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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Kreatures with Kona

It's me, the Shy Kat...KonaKitty.
I like to hang back and watch what's going on at the Lounge. You can see a lot of interesting things that way. At night I snuggle under the covers with Mommy and tell her all about my day.
So let's close our eyes...and remember some of the wildlife that I've seen lately...

The Baby. Daddy lets her Out for a few minutes every morning for a supervised stroll. She took advantage of a moment of distraction to roll in the dirt!

Mister Lizard, aka George. Technicnally he's indoors but at one point he was outside...RIP, George.

Mister Hummingbird, in the Lemon tree.

The wild-n-crazy Hippy Dippy Dude! Very elusive and this was a rare sighting!

Snakey Sidewinder. He's about the size of a pencil. Daddy escorted him (in a box) to the desert across the street.

Missus Hummingbird, sipping from the feeder.

Meep Meep! It's the Roadrunner! Watch out, Wiley Coyote!

Mrs. Black Widow. This is an old picture, from our first year in our house. Mommy & Daddy have a bug guy now!

Dedded de-stingered Scorpion! This one we left on the Catio for Daddy to find...heh heh heh.

Praying Mantis...we like to see these in the yard, they eat those nasty brown roaches. You know, the ones we leave for Mommy to find and squeal over.

So Kitties, that's what Me and Mommy talk about at night...all the stuff I see during the day. She's always really interested, and of course she gives me great pets and kissies, too!
So long for now...and I'll be watching!
Happy Thursday Kitties!
XX KonaKitty, official Lounge Watch Kat
Pee Ess: We'll be reading but not commenting (much) on Wednesday & Thursdays, those are Mommy's days off work. Mommy claims she needs to do stuff at know the story.


  1. WOW a real life road runner, you sure get lots of interesting things to look at there. We had koalas, possums and snakes at grammpy's old house but haven't seen anything at our new one... yet.

  2. Holy Smokes! Those are some furry cool and some furry GROSS (The spider, mom HATES them) pictures! The hummingbirds are beautiful. We have Ruby~Throated one's here. And a Road Runner?!?! That takes the cake!

  3. Wowie, you sure can see lots of cool stuff at your house! My Mommeh has Wednesday and Sundays off from work.

  4. Our poor Mommy is so afraid of bugs (spiders in particular) so she could only look at the lizard and snake without cringing! We think they're cool!

  5. You have a lot of wildlife to talk about, Kona! Wow!

    The spider and scorpion totally freaked our human out...*shudder* Lizards are cute, though. Hummingbirds gorgeous. That snake was kind of cool too, presumably poisonous, though!

    Maybe freezing our butts off for oh, 5 months of the year here in southeastern Ontario isn't such a bad thing after all, though. We don't have quite the same kind of creepy crawlies, thank goodness! ;-P

  6. Hi KonaKitty! Can we just say that your eyes are so wonderfully striking. The hummingbird if amazing!

  7. My mum freaked out when she saw the spider. She is a big scairdy cat about spiders. You get to see lots of stuff, don't you Kona?

  8. OMC Kona you have beautiful eyes and they see lots of interesting things.

    Oh my stars you all have lots of critters out here. The black widow sent mom to the top of the desk....she is crazy like that says she'd rather have a lion after her than a bug...cause she can see the lion.

    Happy Day we hit 102 here yesterday,
    Madi and Mom

  9. Me and Charlie are all agog at the road runner!!! We are in AWE!! That's a road runner!!! How amazing and utterly fantastic! Brilliant!!!

    Awwww hello sweet and shy KonaKity! You are adorable!

    We hope you all have a brilliant Thursday!!!
    p.s. Charlie loves rolling around on the dirt just to see what I'd do to try to clean him up! LOL!

    Take care

  10. Meep Meep! How cool to real live road runners! Your hummingbird photo is awesome! Mom needs to get us a feeder. We had one when we lived in Florida!

  11. You have the best wildlife there! All we have is boring birds and squirrels. The hummingbird photos are great - we do get a few ruby-throated hummingbirds every once in a while, but they are a little scary because they are so aggressive! (seriously!)

  12. We were so enjoying your post..........until mama saw that snake and went berserk!!!!!! She had a very unfortunate meeting with one years ago, and still goes totally crazy even seeing a picture of one!!!!

    Anyway, Kona, while she's running off screaming, at least we can finish the comment. We love y'all and your blog....and are so thankful we have become friends......xxxxxxxx

  13. Hi Kona - you are a very pretty kitty with lovely white whiskers and green eyes. We had only seen the road runner in cartoons before - meep meep. Mum freaked at your spider - she does here too and ours don't hurt you - she's just plain scared of them.

  14. Great wildlife at your house! We have hummingbirds here, but no roadrunners. (except on tv)

    Tell your Mom to enjoy her days off and have fun!

