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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Crunchy Caturday


 Maui here.

In my quest to regrow the healthiest, most luxuriant winter coat possible I've decided to eat as healthily as a Housecat can--and we all know that eating a Raw Diet is the best--so I caught a nice fat George (lizard) and ate him.

Mommy spotted me enjoying my catch only after I had eaten the tastiest and loudest bits (BRANES, mmmmm) but she managed to get me chowing down on the last half of the lizard.

Turn up the sound and you'll hear me munchin' and crunchin'!

The following footage contains scenes of carnage and bone-crunching.
***May not be suitable for Squeamish Humans***

Kitties, these things are delicious.  I could eat six or nine or elebenty every day, if I could catch 'em.  Mommy doesn't mind too much either; they agree with me and almost always stay down, an important consideration when trying to achieve optimal nutrition.

Hope your peeps weren't too grossed out, I'm just doing what cats naturally do.

Happy Caturday!

XX  Munching Maui  XX


  1. It seems you are much like Harry the Farm cat. Although he gets his gophers down in about six bites. It's rather impressive albeit gross. Branes first. Always

  2. Mom always takes them away from us....she's a spoil sport.

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Aw yes . we are GLUED to the video. Wonder if Äiti will chromecast it.
    I ate the brains of the squirrel last year first - the bestest! And then the headless body lay in full view of the camera..... just like Eorg there - no head, bitten off tailio. Hehehehe. Crunch crunch. We have never eaten reptile........ *jealous* And full of respect.

  4. Eeew, gross - but I guess that beats finding the back half of a dead rat in one's bed!!!

  5. My human was thoroughly grossed out and would only let me watch a little... now I want one of my own!

  6. You are a mighty hunter, Maui, and a responsible one too as you hunt for food!


  7. We say go for it! If you eat your George catches and they stay down, why not?

  8. Maui we have lizards too and we like to paw paw them more than chew on them. Maybe yours have a better seasoning than ours do.

  9. Well, you made that lizard disappear quick, Maui! We don't have any of those where we live.


  10. Mmmmm...all protein!

    Pee ess...the mom wouldn't watch the video because she said she'd be grossed out. She is such a wimp.

  11. I'll trade you a fly for one. Signed, Ringo

  12. EEEeewwwww....but whatever floats your boat!


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