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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Carton Cat


It's International BOX Day!

Thanks to Ann from Zoolatry for the image!

And can you believe it...we haven't had a decent box in the house for ages.
Mommy claims that Mystery Cat pees in 'em if left unattended.
OK, maybe...


Anyway, we had to go back in the archives all the way to April to find a Cat-inna-Box photo, and look, it's me, Johnny, with my fur suit on! 
You know what, there's only one thing better than a box.

A box with packing paper!

Happy Thursday!

XX  Johnson  XX


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  3. We were gonna guess the answer was a Johnson in a box! MOL!

    Handsome pic of you, TJ, but Mommy honestly prefers you nekkid.
    Sick woman.

  4. You poor kitties. We have a few extra boxes laying around if you'd like to visit.

  5. Wes did NOT has any boxes either! Mes MADE mommy goes out after work and buys me a special one! But the repeat of Johnson is wonderful!
    PS MES likes yous nekked too!

  6. You are SO right, Johnny - the packing paper adds an extra texture and crinkle that makes a box even more irresistible! Make sure to stop by my blog and share your post on my IBD linky!

  7. that is a good sized box. can even fit two cats :)

    emma and buster

  8. MOL we had to go into our archives too! Johnny's got a great box there!
    Happy box day!

  9. You look really plush in your fur suit in that photo, Johnny! There's something irresistible about that packing paper, isn't there? And chewable, too!

  10. I haven't had a new box in ages either so mum had to look out some old photos. It means that Eric makes an appearance to.
    Happy International Box Day!

  11. Hmm, everyday is a box day for cats! Angel eats the edges too, while Chucky rolls around so much that he makes square boxes round in no time!

  12. The only thing better than a box with packing paper is a box with packing paper that's been peed in.

  13. Our 7 just got a big box yesterday from Mr. Chewy! AND it had packing paper! YAY!! I had to close it up quickly because we have the same "mystery pee'er" which causes quite a commotion when you get 5 boys checking it out. *AHEM* Good thing I just bought some Nature's Way urine cleaner for wood floors (does it work on wooden window sills, too? The mystery pee'er strikes there, too, at times).

  14. guys...all we getted heer wuz a LID...grate fotoz dood !!

    heerz two an Antarctic cod kinda week oh end !!

  15. Packing paper makes box even better! You look very happy in there, Johnny :-)
    P.S. Thank you for your thank-you card for the auction. We received it in the mail. That is so sweet. My boys were all over the card. I think it smelled like kitties :-)

  16. Dat's a gweat box and yous look gawjus.

    Luv ya'


  17. Well, if you can't have a box, we hope you get endless supply of packing paper!

    PS/ We don't get nice soft beds because *that Mystery Cat* does the same thing to them!

  18. Our boxes have crinkled up paper in them too! We love our boxes 'cept when Carl pees in them . . . MOL

  19. Johnson! You are cute nekkid, but we love you in your floofy glory! Yes, the packing paper is an important element of box bliss.

  20. Y'know, we'd hafta agree with that. Crinkly paper in a box is the best.

  21. So true...crunchy packing paper makes a box so much better. What a difference a haircut makes! XO, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  22. We don't get boxes all the time either. And we don't pee in them either!

  23. Aw, love the box pic of you, Johnny! Hope you are feeling better and continued purrs to you.

  24. I love the box but the paper looks far more interesting. I love the noise it makes when I tap it with my paw!

    Purrs xx

  25. A belated Happy Box Day!

    Cats of wildcat woods

  26. a box, and paper, AND a full floof suit.. *swoon*


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