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Friday, August 5, 2016

Felix, or, The Intrepid Explorer


It's Felix.
You kitties are all just so smart--of course--you guessed immediately where I was in yesterday's post.

I am in the garage, hanging out with Daddy.  It's our Special Thing we've started doing together--with the weather so hot the garage door stays shut and Daddy runs the portable air conditioner in there to keep it cool.  Naturally he requires snoopervision, and I'm just the Cat for that!  I keep him on the straight and narrow by purrforming a vigorous inspection...
Daddy uses the garage as his Man Cave so there's lots of stuff to examine.  He's not the tidiest human but he does have a place for dirty socks, et was pleasantly stinky.  Just like him.   mmmmmmmmmmm....

There's a cot out here too.  Both the peeps like to stretch out on it occasionally for a break from the Horde nice nap.  Daddy showed it to me but I was more interested in the garbage can (the one he used to spray--ed.) which had another alluring--and most familiar--odor.  Strange...

Out of duty I inspect Daddy's tie dye in progress but it freaks me out a little.  I'm not saying why.  You know how stuff gets weird sometimes, right? 

Before I go back into the house I give the Supply Shelf a once-over.  
Stinky Goodness?--check!
Chikkun Jerky (in the big container)?--check!
OK, we're good to go here.  

I have a lot of fun visiting with Daddy in the garage, I chirp and chatter the entire time while I'm out there and I make a huge tail flare--which I only do when I'm really really happy.  I hope it stays hot and the door stays closed for a looooong time!

Happy Friday!

XX  Felix  XX


  1. How fun that you get to do the mancave thing with your male human, Felix! My human's boyfriend is stuck with Binga, who isn't even a man.

  2. It must be nice to escape from all those girls and have some mancave time. *jealous*

  3. Paws up for having a mancat supervising activities in the mancave!

  4. Wait - your hoomins have a KITTEH FREE sleep space? How did you let that happen??

  5. Felix, I bet the other kittehs are gonna be jealous!

  6. that garage is full to the brim with testosterone.

  7. what fun - we are glad you and your daddy have a place to bond

  8. So I was wrong yesterday.. you were some place you were invited :) Nice to see you taking your snoopervising seriously.

  9. You're so lucky! We're not allowed in our garage!

  10. How cool to share that special place with your dad ! Purrs

  11. The garage looks a very fun place to explore. Do you tell the others when you have been out there, or is it a secret between you and your daddy?

  12. It looks like your dad's mancave has now become a mancat cave, Felix.

  13. This makes purrfect sense to us...a mancat visiting the mancave. Glad you had so much fun with the Daddy bean!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  14. you have enough supplies??!


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