mom too :\ and guess who getz to listen to That nxt. week??? Sunny & Penelope ....check up time:( Owr mom don't like da vaccinez either! Us older kittiez don't get them anymore.Gladz you gotz good teef & gumz ^..^ and NO PILLZ! YEA!!


  37. We can't hear you right now Felix, but we will be listening later this evening.

    Thank cod you are alright. We was purring for you.

  38. Our mom screeches too Felix, so we hear you, man!
    Scooby was a major anxiety shedder too!

  39. Felix
    We are glad that is all over and that you are in tip top condition. (good to know) Now smile let's see those pearly white toofs.


  40. I am SO happy that all is well with Felix and I loved the video of him telling us the way it REALLY was.

    I'm so glad all of your teefs came back in your mouth and that your bluds profile was A#1!!

    Love and kissies.

  41. YAY Felix!! So glad everything went well! Loved the video

  42. Glad everything went well Felix and you came home with nice clean peggies.

  43. Yay, Felix! We're glad everything went well. Our mom screaches like that at us when we're in the car too. If being in the PTU in the car isn't bad enough.

    Oh, more thing...the furs that they stole? They do grow back. Slowly...but they do.


  44. Yay, Felix, we'll keep purring until you're good as new.

  45. Felix the cat, the wonderful, wonderful cat--and there's more words but Tommy's too old to remember the rest of the song--so I'll say, I"m happy Felix is home and all is good. I know Mom's heart just goes pitter pat, for Felix the cat!!


  46. Awwwww, we just knew it would all work out ok :-) And we wuz that video. Yup, we has got to has some serious conferencing on our posts and comments with our staff, typist, person....ummmm, as soon as she gets us fed.

    Hugs and happy to all you guys!

  47. Oh DOG do I love to hear that NV doesn't require those damn vaccines. We're moving to NV. (I wish.)

  48. Glad Felix came through all of that excitement with a brighter smile!

    I can't go under because of a murmur, so the vet says, so we really have to watch my teeth.

    Hugs to you all. I'm sure you're happy it's all behind you :)

    Tom, Mom Julie, Mitty, Tinker & Anastasia

  49. Wonderful news!! Good for you sweet Felix you have nice clean chompers now and you are in good shape so enjoy sweet boy! Hugs and nose kisses


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