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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lounge Lizard Part 2!


This is George.
At least, this is a George...there are dozens of Georges in our yard. 
(Or garden, if you are a Cat from Other Lands.)

Do you see how delectable he looks?
George is a formidable foe.
Half the deliciousness is in the George-catching!

Yesterday  Nico, Jay Jay & Simon (May Ling's swain, hubba hubba) reminded us that we Cats are Vishus Predators and we are Not to be Denied!
Since I, The Baby, am the only Cat allowed Outdoors I decided that George must die.
Kitties, if your Mommies or Daddies are squeamish, or there are young kitten tots in the room, shield their eyes.

Here I am looking for a George.
Lizards rustle around in the leaves and under plants.

If you're quiet you can hear them, doing Evil Lizard things.
Shhhh! I hear one...he's behind me...

George, you who are about to be dedded, I salute you.

::sniff sniff::
Yup, it's George.  I'd know his smell anywhere.

::shake shake::
Whoops, his tail fell off.

Johnny, you can have that bit.
Waste not, want not.
I'm not getting ANYWHERE near those claws!

Since I'm a good sisfur, (and since George stopped moving) I gave him to CC.
Thanks!  The Baby's not all bad...

Look at me!  I have a "Lizardstache". 
Is that stylin' or what?
George is Mine!  GROWWWWWWL!

ACK!  Scouty lied to me!
George does NOT taste like chicken.
Now I need to brush!

Maui, George is all yours.
Salem appears to not want him this time.
Thanks, CC!

I will devour George under the benevolent gaze of our Mighty Huntress, The Baby.
Mmmmm, I remember eating George as a regular part of my Healthy Breakfast when I lived as a Feral Outside.

Yup, still tasty!
And so nutritious.
Kitties, this is raw food at it's finest!

::crunch crunch::

And where was Felix during this entire spectacle?
Sleeping in the Little Out, Oblivious!
He misses ALL the Good Stuff.

Kitties, we hope you all enjoyed today's adventure as much as we did!

XX  Lounge Kats


  1. LOL, you guys totally grossed out my human! She LOVES lizards! She treats them like her BFFs! In fact, she loves lizards so much that her old cat used to bring them home to her - still alive!

    I hope you did not throw him up after you ate him, Maui - when my human was a kitten, the cats she lived with threw up after eating lizards on a regular basis.

  2. Gosh, we've never eaten one of those...I didn't know you could! I have a lizard friend named Bob. He visits on the patio. But I couldn't eat him.

  3. Oh my goodness ~ Lizard lunch! I'm glad we don't have any Georges here in Saskatchewan, even though my kitty would like them! eewwww!

    xo Catherine

  4. We are so jealous! We have one George who lives in the front garden where Mom has some little cactus growing. We've never seen him because we are indoor cats.

  5. Oh yum! We are all three drooling! We love "Georges" and we loved your photo epic of the hunt. Um, Felix, you really don't know what you are missing but we guess it's just more for everyone else :-)

    Our mom always tries to rescue the lizards from us if we catch any...but that just makes us eat them faster...

    -Pip, Smigen, Minnie

  6. Fantastic! You got him. We are going to celebrate the Death of Evil Lizard George here in honour. And Äiti is so jealous of those chomping pictures too.
    We don't have many lizards here so I have never eaten reptile. I did try to bite Tessie tortoise once but got told off. I think a nice tender lizard tail would be so much nicer.....

  7. Mom had to look away... but I have George in my yard too!!

  8. That was pawsome! We dont have any Georges heres, we have frogies tho! George looks just as yummy as da frogies, and dey are soooo nom nom!

    Da Kittys

  9. We have Georges too but they're so evolved they don't come to floor level no matter how much we beg. Better be careful though: chitchats can carry salmonella

  10. For some unfathomable reason, our mom is making gagging noises right now.... :-D

  11. Y'all weren't kidding about the Lounge Lizard it didn't get away!

  12. Oh you guys are soooo cool. Um, I mean gross. We've never actually eaten a lizard but we love to catch them and make them go deaded. We prefer the taste of little furry things and grasshoppers.

  13. Mad hunting skillz! Awesome!

    Gandalf and Grayson use to get to hunt for lizards every day, but Momma has not let them Outside in well over a year now. We only get to go out on our screened patio now. Fortunately, we DO catch some delicious froggies! Mom found a deaded froggy in the kitchen just yesterday. A=Gracie's favorite is Hornet Hunting! Momma does not know how she manages to catch them without getting stung, but she does!

  14. Harley says the young, small lizards are a bit more tender!

  15. I caught a George once, but he got away.

  16. OH MY CATS...the george's of the yard need to learn not to flaunt themselves in the presence of the Daring Dozen....

  17. I caught a George several times. They came in through a crack where the screen door meets the door frame and I was there! On the spot! Waiting! Lungeing! A tail in my mouth. I spit it out and while I was washing my face, the rest of him got away!

  18. Thank heavens we don't have lizards here - mum is freaking out. We would quite like the excitement of the chase and the kill but if they don't taste like chicken we would let mum eat it!! ha ha

  19. Oh my! That's hilarious (except for poor George, of course). The Baby is indeed a good huntress. It seems she felt she needed to provide for the less skilled in her tribe. At least there is no blood and gore.

    I used to feel squeamish about such things, but after having cats and finding dedded birds, mice and one live snake, you kind of get used to it.

