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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuxedo, Tongue, and Toothbrush


Salem here.

I was doing a little tummy-tidying...

...which *may* have led to some Washing of the Nethers.

Later that morning, while Mommy was in the shower, I nibbled on her toothbrush.  Mommy saw me.  She shrieked.  I kept on chewing--what can I say, I was enjoying the fresh minty taste and spiky texture--why should I have to stop, just because she says to?
No way.

Suddenly, Mommy burst out of the shower stall, brandishing her loofah!

I might have been alarmed if I hadn't been fleeing the sudsy peep giggling so hard.  It was all enormously fun and I think I might have to do it again tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Salem the Crest* Cat  XX

*Mommy's brand of toothpaste


  1. Seriously, once you chew on it, it is yours. Like chewing on it more would make it more yours.. The peep was silly to try to shoo you away, she should have just let you have it.

  2. The bigger question is - had you done this before and mommy didn't know about it?

  3. So your weapon of choice was a toothbrush and she retaliated with a loofah - that is so unfair! And all you were doing was having a quick wash.

  4. That is why our peep's toothbrushes are in a place we can't get to them.

    Tell your Mom not to worry. You've probably swapped spit with her many times without her knowledge of it.

  5. I have a feeling if you return to the scene of the crime, Mommy's toofiebrush might be goned. But Daddy's might still be there.

  6. This is funny first but weirdly not surprising since cats like mint. Did you change brands lately? And a gazillion other questions are popping into my head. Uh oh!

  7. That's something my cats haven't done yet, not even Arthur, nibbling at a toothbrush.

  8. Toothbrushes are fun and chewable? I'll have to remember that!

  9. ha ha ha! That's too good! I bet you've been chewing on that toothbrush for MONTHS without her knowing!

  10. How many times had you snacked on that toothbrush before? Sounds like the toothbrushes may be getting a new drawer location!

  11. Salem the humans are so unpredictable..first they want our teeth clean then when we finally decided to clean them we get in trouble.

    Mom is always talking about how tasty Brummel and Brown margarine made with yogurt tastes. So the other day when she wasn't looking I stuck my head in the container. It is delish but evidently mom doesn't like it any more...she threw it away. MOL MOL MOL
    Hugs madi

  12. OH! That reminded mommy of Robin, her cat that came before!! She was just sooooo naughty! And laffed about it when she was found out! LAFFED!

  13. So... what was the big deal? I don't get it....



  14. What a fuss Salem when you were only moistening the toothbrush for your Mommy to save her some time.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  15. i think the key to understanding your mom's behavior is to reveal whether or not you were indeed cleaning your nether regions before licking her toothbrush.

  16. The image of your mommy bursting from the shower 'brandishing' her loofah is just too hilarious! I've lol'd at the office; co-workers are looking at my funny...

  17. Great way to clean your toofies, Salem!

  18. MOL! Now your mommy knows why you have such fresh breath!

  19. I didn't know those brush things had flavor!

  20. Salem you were being wickedly good!

  21. MOL!!!! You are a tuxie all right.

    emma and buster

  22. Eheheh! You´re a purrrrfect tuxie!!!!

  23. Hahahaha! What's the big deal?! You prolly chewed on that toof brushie thing elebenty billion times before this. Just because she saw you this one time doesn't
    mean you should stop....

  24. salem...

    sew de wash cloth oh discipline wuz bizzee in de kitshun we guess huh !!!

  25. Oh Salem, yous too much. MOL Meez can just see da whole fing, as meez mommy's dun da same fing afur. Not cuz weez wuz chewin' on da toof bwush, but cuz of sumfin' just as funny. MOL

    Luv ya'


  26. bwaahahahaha - gotta keep the peeps on their toes :)

  27. Bwahaha! Your mommy has probably been wondering why her toothbrush keeps tasting meaty.

  28. Salem
    you handsome rogue!
    Now our Mom is looking at her toothbrush with a great deal of trepidation.
    We ain't never gonna tell, though.
    the kitty brats

  29. I have caught Joanie doing that too- she said to let you know Aquafresh is tasty too.

  30. We're surprised she didn't come at you with a camera to catch that chewing on film.

  31. Heh heh, have you and your mom "shared" her toothbrush for a while?

  32. she jumped out of the shower all nekkid and wet? Are you now blind?

  33. We don't unnerstand why the mom bean was so upset. Doesn't she like know you just wants to keep your teeth clean too?

    Besides what's a little cat spit between mom and kitty? MOL

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  34. MOL! You are so silly, Salem! What a funny scene.

  35. Hubba Hubba my sweet Salem :)
    But you gave my mom a fright ...MOL
    Cause I love the smell of peppermint from toothpaste too ! Tee... Heh...heh

  36. hee hee! way to go Salem! I like to chew my mom's toothbrush too. she doesn't mind sharing...much :)


  37. bBt there will be a brand new toothbrush for you to gnarl tomorrow. X0, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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