  15. We think you're very brave to live in the desert with sidewinders! And scorpions!! Your wildlife is SCARY.

  16. Holy Catwoman Kona!

    *woo hoo*
    YOU have some dangerous friends in the desert.
    Momma nearly jumped outta her chair when she saw the black widow and scorpion and snake!



  17. Mister Kitten - "Wow, we don't have either of those two birds here. We have cardinals, robins, woodpeckers, bobwhites, and a bunchaothers but not those two. Mom doesn't like spiders and I don't think she'd like those scorpithings."

    Zaphoid - "Our late brother StarWeaver (who was black like StarWalker) used to bring up snakes all the time at our old house. The young Feeder's dad went back to live there after we moved down here. It has a little stream in the backyard. He would play with them in the driveway until mom told him to take them back where he found them. Then he would take them back. I didn't play with them."

  18. Gorgeous Kona photo=he's got stunning green eyes and beautiful furs...Wow, you guys have lots of wild life at your house and that's not counting all you adorable kitties!!...We're sure your Mommy loves snuggling with you at night, handsome Kona, you guys have lots to talk about!...kisses and hugs sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  19. Oh My! Quite the jungle you have at your place!! Praying Mantis? That SPIDER--Tommy screamed. You guys have a lot of stuff to hunt! And Tommy says she's jealous, cuz you get hummingbirds. We have a feeder out and nobody seems to chow on it except ants....


  20. You sure have interesting creep crawly things there. We only have boring ants and a spider every now and then.

  21. Holy Meow Kona! You sure have a lot to share with your mommy at night under the covers. My goodness. A baby SIDEWINDER! To me, what riches! A Meep Meep too? How wonderful can it BE where you live! I hunt lizards that come in under the screen door. That;s the best I can do but I always give it to mommy so she can fix our dinner. I like to hold up my end of the daily food expenses and obtaining fresh food for the table.
    The dedded stingerless scorpion did make mom remember the smaller ones she used to watch out for in her shoes while she lived in Florida. That was before she gotted me or my sister Robin who is at the Bridge.

    Tell mommy to have a good two days and us kitties will be here when she has time to help you kitties write.
    Hugs and purrs and head bumps.

  22. Wow, you certainly do have exciting things to watch at your place!

  23. Wow you really have a lot of cool things to see there! And we think that hanging back is smart - because that way you always know what is going on!!

  24. Wow, that is a lot of critters. Watch out for the hippie!

  25. Those are too many creepy crawlers for my mom! She is very squeemish!

  26. Wow zowie Kona, dat is a lot of intristing wild life. Beware of da dippy hippy, we had one of dem here once and it chased us around...oh, wait, it also gave us treats and good pets...neffur mind. Keep talking to mommy in bed, dey love dat stuff.

  27. Wow, KonaKitty! It's a regular Wild Kingdom around your lounge!! What fun for all of you!

  28. Seeing all those animals certainly gives you a lot to talk about Kona. The scorpion and spider gave mum the eebie jeebies.

  29. Yikes. you had an exxciting day Kona. we had black widow spiders here and mom was worried they would get in the house so she "nuked" all around the front door.... and then several places around the house.
    You kitties just be careful and don't get bit!

    Baby looks happy rolling in the dirt!
    Daddy looks groovy and hip.


  30. We always heard that Vegas has the best live entertainment, we just didn't know it was all at your house! Well, the spider isn't so fun so we're glad you have a bug guy instead now.

  31. Mom screamed when she flew past that green thingie. Thank Cod there are none of those here!! Funny how our wildlife is so different yet we're so close.

    Hey My Mom sent your Mom an email, then my Mom remembered your Mom said she doesn't look in her box often. So have your Mom tell my Mom when it's a good time to call your Mom.

  32. Thank you for sharing all the things that you sees Kona. Is very interesting to see wildlifes from other parts of the world. You hummingbird photos are awesome! My mommy takes picshurs of them too, and it is very hard.
    We never sees a road-runner afore, is very neat to sees them.
    Has pretty dreams with your mommy Kona!

  33. You do that roach thing too? So do Au and Target. Eeeewwww!

  34. wow, what out for those nasty stinging creatures!
    you don't want to get hurt!
    you have lots of wonderful wildlife where you live, we only see other cats and some pigeons :D

  35. I'm sure this was a really interesting post, KonaKitty, but I was so shocked at how dirty The Baby was I really just couldn't pay attention to anything else. Did she get clean again? Did she have to have a baff? I'm so worried about my beautiful girlfriend!

  36. That SCREAM yoo just heard was our mommy disappearing into the distance when she saw the SPIDER. She is such a wuss!

  37. Oh WOW! You sure got a lotta neat critters around...


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!