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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday with Sheebie-Food & Fashion Edition

Friends & Kitties!

Sheebie here.

First, the Food.
Here's my Mom's Pumpkin Pie recipe:

1 9-inch unbaked pie crust
1 15-oz can pumpkin
3/4 C sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp ginger
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1 1/4 C soy milk
2 eggs

Blend ingredients, pour into pie crust.  Bake at 425 for 15 minutes, then at 350 for 40-50 minutes, or until knife comes out clean from the filling.
Now, the Fashion.

You know, sometimes you can't believe everything you read on the internet, especially if it's written by Cats. For instance, the Despots my Cats would have you believe that I am a total moron, fashion-wise. Amazingly, this would be true.  I am forever grateful for my t-shirt and jeans work uniform.  The thought of having to put together a "outfit" every morning fills me with dread.  I've never been very happy with my looks; I've done the starving and make-up and fake nails and cruel shoes, etc. in my quest to be satisfied with myself.  In the end, I decided it wasn't worth the anxiety and I wear what's comfortable, in mostly black.  My outrageous lounge wear is closer to my true sense of personal expression; wild and disorganized--but it's not what I wear out of the house in public.  Much.

However, I do enjoy looking at fashion, and the more "out there", the better, which is why I love RuPaul's Drag Race.  What can possibly be more fun than watching fun fashion on drag queens?


Except that it does.  For the summer TV season, RuPaul hosts a show called Drag U, and the tag-line of the program is "Putting drag queen heads on real women's bodies"!  I'm telling you, this show is a hoot-n-a-half, if you don't get the LOGO channel you can watch it on line. The format is as follows:  three women appear on the show, sick of their general fashion malaise and in a personal rut. Each of them are assigned a drag queen to give them a makeover ("the miracle of drag") using the look given to them by the Dragulator.  (you can do the Dragulator on line, too!)  They learn a dance number to lip sync to, and perform it later in front of a live audience and a panel of judges.  It's a competition, the winner "Dragulates with Honor" and gets a nice cash prize.

Strangely enough, I've learned a few things watching the show.  Really!  Who's going to work harder to look like a woman, a man dressing as a woman or the real article?  The drag queen, of course.  Sure, a lot of it is camp, but there's some good advice in there.  Take proportion.  I have a long-shaped face, with long hair and no bangs.  Guess who was making her face look even longer?  Guess who went and had her hair cut, and got some new glasses to add some breadth that long face?

That would be me!
 I have not mastered the self timer on the camera.


Nice towel in the background...

et voila!

Thank you, Ru, I really like my new hair-do and snazzy specs.  Now, if you can show me how to grow about four inches taller that would be great...

And what's with the weird color changes in the background when I insert a photo over something I've typed?  Danged Blogger.

Happy Sunday!
Have a great week, everyone.

XX  Sheebie  XX


  1. Now, isn't that hair much cooler? Really? And now you won't have dingleberries stuck in it. Sorry, wrong end, but that's what the Mommy says to us! We love the glasses! xoxo

  2. You look beautiful. As long as you are happy doesn't much matter what anyone else thinks...

  3. We like every hair cut we see here!
    first there was Johnny, and now Johmmy Mommy!

  4. My human hates her high forehead so she likes it covered up. She also has a cowlick at her hairline. This makes having bangs an adventure. I am so glad I'm a kitty with fashion-forward fur built in!

  5. You look mahvelous dahling! But I was wondering about the "petite" thing (never say you are short, say you are "petite"!) - I was noticing when you were holding your crew in pictures last week that they are either awfully BIG kitties or you are a very petite person!

    Anyhow, Love the new do -- T.

  6. We hadn't heard of those shows before but our mommy could use some fashion help too. She wears too much black with white cat hair of course! Your new haircut and glasses look great! You are lovely!

    Blogger has been putting some code in that says something about span and background color white. We just delete the code before the paragraph that's white and then the code saying just Span after the paragraph and it fixes it.

