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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Park Report, by Sylvester


Sylvester, ace reporter here, with the Park Report.
This is my spot on Daddy's desk so I see everything that goes on outside the front of our house.
(When he's awake, that is--ed)
 Mommy has previously blogged about the park under construction across the street from our house.  It seems like it's taking forever to get done!  The concrete curbing has been finished for months.   I was very nearly ready to dictate a letter to the Proper Authorities asking some rather pointed questions when on Monday a crew showed up with all sorts of equipment...

...and asphalt!  
(Or tarmacadam, for the cats who speak that other, weird English.)
I directed Daddy to take photos of all the action for me.

Of course there was more than that little pile of asphalt, it took several big truck loads to finish the job.  The workers had just last week completed the last bit of the bike trail that Mommy & Daddy ride on and apparently the park was next on their job list.

The machines made a ton of noise--The Baby had a bad day of it, she doesn't like loud engine noise like the garbage truck--and these vehicles sounded like a hundred garbage trucks!

I was, however, totally unfazed.  I watched the entire day.
(he parts that he was conscious--ed)

It was cool and rainy outdoors and the hot asphalt made some really neat steam trails.

Here is the new road across from us, freshly laid.  

I'm really excited that things might be moving along again! 
 Just think of all the fun people-watching I can do when the park is done.
(when he's not sleeping--ed)
Oh, and good job Daddy, on getting such good pictures for me.  Now, back to work.

Happy Thursday!

XX  Sylvester  XX


  1. Sylvester you burning hunk of mancat...I love people watching and action watching too. I am not afraid of anything.

    your saucy Tuxie princess,


  2. Parks are cool! Almost as cool as bananas. But not anywhere near as cool as black and white kitties! Rock on!!

  3. I dunno, Sylvester, I would think the invasion of privacy from all those humans running around would be rather annoying!

  4. How fun for you! I'm sorry the Baby had a bad time of it though....

  5. So, there were steaming piles of asphalt - had someone used them as a toilet opportunity ?

    If there's a road, there will be cars and loads of people so you will have lots of entertainment for when you are awake.

  6. What an excellent snoopervision spot you have, Sylvester. We love to people-watch from a good perch. We also enjoy a bit of exhibitionism from said spots, too. MOL!

  7. Wow! A Park across the street is great (we had one in the little house), but I kind of like the river in the Back yard.

  8. You know, that "ed" is really snarky!

  9. Now, back to work? Or sleep?

    Still, I am sure your snoopervising is what is keeping them on task, Buddy.

  10. All that park-making is very exciting. One photo looks like it depicts a runaway steamroller.

    Sylvester, it also looks like you are helping to organize a music museum...what with all the CASSETTE tapes!

  11. I still think a letter asking some rather pointed questions is in order. It is never too early to offer landscaping advice given that you will be the one looking at it mostly (even if it is thru partially closer eyelids). Also, you wanna get that order in for fauna. The menu choices can be grueling.

    MS Stella O HouligAn

  12. What an exciting day you had snoopervising all those happenings.
    Mum says they just call the blacktop tarmac. Tarmacadam is too much of a mouthful.

  13. I think you are really smart,
    watching outside and same time could be with your dad!!!

  14. Sylvester-if you supervised all the time, I'm sure that park would be finished by now =)
    (Poor Baby-tiny cuddle for the scared girl)

  15. Some of us like to snoopervise, but like Baby.. some of us rather hide.

    We were reading on facebook (such a time sucker)about another kittycat that was afraid of thunder and another afraid of the evil VET. This, Pet Naturals of Vermont Calming For Cats Softchew was mentioned, and we think we will try it. From Amazon and maybe Kroger.

    Keep us up on how the park is going!!

  16. sylvester you better put on a hard hat. you can't be too careful.

  17. Sylvester, I surely do love a man with a job-makes it that much easier to buy me pretty baubles-POL

  18. Haha we got the tarmac thing because we are bi lingual.Mummy and Daddy are from the UK.
    Anyhooooooo,we live on a dirt road and that makes Mummy and Daddy say some bad words about potholes.Please send the machine that poops here, to do our road...then the bad words may stop.
    The Maple Syrup Mob

  19. People-watching is one of my most favorite things! srsly.

  20. Glad to hear your people TV viewing is progressing! We hope The Baby has calmed down after her bad day :)

  21. It's so nice of your dad to give you a primo viewing spot like that.

  22. What kind of park is it gonna be? Do you know? Did City Hall inform you? They should have... you bein' an ace reporter and all. purrs

  23. Great job reporting on the park Sylvester! We're glad they're making progress! Hope you get a nap in after all that snoopervising!

  24. Syl you are an awesome Project Manager!

  25. Thanks for updating us, Sylvester. We find that stuff always takes waaaay longer than they say it will. We hope your park is on track now.

  26. Great reporting Sylvester !
    You keep us well informed ;) heehee

  27. Love people watch...they run over ground like leaves...Meow!
    Thanks handsome,
    Miss Kitty

  28. That sure looks like quite the interesting place!

  29. Whoa, that looks noisy but it's the price of progress. Any idea when it'll be done, Sylvester?

  30. Yo! Sylvester!! Very nice photos and I so hope this park is not like the park behind our new home...we can hear their PA system every and I mean EVERY weekend when they do events...comes right through our bathroom skylight when it is open...VERY CLEARLY!!...just sayin'...Savannah

  31. You all sure have some innerestin stuff to watch out the winders!

  32. Great report. Baby wouldn't like living here. There's always lots of noise cos they're redoing the helix to and from the Lincoln Tunnel. We go to sleep to the sound of jack hammers every night. And now, they're residing the building next door. The first day they put all this duPont paper up and that night the wind blew it down. It made such a loud noise all night, TW awoke with a migraine. BTW, how's your Mommy's hand??


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