    These pictures will make great LOL-fodder I tell you, so George has not gone to waste. He certainly made the rounds of the lounge, didn't he? LOL!

  20. Oh, Mommy does not like lizards and we've never eaten one; of course, Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat probably have and we just don't know about it, although we have seen them in the garage alive=who knows what happened to them!...The Baby is a great huntress, we are very impressed she brought her kill back for her siblings to enjoy!...Happy day, sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  21. oh The Baby, is SO COOL, i had never dedded a George before. lots of nasty cricketies though. so funneh that CC spitted him out but Maui loved him. (Pee-Es, Lolo said yes!)

  22. Mighty hunters indeed! All hail the great and powerful Baby.

  23. The closest we come to crunchy wildlife is toads.
    Haven't eaten any though.

  24. We are very impressed with The Baby's hunting skills! And it was nice of her to share.

    (Still laughing at Felix! Our dad says maybe it's an orange cat gene - Dobby has always been like that too.)

  25. What a funny post, well apparently not for George! The pictures were classic and really made mom LOL. We have newts here, but only when our little sisbean brings them home (they're up in the mountain). we watch them with awe as we know it would make her cry if we deaded it. GREAT job!!!

  26. Greetings everyone,

    Hope PETA won't be coming knocking down your door. I can remember having a couple myself but like you noticed, chicken they are not. Tell mum she took great pictures.

    Have a purrfic day,
    Miss Kitty

  27. OMC!!! What a PAWESOME post today!! 12 paws up for the action shots!! Woo Hoo! We're very envious over here in the Midwest - 'cause George looks delicious!! We don't have any Georges here... Bummer. Baby, Nico's impressed with your hunting skills!! (& that's a compliment - Nico snooty self isn't impressed with anything!!)

    May Ling, if you can ANYTHING to adjust Nico's bad cattitude - it would MUCH appreciated!! He's having a hissy-fits all the time!! (he needs something to chill him out!!)

    xoxo Simon. (w/ JayJay ...& a sour-puss scowling Nico)

  28. Good job of catching George Baby! He looked like a lot of fun although our mommy got squimish. You guys always have so much fun!

  29. WE don't have a lot of George's around here. But we have plenty of mice bugs. That sure was nice of all of you to pass George around so almost everyone got a chance at him. Good kill you guys.
    Have a great day.

  30. I'm back and still following you. As per my latest blog post, I'm letting everyone that's in my following list know I still have them.
    Looks yummy and exciting!

  31. I've never tried a lizard before. I've never even seen a lizard before. I'm so jealous! I would love to try one!

  32. OMC! This is super exciting! There are lots of George's? How super exciting and fun!

  33. Great Hunt !
    LOL for CC...taste not like chicken : )

    And please say thank you to your mom for me to be to visit my blog and made a lots of great comments

    Love and Purrs
    Boom & Puddy

  34. Good Werk, Baby! You dedded that George real good. An it was nice of ya to share him with some of the others. But we bet another George shows up soon...

  35. We are in awe of your hunting skills Baby!!!! And you shared on top of are a good sibling!

  36. We let mommy see da pikshers, she's not easy to gross out. It's really nice dat yoo guys is willing to share. We're not sure if we would like to eat lizards, dey don't sound as deelishus as our Friskies.

  37. We wish we got Georges here. He looked very tasty.

  38. Everytime we are lucky enough to get our paws on a lizard Mom always takes him away from us before he can eat him.




  39. Wow, that is gross. But it looks like the kitties enjoyed their snack!

  40. Oh wowie, this was waaaay cool
    Miles and I feel sooo deprived here in Northern Virginia. Biggest thrill for us is when a moth flies in the house wheeee. not.


  41. It was nice of George to stop by for lunch.

  42. Holy cow that is gross - LOL! But the cats loved it :-)

  43. Um... Sorry about the poor grammar in our earlier post - after we redded your post, we dictated to our secretary who fouled up our comment!!

    We came back to your bloggie again tonight, 'cause our secretary forgot to tell you that the yogurt Jay was nomming on this morning was strawberry!! He likes vanilla, too - but strawberry is his favorite!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  44. That was the best story I ever read. It was waaaaay better than the Cat in the Hat or Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. The Baby is my idol in so many ways!

    The Human, however, is all grossed out. She's such a hypocrite: she doesn't like watching the things go all ded, but she sure buys up all the ded stuff wrapped up in plastic at the grocery store. If she had to kill her own food, she'd starve (but not for a real long time because she's, uh, "famine-resistant.")

  45. We don't have any Georges around here so we thought that was pretty cool!! But our mom thought it was kinda gross...she's the squeamish kind...can we borrow a George from you so we can gross her out some more??

  46. Ewwww....that was mom. We think George looked pretty tasty. We've never had lizard meat before.

    Clarissa & Co.

  47. MOL!! We loved it! A bit gross, but still funny. Poor George! I thought CC's gagging was a riot...Smokey used to do this when he would smell meat...too funny!

  48. Oh The Baby!!! You are a great and mighty hunter!! What an amazon kitty! Me and Charlie salute you!!

    We are happy to know that poor George (a worthy opponent!) found a home with Maui or rather in Maui! LOL!!

    Felix - you are the coolest kitty ever - but we also know that being in lurrrve does sort of make you a bit day dreamy...!!! :-)

    Take care

  49. OH MY COD! That was THE best hunting experience we ever read and the pictures were truly pawsome!


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