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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday with Sheebie!

Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie here.

The Kats were given the Illuminating Blogger award (THANK YOU!) by Austin over at CATachresis, but being at a bit of a loss as to what to ramble on about today I took carte blanche and hi-jacked it.  Then, I decided not to follow any of the rules.  (or maybe that came first...)  Instead of revealing embarrassing illuminating facts about myself I'm going to tell you eight bits of hard-learned advice.  
Which are far more interesting.

Stuff I Know
by Sheebie

1.  Cursing is fun.  Cursing creatively is funner.

2.  Secretly, everybody wants to break the rules.  Exploit this.

3.  Never switch to a high-fiber diet suddenly.

4.  Bad stuff happens in any number.

5.  If you can make people laugh, you'll probably get your way.

6.  Eat real food.

7.  The odds against life on this planet are huge--so you had better appreciate it.

And here's a little something some kitty recently sculpted for me in the litterbox, which brings me to my final point:

8.  Love is unexpected.

(Please enjoy the lovely composition and poor exposure of the above picture--it was hastily shot for sanitary reasons-ed.) 

Happy Sunday!

XX  Trish  XX


  1. Those are definitely some worthwhile thoughts. ~ Mark

  2. Only your kitties could leave you a heart shaped bit in the litter box. They must love you lots :-) Ha, ha,ha.

    This is the Mrreows Gotcha Weekend! I can't believe we've had them for a year! T.

  3. My human is bummed that I have never given her a heart-shaped litter pee.

  4. Wow! That's just pawsome! I have often left sum strange poo formations, but never a pee heart!

  5. nothing like a heartfelt leaving in the box. I get rocks much like Charlie Brown

  6. Sheebee, my Mommy is extra good at #1! She is very eloquent with the swearing noises! And me has to learns how to do the pee sculptures!
    Me was soo happy yous told us the illuminating things!
    PS Me forgotted - CONCATULATIONS!

  7. I am intrigued by #2. I bet there might be a good story that goes with this one, but the Human says it might not be polite to ask.

  8. INteresting facts, thanks.
    Love the heart shape gift. lol

  9. Our human swears a lot, but admittedly isn't too creative when she's upset. Though these days her mantra is "keep calm and carry on." LOL.

    All great points, we're chuckling over #3. :-P

  10. That is a great heart.

    Interesting facts of yours. Mom finds #7 interesting and partly feels it is true. On the other hand, some scientists would say the odds were highly in favor of life of some sort here. Though human and kitty life - probably not.

  11. We shall definitely take note of those facts. Enjoy your Sunday kitties :)xx

  12. Our humans embarrass us with their swears!
    Rules are meant to be vases.
    Dictated by The Maple Syrup Mob's human Jane x

  13. LOVE your answers. Funny and true at the same time.

  14. Oh that litter gift is just purrfect! Congrats on the very nice award!

  15. Sheebie, our mom says she totally agrees with #3. She went on this cabbage soup diet one time...BIG mistake! ;)

  16. BOL! Great advice :) LUV #8 Hardy Har Har :D

    Waggin at ya,

  17. Concats on your award! I think your rule-breaking comments are more illuminating than if you played by the rules.

    That's what I like about you, Trish -- you're weird. I've always been proud to call myself that very same thing. To me, the word "normal" is an insult.

    What a fantastic gift! And homemade, too! Are you going to preserve it for PAWSterity?

  18. Solid advice about high fiber diets.

  19. Our favourite answer was No. 3 - did that lead to the last picture?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  20. ha ha we laughed over the 'cursing is fun'..Thank you for visiting, love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  21. Cursing may be fun, but if the human here does it you'd better run. She is one mad woman!

    We thinks the sculpture is obvious work of art :)

  22. Every day is Mothers Day around your house!

  23. Aw, they have expressed their love for the litter box cleaners! That's sweet!

  24. Mom said she knows that # 5 is quite right. She has used that to supervise people and to get along well in stores and other organisations. A smile and a bit of humor go a long way.

  25. Wow ,those are some talented kitties to leave you designs in the litter box. Well done Katnip cats. Love all your facts too. Our Mom says a lot of swear words too.
    Hope all of you have a super Sunday. Take care. What other designs can you make??

  26. Great advise, and you made me laugh, so you WIN!

  27. Creative cussing works for me! Thanks for sharing your wisdom of years. I've taken notes :) You are blessed indeed to have an actual heart shaped clump left for you. Austin has only ever managed a nice V shape!

  28. Love your list and the Heart Shaped pee clump really warms my heart!


  29. OMC!!! Heart-shaped PEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! What wonderfully creative kitties!!!!!!

    BTW....Number One is my fave!

  30. I'll add another: You can say anything to any one so long as you say it in a laughing manner.

    The heart shaped pee is great. MY kitties had never been so thoughtful!

  31. That was wonderful ... especially the heart-shaped clump of litter! :)

    Concatulations on your well-deserved award, sweet pals!

  32. so glad I'm not the only one to enjoy heart shaped pee..

  33. I live by rule nr 5 each day and YES it works :)
    ConCATulation to the blogaward !


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