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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mad Pilling Skillz

 Friends and Kitties!

Sheebie and Maui here.

You may have read on Facebook that the G'peeps kitty Shadow had a horrible reaction to a combo vaccination.  (Never again!)  After two-plus weeks, steroids, antibiotics, and several vet visits, Shadow is starting to feel better.  At one point Shadow quit eating and my folks had to force-feed her which was harder on them than her, I think.  It's been a long haul for all parties involved, and I've been on the phone daily with with my parents with support and advice.

My Dad was curious about my pilling skillz, so Scott grabbed the camera, I grabbed Maui (I was napping, Woman!) and we staged a Re-enactment:

I place Maui in my lap, grasping his skull and pinching the corners of his mouth.
Mommy rassels me to the ground.  After a mighty battle, her infinite mass overwhelms my wrigglyness, and she squeezes my head in a vice-like Grip of Death.

I apply gentle pressure to Maui's lower jaw...
Powerless to resist, the torture begins...

...gently opening his mouth.
...oh no No NO NO NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

I quickly toss the pill straight down his gullet, bypassing his tongue if possible.

This may take more than one try.
For Cod's sake woman!  Just how inept are you!? Get the darn thing down!

If you keep your finger in between the fangs you won't get bitten.
This time. 

Finally, I praise him.
GEROFF!  Let me go...and get yer grimy meathook outta my eye!

Easy Peasy.

Now, I admit, Maui has a huge maw and he gets a pill daily so we're both pros at this...some of the other Kats around here require two stoutly clothed people, towels, and preternatural speed to accomplish a successful pilling.  

Everybody and everykitty, all of us at The Lounge want to thank you for purring and praying for our cousin Shadow--she's out of the weeds but she still has a way to go before she's back to her regular sassy self.  Mommy will keep you updated on her recovery.  Right now she's eating on her own, using the box, grooming, and asking for luvvins--and sleeping a lot, which is to be expected.   

It's been a week,'s to a better one!

Happy Sunday!

XX  Sheebie and the Victim Maui)  XX


  1. Excellent we mean pilling instructions.

    We're so glad Shadow is doing better. When Raz had his shots he was punky for a couple of days and Mom was really worried. We'll never do the combo again either.

    The Florida Furkids

  2. Oh you poor Maui!!!!
    May we add some tips? It's easier to use pill pockets. They are very soft and manageable. It's best if very little is used, just enough to cover a light coat on pills. Then it can be given to the victim kitty in between couple of temptations: 1- temp, pill, another temp.
    PS. Shadow might have the herpes virus if she is showing such strong reactions to shots. In that case she should not be given steroids. They create a worse reaction. Lysine does miracles for that though. It's the only thing that makes the herpes outbreaks to go away.
    Good luck!

  3. Your human has mad skillz. Mine's just mad. (madder than a hatter!)

    I require thyroid pills not once, but TWICE daily now. Dear cod, it's been a week here, too.

    Here's to better tomorrows! Cheers!
    (wow, Mommy thinks efurrybody has a glass in their hand!)

  4. Pee Ess - we are SO happy that Shadow is better!

  5. I don't like combo vaccines either. I know of other cats that have had the same reaction. It is worth two visits, for sure. My vet toldme that after a cat has received 5 years of vaccines they have enough in their body to last their lifetime. She is not a fan of vaccines and has you stop getting them for your cat anytime after 5 years.

  6. We're so glad Shadow is feeling better! We are very impressed by the lack of blood-shed in your pilling re-enactment with Maui.

  7. Sending more healing urrz to Shadow. That's kinda similar to the torture my peeps tried on me when I needed meds. Loved your commentary Maui.

  8. I am glad Shadow is feeling better.
    I am good with shoving pills down cats' throats too.
    Grab 'em before they know what is happening, open the mouth and drop it in there. Hold the mouth shut until it is swallowed.

  9. Poor Maui! But.. your gack*grfaugghhh*eck*eck*eck was SO accurate! It made me giggle... Not something I do when I'm the one who has to pill the kitty! Star is easy enough to pill, but Leo, holy smokes! Pill pockets wont work for him either because he refuses treats and snacks of all sorts! And if I put it in his canned food, it only works for a few days, then he refuses that too.. Suspicious cat. sigh
    SO glad Shadow is better!

  10. This is a great post and should have a permanent link to it as pilling is such a problem! Tuomo was impossible and very good at popping the pills out of pill pockets and eating the treat.
    Stran is pilled daily and he is fantastically cooperative. He has very many less teeth than the mighty Maui.

    We are delighted that Shadow is getting better - we had been watching on fb and purring away. No kitty should ever get ill from something that is meant to be protection for them. Pöh.

    Have a great Sunday.

  11. The Human was a very talented piller with a couple of previous cats--she has NO idea what would happen if she ever tried to give ME a pill!

    These are excellent instructions, Sheebie.

  12. I know that "giving a pill to a cat" lol ! Mr. G. holds the cat and I throw the pill in her mouth ! Then we are both exhausted and red headed !

  13. I was glad when the V.E.T. gave Bela a heavy duty shot of anti-biotics "that was good for two weeks worth of pills" - Bela is a quick study - I would have gotten ONE pill in his mouth and that would have been IT - no more - so I was just as glad to have paid the extra for the stabbing. T.