  7. Wow, you look great! I think it's too late for RuPaul to help the Human though.

    And hey! It's nice that Rupert has his own show now.

  8. You NEVER cease to crack me up!!!

    I too love RuPaul's Drag Race but never thought to apply it to my own fashion ;) (Apart from a drag queen Halloween costume) Well done you!

    PeeEss: The kitties say hello!

  9. Fashion is FUR coloured, blown anyway the tongue takes it. And as for humans - well you guys do what you want as long as you feed us and are happy :))))

    We like the pumpkin pie recipe - now we just need pumpkins!

  10. Pumpkin pie? Weeeeeeird! We're going to try that.

    We love the self photography. Pawsome!

  11. Yeah, Pawsome! Thanks for sharing the recipie and new doo!

  12. I don´t think we can get hold on any pumpkins here in Sweden ?
    So no pumlin pie is going to be made here today.
    Even if we could get hold on pumlin there would be no pie made , since my mom is going out with a friend in her Oldsmobile -65 and cruise today :)
    Me and mom LOVE your new haircut and specs <3

  13. Your hair looks great, Trish. Really flattering. Probably wash and wear too -- I'm so envious. The glasses look awesome too!

    I have a very long face, and now have got the paternal double chin thing happening. I've always worn bangs, am trying to get use to wearing them a bit longer than I like (i.e. touching my eyebrows), to offset the LONG horsey face. LOL.

  14. Bangs!!!! Means a whole different thing where I come from!! lolol However despite your reference to drag queens, you don't look a bit like RuPaul!

    PeeEss I love the new look complete with cheesy grin :)

  15. Mammy there is beautiful!
    Hey, thanks for the recipe, I'm taking my notes here!
    looks delicious!
    purrs and a great Sunday to you all
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  16. My cats have longer hair than I do...I just can't be bothered with all the blowing, styling, spraying lark.
    Jane x
    PS LOVE your hair!

  17. Pumpkin and fashion makes for a good Sunday!

  18. Great new look!! Had to go back and compare the new with an older photo, and it looks good, like the glasses, too!

    I have very short hair, especially in summer, but think I'll catch up on RuPaul and his new show. Could use some good tips! I despise make-up, so may not do me any good :)

    As far as the color changes on blog, maybe hit the space bar between the picture and the typing?

    Happy Sunday..
    ~ Mom Bobbie

  19. ha! I will have to look for Drag Race and Drag U on line. I like RuPaul! I am similarly fashion-challenged and am greatful my work uniform is jeans and a tee! Your new look is great!


  20. Like the new glasses and do! I always cut my hair shorter in the summer--too hot otherwise.

    I couldn't get used to seeing RuPaul in a suit!

  21. You're stylin. I wish I could wear sweats and a t-shirt to work. The world would be a better place if that were allowed.

  22. It took me 20 years to grow out my bangs!!! I'd get to that awkward point and trim them back up again!
    Love your new look too!

  23. Oooh, this post was so much fun to read since we didn't know about the drag queen makeover thang.

    You look terrific, pretty smile and all!


    Mom Julie'll never do bangs again. Did hear about the kind you can just stick on, tho. :)

  24. The new hairstyle looks suits you well. I expect it probably feels nice and light in the heat, as well.

    Fashion..well..much as I love to see what is out there, I would never last long in a sales environment because I would be telling customers my true opinion on whether clothing suited them or not. I buy my clothes in terms of what I like (and what I think suits me) rather than what happens to be in fashion at the time. I learned a long time ago, after a purchasing a Pepto Bismal pink velour boxy outfit, that I would never take hubby's advice again!

  25. P.S. One of my favorite takes on a pumpkin pie is to use finely shredded carrot instead of pumpkin..and increasing the amount of nutmeg. It tastes very similar and is a great use of those hundreds of carrots that grow in our garden!

