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Monday, September 27, 2010

Modeling Monday Expose'


MomKat Trish here.
I have something terrible to tell your Moms and Dads.
Maybe you should go sit down and have a Niptini, you're gonna need it.

Because I'm on to ALL of you!

Last week Mr. Crazypants and I bought a new car and the Cats chipped in on the down payment.  I was quite proud of them saving up their allowance money, but then I discovered this:

A giant chest of money, stashed in the closet!
Over by the vacuum, where the Horde thought I'd never look.

And by the money was this catalog:
Um, Johnson, why is your kitten picture on the cover?


Moms & Dads, do you occasionally lose track of a Cat and assume they're just sleeping somewhere?

 They're out Cat Modeling, earning thosands of dollars.

Of which you see NONE.  Zero.  Zilch.
I plead the Fifth.

The limosine pulling up to the house is a good Clue that your Cat might be sneaking Out.
 They use tiny cell phones they can dial with one toe, a la "Zoolander".

Is your Kitty a picky eater, or a habitual barfer?
Eating disorders are RAMPANT amongst Models!
This can be another Clue.

Aliases are common.

 Have you seen this Cat?

Cats often use just one Name, like Fluffy or Tom, to escape detection by their Humans.
And the trickery doesn't stop there!

They put on fur make-up, too.
 And wear tiny contact lenses.

The worst of it is the secret Swiss bank accounts.
Which does NOT go towards stinky goodness, Cat Trees, toys, Nip, etc.

Or VET bills, either.
 What they do with all the money, I haven't a clue.

Probably manipulate world money markets as part of their Evil Plan for World Domination.
I'm just happy that the Lounge Kats yakked up some cash for my car.

Thanks, guys.
Mommy loves you.

This has been a Public Service Announcement.
 Thank you for your attention.

Happy Monday!

XX  MomKat Trish 


  1. So now you've done it! Mom has been recycling those Cat-a-logs without much of a look and now...NOW she's going to be searching for evidence. Not toys, not treats...evidence.

  2. We have a message for you Katnip Lounge Lizard-lickers: get your Mom under control! This sort of information broadcast helps none of us. Now our alternative identities are blown away and I might have to go back to the day job of sleeping again. Psssshhhhh.

  3. Way to go guys! Our mommy has just been throwing those cat-alogs in the recycle bin but now she's going to pay more attention and she'll discover our secret. Next time hide your work in your litterpool instead of the closet! Sheesh!

  4. UGH! Blogger ate our witty comment!

    Oh well, go Bears! Mom is nervous about tonight's MNF game. She thinks the Packers are pretty good and that the Bears have gotten lucky two weeks in a row. Hope we can beat the Packers on National tv!

  5. Oh dear, I hope I am not expected to cough up money for a new car!

  6. Greetings,

    Oh my . . . What is one to do as we would like to show off your accomplishment but then you also need to hide them. A tough balancing act.

    Good Luck.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Miss Kitty

  7. wow, I am learning soooooo much from you guys. I shall go and ask Simba about this :)

  8. I think your mom just know she got celebrity kids : )
    Puddy want your pawtograph

  9. Wait a minute... you guys are doing WAY better with your modeling careers than I am! I must be doing something wrong...

  10. World domination by cats sounds good to me!

  11. Ha ha ha Oh Momkat, that's not true. You're just being silly. Your crew would NEVER sneak out to model and earn boatloads of cash. Just ignore that catalog.


  12. I think they are very wise with their funds and do very nice things for homeless kitties!

  13. Oh noes! My secret has been revealed!!!!

  14. Hahaha! That's great! They are smart to cash in on their cuteness :)

  15. Oh noes kitties of katnip lounge!! You've been found out! Me and Charlie blame the pawparazzi from yesterday!! Oh dear. We think that you can all sell your stories now to Hello Kitty magazine and get centrespread too!!

    Lovely Johnson - we love your BIG PAW!!
    Is that adorable Felix with the designer eating bowl?!?
    Awww sweet Rupert or is it lovely Grayce? LOL! - we think extra treats will help your eating disorder! :-)
    Yay!! stunning Salem - did you get to keep your designer name tags?!?
    Pretty Scouty!! What are they doing to your ears?!?!
    Amazing Maui!! We hope you include extra treats for all floofies in your plans! :-)

    Take care

  16. What?! I still haven't got Derry's vet bills paid off, let alone even started paying off the fence work, and the crew is hoarding money from modeling gigs?

    I'm going crazy in a tiny office cubicle trying to earn enough to pay the mortgage and bills while they're out living it up???

    Oh, this is too much!!! Un-frickin--believable!

  17. Goodness, mom has just gone to check our closets to see if we have any big chests of money. We would love to go model and make money for Mom. You Lounge cats sure make good models and look great on the front of the catalog. Hope all of you have a great week and keep up the great work.

