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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Johnny's INSPIRING Post


Thank you verreh much, Dante.
It's nice to be thought of as Inspiring.  Better than peeps and furries thinking we're a bunch of Captain Bringdowns, spreading Doom and Gloom throughout the Blogosphere.

We decided to let our resident Maine Coon Moggie-Mix take this one.  He's gonna tell you some Inspiring Grooming Tips for Man Cats.

So without further ado..."Heeeeeeerrrre's Johhny!

Hi Everybody!
Johnson here.
If you have rough and scaly toe and paw pads, ask your servants to massage a little olive oil into them.  They'll be soft in no time!

Lady Cats care about how nicely you keep your tail furs, even if they say they don't notice.
They do.

Leave a little something hidden to keep 'em guessing!

Play the cello often.
Dingleberries, although sometimes unavoidable, are simply Not Done in PURRlite Society.

Keep your whiskers crumb free, unless you intend to share.
Don't forget the chin whiskers!

Eye gummies are never in style.  Even if you fight your minions at gummy-removal, let them "win" in the end.

Love Eyes are always in fashion.

I hope these tips will help you woo the girl of your dreams!  And of your reality.  Those kinds of girlfriends are much better, really.

Don't forget to grab this award if you want it...

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Johhny  XX


  1. The Human has the frustrated that you're all covered up. She likes to feed her fantasy of getting her hands all OVER you, Big Boy, and just rubbin' and rubbin' to her heart's content. OOps--sorry. She got a little carried away there.

  2. Congratulations on your award! I think you look great with your love eyes.

  3. Oh Johnny!
    Me is just sos much in loves with yous! Those eyes has me totally captivated! Me would loves to clean your whiskers!

  4. I hope all mancats take these grooming tips to heart!

  5. I personally prefer to flash my bare chest to cat-ladies, but I've been taking notes... just in case!

  6. Obviously these tips are payin off! The ladycats here are swooning!

  7. Johnny I can't stop gazing into those Love Eyes of yours. And I'm touched that you care so much about your tail and what the ladies think. Have I told you what a nice big tail you have?
    ; ) Katie

  8. "And of your reality. Those kinds of girlfriends are much better, really." LOL! Oh goodness, you're funny.

  9. For the first time our three girlcats are stunned and in agreement about something. And Aila is drooling.

  10. Wonderful grooming tips, I shall make sure Simba follows them to the rule :)xx

  11. We can't stop looking at your love eyes....

  12. We and our human are smitten by your love eyes. :)
    Yes, getting old ain't easy; Cinders' nearing the end.

  13. Thanks for the tips. Am practising my Love Eyes as I type this sosnd nnwtfdj eedhhy! >^oo^<

    PeeEss Concats on the award :)
    PeePeeEss Can't see the pic of it?

  14. Concats on the award :) We have taken on board all yor tips, Fank yoo! Great Photies..
    Big Hugs
    Mollie and Alfie xx

  15. We wish our humans would take as much care with their appearance!
    The Maple Syrup Mob.

  16. There's sure a lot of cuteness here today! Kisses on the nose for you Johnny!
    xo C

  17. Mr Johnny! You are truly awesome in the most awesomeness sense possible!! Me and Charlie are taking down notes!! Yay!! take care

  18. Looking good Johnny! Congrats pal!

  19. Oh have solved all the mancats problems with this fabulous blog of advice. It's covering everything! Nothing missed to make a mancat sucessful at wooing the ladycats

  20. Love eyes--that photo is great!

  21. We see Zolie's picture is inspiring a cello concert at the Lounge!
    She's a pro. Scout does it, but our Shaggy is like you Johnson....most he can do is the flute.

  22. Johnny!!!
    You´re adorable!!!!!

  23. Great grooming tips, Johnny!! I love your Love Eyes :-)

  24. The last shot is hoodie heaven! We agree with your olive oil tip especially in the winter.

  25. The girls are fainty here--they loved that last picture! I think you covered all the lessons for the boy cats--now if they will heed the advice.

  26. MOL Johnny I don't care who of your pack you try to eat...I STILL THINK YOU ARE THE MAN WITH THE PLAN!!
    Great post especially the EVOO hint
    Hugs madi

  27. Well, you certainly did not disappoint! I especially like the one about playing the cello regularly to get rid of your dingleberries -- that came out of left field!!!

    Johnny's love eyes are magnificent, I must say. I just adore his shade of eyeliner.

    Dante is without a girlfriend at the moment, so I'll make sure he reads all your tips.

    It might be hard for someone else to grab the award, though. Where is it?

  28. such wonderful tips! Thanks for sharing (and I so hope some of The Crew take you up on that eye goober thing)

  29. Oh Tiny Johnson... You are just so awesome! But why oh why are you hiding?? Only showing bits at a time... you're a great big ol' tease, that's what you are!
    We love you, big boy, and your love eyes!

  30. Great grooming tips, Johnny! You should have your very own cat style show. We know we'd tune in all the time!

  31. Thanks for all the great tips Johnny. Tell Sweet Pea I have taken special notice of them.

  32. Suas dicas já me conquistaram.

  33. Harley needs to study these tips! I always allow my Mommeh to remove the sleepybugs from my eyes because I like to eat 'em.

  34. Concatulations on your well deserved award!

    I have the "love eyes" down pat too but my Mommy particularly fell in love with YOURS!

    Olive oil? Hmmmm...I love having my paws massaged, may have to tell Mom to try that one!

  35. Johnny, thanks for those tips! Even though we don't like it, we'll let the mom clean out our eye boogers. We wanna get some lady cats.

    Wally & Ernie

  36. Some kitties here don't seem to mind dingleberries and the mom is obsessive about cleaning eye goopies though MMM squeaks when she tries to do hers.

  37. Super tips Johnny, maybe this will convince Saku to let Mom brush him (highly doubt it)

    You're a handsome mancat even when you're hiding.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku (Mom Eileen)

  38. You're gorgeous Johnny!
    Concats on the award :)

    P.S. New giveaway over at our new blog happening now!

  39. Ok...we loosing control of our lady kitties here...we gotta go!

    Oh! Concatulations on your award, you guys do definitely deserve it! You do inspire us :-)

    ....right now, especially our lady cats!


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