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and...*Angels Grayce, KonaKitty, and Sylvester* always loved, never forgotten

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Easy on Sunday


Here's your Sunday Status Report:

Felix was sleeping in apartment "A".
 He didn't want photographic evidence of his residence.
Do you see him complaining?

He flopped down on the concrete...

...where the pawparazzi ruthlessly persued him.

Check out the big box!
Who's in there?

It's Miss KonaKitty!
This box is SO excellent I don't mind the flashy box.

Daddy cut out a window!
Don't worry, this box is from our neighbor's house...our hot water heater is OK.

Grayce snuggles with Mommy.
Grayce needs clippy claws.
She's piercing poor Mommy's chestal protuberances.

There are three ManCats in the Little Out.
Two of them (Rupert & Maui) are sworn enemies.

For some reason, Rupert is OK with cohabitating.
Or he's too petrified to move!
heh heh.

Johnny spots the pawparazzi!
 Maui wakes up to see what's going on.

Daddy, let me in!
I don't want to use the Evil Flap.

Kitties, we hope your Sunday is Fine!

XX  Lounge Kats


  1. That water heater box looks like a perfect multicat play tunnel (playhouse?) It always puzzles me how cats are so happy with a box to play with. I brought home a couple of boxes the other day and just barely had them in the door when I heard the thud of a cat jumping in.

  2. No Salem? And where's The Baby?

    At least I got a nice close-up of KonaKitty, who does look exceedingly self-satisfied.

    Grayce, Grayce! You look even more fetching than you did yesterday! I wouldn't mind a little nip or two, if you were gentle with me.

    (It won't do to knead your Mommy's tender places, though. Be a good girl!)

  3. That is an awesome box. We are surprised there is only one resident and no fighting over it. In fact it all looks suspiciously peaceful - what's the secret? Have a fantastic Sunday.

  4. It looks like a pretty lazy day at the Katnip Lounge today. The box is really cool but yet your whole Catio is pretty cool! We sure wish we had something like that!

    Johnny, hope your daddy let you in so you didn't have to use the evil flap!

  5. My goodness I want a play ground like you have!

  6. The last photograph is absolutely adorable :)

    - Reenie (Sherkhan's mummy)

  7. Oh those pawparazzi are very determined!! Not even your mum's chestal protuberances are safe!! Good grief!

    Dearest Felix - you did very well warning them off - good for you! And gorgeous KonaKitty!! That's one excellent big box!! And sweet Grayce is such a lovely snuggle kitty! Me and Charlie think that lovely Rupert and amazing Maui are secret bestest friends really! :-)And adorable Johnny! We hope you never get to use the evil flap!!

    Have a lovely Sunday all at katnip lounge!!

    Take care

  8. That is a pawsome box! Well, actually your whole lounge is pawsome!

  9. Felix, Annie says don't let them get you with that flashy box! And if they do, make sure they know exactly how you feel about it.

    We just LOVE that box! And the whole catio, of course. We don't think any kitties live better than you all do!

  10. Whoa! I have never seen such an excellent box before!

  11. You aren't kidding, that's one heck of a box!

  12. There is so much going on at your house! Even when not much is going on.

  13. Morning to our fav Dozen!!! Mom here I lol at the panty hose reference you left for us yesterday...I'll tell you one thing it hit 98 yesterday and there were NO pantyhose worn!!!

    Great post today I love all your interactive toys and boxes.
    Madi and Mom

  14. Thank you so much for the Gotcha day wishes!!!!!!
    Can you believe Mom forgot????????? Sheesh!!!
    Not to worry, I am being spoiled like crazy ,heh,heh
    Purrs Mickey
    PeeEss: All you kitties are looking good today!! Mom giggled about Grayce's claws!! JoyJoy does the same thing to Mom! hahahahaha

  15. We love the pictures of all of you Lounge Cats. Especially Johnny hollering to be let in! We must say, that box looks like loads of fun too. Have a great Sunday!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  16. You guys are SOOO FUNNY and I love your pad...I swear, one of these days I'm just gonna show up at your doorstep!! Purrs, Lautrec

  17. We love your big box - we could have an end each and share it - although we might have a serious discussion over who has which end!!

  18. You have the best lounge EVER! I mean I love my home, but know if I ever go on HGTV's Househunters...I'm picking your house!!! that why #13 is sniffing out the place? Word is getting out!

  19. Your neighbors are probably used to Daddy going around and begging their boxes, huh?

    All of you kitties are so pretty, we love to see your faces every day. There's always something going on even if its just hanging out or sleeping!

  20. Another excellent day at the Lounge!

    PS-we voted "be a total slug".

  21. Hey, that is a great idea, I'll work on something...ya got my wheels turning!

  22. I think that box with window is very nice! My kids love to play in boxes, too!

  23. Grayce has the best seat in the house! We bet that is prime real estate with so many kitties around, although neither one of us are big lap sitters. I (Zoe) sit in my mom's lap for a few minutes, but Fuzzy only does drivebys.

  24. I looove big boxes, too and it's good to have playmates to share it with!

  25. You all look like you are having a nice relaxing Sunday in all your different places.

  26. I am thinking this is kitty cat paradise to be sure! What kitty would not want to live here. I think it's even worth putting up with the pawparazzi!!! :)

    Hope all you kitties have a lovely week!
    xo Catherine

  27. It sure is great seein ya enjoyin the PAWSOME playspace ya all got...

  28. Great box guys. Mom keeps showing your pics to Po hoping he can make some fun things for us to hang out in! we are hoping too.

  29. You all look like you had a pretty good Sunday!

  30. Mommy helped me with a long comment and Blogspot arbitrarily logged her out. Just quit on her and me. The nerve. I ought to lay a bitey on them. So here goes again. She wanted to say that when I get up to her chestal legs are like pylons driving down into the area as I knead..and there's a whole lot of OW OW! going on but she waits till I've tenderized the area and then I lay down just like Grayce.

  31. I love the look of that long box - and the peephole!

  32. Your Lounge is the bestest place to live...and it just got better with that box...window and all!

  33. Looks like you kitties have a good set up!

  34. That is an awesome box! We'd love to have one. And our person love the comment about the protruding items, hee hee!


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