  18. MOL! Mom just fell off her compooter chair larfin' again!

  19. Uh, guys, I think your mum is onto you. Abort mission!

  20. OMC! They've uncovered the secret!!!

  21. Well! I am dismayed that you blew our cover! I have a stash of cash too that she hasn't found. With my exquisite beauty I am much in demand to model sleeping on beds, don't you know? I keep my box of munny and jools in my special closet. But I hope she doesn't read what you wrote so she won;t start looking for them. I did help with mt medicine by leaving a green paper for her to find.

  22. Mom here!!! I'm going to put the Diva to work asap. About time she earned her keep.

    Madi here!!! You all are a dirty dozen to post this now I'll be having to do housework.

  23. PS word verification for above post was
    Too funny,

  24. Mum's been rooting round in cupboards but have found no money yet - we hid it real good - but unfortunately as we'd been celebrating and had one nipitini too much we can't remember where our money is!!

  25. Which one of you lounge kats fell asleep at sentry duty guarding the stash?? Now the secret is out. Shaggy had made a career out of modeling plus size kitty accessories. She calls Scooby "Our Little Bulimic Cat" and now she knows the real reason!!!!!!
    And know what?? We get Foster & Smith for Small Pets too, so now she's on to our guinea pigs!

  26. ::paw-to-face:: how could you guys let your mommeh find us out? and worse yet, how could you let her BROADCAST it on the CB?! damange control, damage control!

  27. MOL~!!! This post made mom LOL really loud, but now she's gonna be checking for OUR secret stashy spot!

  28. Our secret is out! You must make your mom delete this post.

    P.S. Tasha is putting her money in a 401-K, but we boys just spend ours on nip. None of us would ever dream of contributing to a new car, though (we hate those things!) - you guys are too nice!

  29. MomKat Trish!!! You must shush yourself! We can't have Meowm finding our stash of monies! Sheesh!

  30. Oh, oh, the cat is outta the bag now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. Oh no! What have you done? Our mum is on the rampage turning the place upside down looking for evidence.

  32. BUSTED! Mom Trish......why...oh why????? Now Mommy is trying to find our stash!!!

    Oh, and Mommy is laughing like crazy too!!!

    What did we ever do to you????

    Have you ever noticed how much Seaborne looks like the Fancy Feast cat??? Now you know why!

  33. Wow I wish I could prove that about my cats - I totally could use a new car and if they could chip in that would help a lot! I think I may need to search the house - I wouldn't put it past them to hide it somewhere they think I would never look!

  34. Mom saw the picture of Johnson in this post and thought Minchie had run off to Vegas and was living at your house now. WOW! Talk about a doppelganger!

  35. Verreh amewsing! The only thing my cats yak up is hairballs!

    Of course, they're already onto the modelling thing, and I know about it, but I didn't realize they were getting paid.

    I'll have to hunt down where they keep their stash unless I can get someone to squeal.

    Congrats on the new car, and the kitty contributions. That's a real coup! Is the car a coupe, too, by the way?

  36. We deny everything! There is NO money stashed here behind the books The Big Thing never reads. None at all! Zip! Nada!

  37. Oh RUPERT! What a lovely comment. Oh my.

  38. Oh my gosh, this was too cute! As I thought about my girls going out to work, I could hear Fuzzy snoring behind me, so I'm pretty sure that if she ever had a job, she must have surely retired years ago. And Zoe has the attention span of a gnat, so no one would hire that nutjob. Maybe I need to adopt a Lounge Cat to help supplement my income...

    Jana (mom of Fuzzy and Zoe)

  39. I know Caroline is hiding her money from Swheat Scoop...

  40. Shoot now mum will be checking out our checking account!

  41. All of you could make your beans squillionaires for bonk sure.
    This was really really fun to read :-D

  42. Aw, crap...our secret's out...thanks alot, MomKat...not!!!

  43. I need an agent. I'm not even getting minimum wage over here when she drags out the flashy box! No residuals on the blog--nuthin. I got nuthin.

  44. Oh, sorry - I haven't let the boys visit lately!! I have an early morning tomorrow, but they MADE me come over & visit so that Simon could see his lady love!! You know, I've noticed limos in the neighborhood - but didn't give them a second thought, until NOW!!!

    I also understand why Simon scarfs & barfs now - Think I'll have a look around the townhouse for their loot... HAHAHAHA!!

    MomCory (Nico, Simon & JayJay)

  45. Oh, Loungecats! How could you let the cat out of the bag, so to speak? Momkat, we suggest you sleep with one eye open...

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  46. *gasp!*

    Melly is using her cuteness FOR PROFIT!!!

    She better chip in for the deposit she has caused me to lose on my apartment. Hrmph.


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