  14. What a bummer you had to be so awfully humiliated for the camera, Maui! But I am OVERJOYED to hear that Shadow is on her way to recovering from that combo vaccination! We were very concerned about her here in SoCal.

  15. Excellent pilling instructions , say´s my human , me I say that is plain torture !!
    Keep sending (((purrs))) to Shadow <3

  16. Austin here! Thanks for the info! I am now undergoing further resistance training with the SAS as I realise what I was doing wrong before! >^,.^<

  17. Our person is pretty good at pilling too since she has had so much practice but that is just how she does it. Great tutorial.
    We are thrilled that Shadow is doing so much better. Like I said, no more shots for that one. Take care.

  18. We are all good about taking pills fuss, no muss!

  19. Oh dear. We've been missing in action for over a week and didn't know. So happy to know Shadow is better now. Thanks for the pill demo - he he - I don't like taking them either.

  20. God, pilling can be really trying at times.

  21. Maui, we hope you were appropriately compensated in treats for that demonstration!

    The head peep used to be very confident about giving her previous cats pills. She has given literally thousands. But we are pretty much unpillable unless you hide it in a pill pocket. It's a good thing they put cat crack in pill pockets.

  22. That is just awful. Poor Shadow. We are so glad she's doing better now.

    Maui, dude, we feel for ya!

  23. I did not know Maui is a pill popper although I've long thought of him as the Elvis of cats. We'll continue to send positive thoughts Shadow's way...

  24. I'm so happy that Shadow is doing so much better! Whew!! Continued prayers! Now Maui you are the best model for showing us how 'easy' (ha ha) it is to pill a cat. I'm lucky Charlie is pretty healthy and no daily drugs...yet!

    Hoping for a better week!


  25. We're so happy that Shadow is doing better! We were very worried about her so that news makes us happy!

    This post was so funny we shared it with Daddy and he found it funny too! Maui, we love your commentary of the torture!

  26. First of all, Maui Mommy, consider yourself the recipient of the sternest of my stern looks!

    Poor Maui! How could she! I am packing my bags and coming over to protect you.

    Purrs (for Maui ONLY!),

  27. The pictures make me go cold but it has to be done. I am glad that Shadow is doing better and keep us updated please.. Hugs GJ x

  28. We's never had pills here, thank Cod! Mom says if we did, she would use the cat whisperer (our bean brofur)to do it.

    You was furry good to put up with mom Maui!

    Glad to hear Shadow is doing better...we'll keep on purring.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  29. Your skills are pretty similar to mine, but I point the nose directly at the ceiling above them. Makes a straight shot past the tongue when you just drop a pill in

  30. Wow, your human has some seriously mad skillz! We're glad that Shadow is doing so much better.

  31. Maui and Sheebie
    " After a mighty battle, her infinite mass overwhelms my wrigglyness,"
    had mom on the floor laughing her head off. Thank goodness Shadow is better and all are feeling better.

    Mom says...pilling a Dachshund was almost as much fun as pilling a Maui! Toto, the Mighty Mini, RIP, had to be placed on the dryer, with his length secured under mom's pits
    and hands placed just as yours were placed. He held a grudge for hours too.
    Hugs C and madi

  32. My brother Seville gets a HUGE pill every day. He co-operates with the peep? Could you believe it??? My sister, Constance, doesn't do pills. Just doesn't. Not ever.


  33. Oh the indignity you must suffer. We hope Shadow is fully recovered soon.

  34. We haven't had to be pulled yet, but were sure we'd give Mom Paula a hard time. S glad Shadow is doing better. Brûlée had a reaction to the combination vaccine but not as bad as Shadow.

  35. What? She doesn't hide your pills in cheese? Torture!

    We hope Shadow continues to improve.

    The Paw Relations

  36. Oh great...our mom saw this....well maybe she will be more careful with us now. She will usually sneek up on the one who needs the pill, grab our head, and toss the pill down the gullet as fast as she can...gag gag gag. -Shaggy

  37. yep that's how my Mom does it and she is the Queen of pilling :)
    Glad Shadow is feeling better

  38. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We hope you got paid well for that demo!
    Purrs to Shadow too.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  39. wow! I could barely look! It was just so raw...hope I don't have nightmares. But now I know - if they say the words: 'gullet,' 'maw' and 'hold her! stick your fingers between her fangs!' then it's time to high-tail it. which i intend to do. fanks for teh warnings...

  40. We sure as heck hope that Maui got some treats for being your demo kitty. We used to have to pill our very first cat everyday. Luckily we don't have anybody requiring daily pills now. If that should happen, we will definitely review this post. Give Maui some extra loving. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  41. Poor Shadow, we're purring for her. We've heard bad things about combo vaccines and the 3 year ones too, so we get ours every year.

    Your mom is so much nicer about pilling. Ours squishes us in a death clamp between her legs with us facing away from her then pulls our heads back by grabbing us near our fangs. It is over quickly.

  42. You gotta get one of those pill shooters. It's a long stick with a plunger on it. It can shoot a pill wayyyyy back there without all that fussin'.

    Glad to hear that Shadow is feeling better.

  43. Wow, that is a good demonstration and info. Huge purrs and prayers to Shadow and we are relieved to hear that she is now doing better, thank goodness.

  44. I totally admire that! My mom is the Queen of Wusses and could never do that!

  45. Cattywumpus here.
    Our mom is very impressed with the solo pilling technique. We are hoping she never has to try it on us.


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