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Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Miscellany


Rupert here, reporting from the top of the Karnivorous Keurig Box.
Due to Mommy's ineptness and poor planning (Rupert!) the only theme to today's post is no theme whatsoever.

So, let's get this two-bit show on the road:

Look what showed up in the park Sunday--the first horsie customer!  Daddy's all excited about the unlimited supply of horse dooky for his gardens.

Guess whose shoes these are.
Hint:  They aren't Mommy's.

We have another neat park under construction right by us, down towards the wash.  Remember the Eggs that Mommy Crawled Through?  Here they are, along with a SIX foot (2 meters) tall roadrunner!

It's a sure bet that Mommy will scale this dude just as soon as the limp (and her common sense) fade.

In other news, Daddy has obviously mistaken May Ling's hind feets for a cow udder.
Boy, is he in for a surprise...

That is all.

Happy Monday!

XX  Rupert  XX


  1. You may wanna instruct your daddy that the udder is further up underneath the cow.
    MS Stella O Houligan

  2. Oh boy, our Mommy said what fun with the roadrunner she would have! She said she can think of elebenty unacceptable pics to take of it! MOL! (excuse her pleez!)

  3. Oh RUpert you are one funnh kitty. Psst ... horse dookey will grow catnip quite tall !

  4. Well, for a non-themed post, that was pretty cool Ru-Paul. I can't believe May Ling doesn't take Daddy's fingers off for holding her toothsome little legs like that!

  5. Pricilla maaas that she can edumaaaacate your daddy on udders but feels that she might be blinded by his shoes.

  6. There is ALL sorts of wacky stuff going on at your place!

  7. Your Daddy better watch out - Mirsku is not very happy after that rough treatment of his girlfriend. He thinks May Ling needs to come over here to recover.

  8. I have a feeling your daddy is holding those back paws like that because of.. what did they call it, pile driving legs? A human can sympathize with your dad, but a cat would bite him anyway.
    Oh boy, horsies! Is your daddy going to be running around after them with a shovel? I hope someone takes pictures of that! Then again... maybe not!

  9. Your Monday miscellany is indeed miscellaneous!

    I wonder who sits in an office somewhere and thinks up giant statue roadrunners and concrete broken eggs? Mind is boggling!!

  10. Mr Rupert!! You have crazypants mum and dad but equally crazypants sculptures in your park!! Aren't they amazing! LOL!! We love the eggs and the giant road runner!!! Yay!

    We hope dad gets tons of lovely jubbly gi-gi manure for his plants! Take care

  11. cant wait for the roadrunner and mum pics because I just know they will be great as soon as your mum is mobile again. I love the shoes and what fun to wear. Love the sculpture's in your park, such a lot of fun. Hugs GJ x

  12. ha ha - we didn't know your dad was so good at milking cats - errrr cows! he he you are so silly.

  13. I want a pair of those shoes!

  14. Wow, crazy shoes--and can we borrow your Keurig box?

  15. Maybe those horsies will come on over and deliver the doo themselves! Can't wait to see your mom on that roadrunner!

  16. rupert you sure know how to tackle a wide variety of topics in one post.

    btw, your daddy's shoes rock.

    emma and buster

  17. OMG I want those shoes! Love the roadrunner, but love the beautiful grey boy most of all. :)

  18. deer cod rupert...say it iznt sew...a troo nite mare in godzilla sized proportions ( kewl werd huh )

    norm a lee we dont like seein a coyote in site...ore a round....ever...any wear...

    but this time wile E... kneads ta show up with sum dy noe mite anda acme anvil... N push that burd over de cliff of...

    ya got cliffs out yur way ?

    like one in de car toon ...any cliff....trooly....hope full lee

  19. Rupert
    you look so proud of yourself on top that Keurig box!

  20. A 6-foot road runner? Holy cod! (Our human always wished that the coyote would catch and eat the stupid bird in the old cartoons. LOL.)

    Funky sneakers, we think they're awesome!

    P.S. We hope your mom's physio went okay today. She'll be sorer tomorrow!

  21. Rupert! What did May Ling SAY about that milking!!!!

    I love the Roadrunner and eggs. That was super cool!

  22. Daddy is going to stalk the park with a shovel scooping up horse poopies?!??! You folks don't let anything go to waste (Ha! Theres a pun for you!!) That is just awesome!

    "Oh wow those shoes" -Mom

  23. Wow I love the big birdie! That looks very neat park!
    And the shoes look nice! Unique and colorful :-)

    Happy Monday xoxo


  25. That park just keeps getting more interesting. A roadrunner! And horses, too? We don't approve of using cat feets as udders, either, and we hope May Ling explained that was inappropriate.

    Oh, and the head peep squeed at the shoes. Humans are strange.

  26. That was a pawsome newscast Rupert! A little of the news, a little fashion, some sports ...just need the weather...oh wait it was sunny there! Yous got it all covered, MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  27. Waaa the bird made us sad because of our post today and just rescued another one from Gris Gris's clutches.

  28. Haha! Your dad is gonna stand out in a crowd with those shoes! They're great!

  29. YOu can see horsies from your house? How cool.

  30. The udder-ing is bound to cause some shudder-ing!

    Rupert! You alone are enough handsome boy :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  31. uhhh...ummmmm....well, yeah Rupert...I can see you got stuck tryin' to bubble gum this post together to look like it had a plan...good one Rupert...

  32. Lookin' really good there buddy, really good! Lots of interesting stuff going on at your abode as usual!

  33. Rupert, you look so much like our Fiona. What a handsome kitty you are. The huge roadrunner is so cool. Too bad it's not edible. We look forward to seeing more photos of the park. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  34. Guess what !
    My mom LOVED thoose shoes :)
    The BIG birdie and eggs are furry cool !


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