  26. Fab make over. Nice to see you!!

  27. My Mommeh wears jeans and long-sleeved t-shirts to work most days (now that she's older, she doesn't like showing her arms!). She started wearing that getup with a pair of Frye engineer boots to add a tiny dash of style.

    Love your new hairdo and glasses!

  28. PlumaB's Mom here,
    LOVE your new look!and the pie snound delicious..might make one on my day off tomorrow!
    PS Pluma says MEOW!

  29. Mom and I thank you for the wonderful recipe and we luvs you just as you are!! PURRFECT
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  30. YAY for shorter hair!

    The best thing menopause did for me was force me into cutting my long, flat, stringy, style-less hair! I cut out of sheer desperation hoping to be even one tiny bit cooler and to not have those awful headaches from wearing said stringy hair pulled up in a scrunchee all the time. Now my hair takes just 3 minutes from shower to done! ..compared to an hour and a half to dry! Oh, the freedom!

    Oh... and yes, parchment paper packets are divine!

  31. We think you look terrific and that is coming from an old lady that doesn't give a shit what she looks like and we are sure no one else does either. It is way too much to worry about. Take care.

  32. The towel--is such an accent color? Ever thought of a little HGTV? :) And the pie--soy milk? Is there such a thing a 'soy cow'? Tommy just shakes her head when I ask her....You confident to put on some 5 inch heels--then you'll be taller!


  33. Very nice hairdo and glasses. I'm like Marg as far as style. Wash my self cut short hair, no makeup anymore and away I go to Wally world.

  34. thanks so much for the recipe, will definitely try it out this fall.

    Don't criticize yourself. You are beautiful. Love your hair and your glasses are beyond hip!

    I am ALWAYS in jeans/T-shirts, have been like that since I was a kid. Have NEVER been a "girly-girl" and LOATHE Peptol-Bismol colored "girly" things!

  35. The new hairstyle and glasses are great.I'm a jeans person too. I hate showing my legs!

  36. A couple of years ago, Mom cut her long locks!! She finally agreed that the 70's and 80's were over ;) hahahahahahaha
    She used to braid her hair for work, but now she can wear it "down"
    Mom gets to wear jeans an a T to work and hopes she never has to "dress up" much.
    She has not seen those shows as we do not have TV anymore. We are all the entertainment she needs !!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

  37. Sheebie! Is that you?! We like!

    Scouty - RUN! Stew recipes are NEXT!
    Purrs & Kitty kisses,

    Squirt some butt butter on that pie for me, will you?

    You're the best! Xoxox

  38. That show looks like so much fun! And I love the haircut and specs--very flattering. It sounds like we have a similar approach to fashion as I wear mostly black outside the house, and mostly tie-dye and sweats inside. It's so much easier to coordinate a respectable outfit when all you have are black clothes!

  39. Awesome new 'do and glasses too! My hair has been short for years because I can't be bothered to fuss with it.

    Unfortunately I don't get to wear jeans and t's to work, it's dress clothes for me with a jacket everyday. We were in a strike position earlier this year, and the union told us to wear blue on Weds, red on Thurs and black on Fri. I told the union rep he needed to give me ideas for Mon and Tues so I didn't have to think about what to wear!

    I do love my weekend's much more relaxed.

  40. Yooo's make us laff :) Gonna try the Pumpkin pie :)Weee don't get those programmes in the UK but we's gonna look on line.
    Have a great day
    Mollie xx

  41. Great new look! Strange place to get advice, but hey, if it works! MOL

  42. M says "nice do." She's with you on the bangs. Those treats look like they were mostly a big hit.

  43. Well, we trying to leave you a comment for try number three now...Mumsy getting upset with the iPad big time now over several days we had problems...

    We was gonna say a few days back, we tried to say, we think if you happy, then you look good! Our Mumsy dresses casual, just like we do. Well, she not wearing fur...well, ...ummm... Anyway, we likes you! And you do good :-)


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